The number of confirmed cases increased to 889 in Italy and 21 deaths will be reviewed

 The number of confirmed cases increased to 889 in Italy and 21 deaths will be reviewed

Borrelli said that among novel coronavirus pneumonia cases, 412 of them were asymptomatic or mild symptoms, and 64 were receiving intensive care. Four new deaths occurred, all of whom were over 75 years old.

On the evening of February 28, a spokesman for the Lombardy region government of Italy said that the region government would ask the central government to maintain the blockade and isolation measures for at least another week to stop the further spread and spread of the epidemic.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia is a new novel coronavirus pneumonia. The report points out that according to a proposal from the European Center for Disease Control and prevention and WHO, the Italy government will adjust the diagnostic methods of new crown pneumonia cases in the future, and the confirmed cases reported by the local government health authorities must be examined and confirmed by the National Institutes of health in Italy, which can be regarded as the confirmed cases of Italys new crown pneumonia. u3002

The novel coronavirus pneumonia case reported novel coronavirus pneumonia has been reported by the central government since. The statistics are from the local government medical authority and have not been examined by the authoritative medical institutions and the Ministry of health of Italy. The move raised questions from the outside world and the public about the accuracy of the official data, and to some extent triggered panic in Italy and Europe, causing unprecedented impact on Italys tourism industry.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia novel coronavirus pneumonia cases will be considered novel coronavirus pneumonia according to the new statistical rules for the diagnosis of new crown pneumonia patients. The patients who are not examined by the National Institutes of health in Italy and are eventually confirmed to be infected with the new crown pneumonia virus will be considered as suspected cases of the new crown pneumonia virus.

At the same time, Italy will also make corresponding adjustments to the detection objects of the virus. In the future, the detection objects of the virus will be the high-risk population with symptoms. Previously, the novel coronavirus pneumonia in Italy was mainly detected by all people from some areas in northern Italy, or those who had contact with confirmed patients, even if the patients were not detected.

The novel coronavirus pneumonia virus infection was finally determined by the national uniform examination, the Ministry of health of Italy said. The main purpose is to cooperate with the recommendations of the European Centre for Disease Control and prevention and WHO, and help to improve the accuracy and authority of the confirmed cases.

In order to avoid public panic, Italy considers to release only the patients with severe diagnosis

In February 28th, novel coronavirus pneumonia was only announced by the Italy government. The number of confirmed cases was not announced.

Individual Italian politicians discredit the Chinese people Chinese Embassy response

At a critical moment when China and Italy are fighting the epidemic together, some Italian politicians are attacking the Chinese people for no reason. This kind of words and deeds are clumsy and offensive.