Jin Zhengen presided over the meeting to discuss the implementation of super special prevention and control measures to prevent the epidemic

 Jin Zhengen presided over the meeting to discuss the implementation of super special prevention and control measures to prevent the epidemic

Members and alternate members of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee attended the meeting. Cadres of the Central Committee of the Labor Party and other units attended the meeting as nonvoting delegates.

According to the KCNA news agency, the meeting was held to comply with the requirements of the revolutionary development, embody the people first principle in the partys construction and activities, strengthen the partys team and combat effectiveness, correctly implement the current political, military and economic tasks, and take and strictly implement super special prevention and control measures to prevent the rapid spread of virus infection in the world In depth discussion.

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According to reports, Jin Zhengen said that once this uncontrollable and rapidly spreading infectious disease enters the territory of China, its consequences are very serious. Under the circumstances of extremely rapid spread, uncertain incubation period, and lack of scientific understanding of the diffusion path, the measures that our party and government forcefully implemented at the beginning are the most correct and reliable decisive defensive measures for initiating human nature u3002

Jin Zhengen said that the urgent task is to revise and supplement the national emergency epidemic prevention law, rigorously reorganize the national crisis management provisions, and emphasize that the permanent committee of the Supreme Peoples Congress and the cabinet and other relevant agencies should further strengthen our epidemic prevention force as soon as possible based on the experience of pre emptive and high-intensity epidemic prevention measures taken against the current situation of infectious diseases, and actively promote the supplement and improvement of epidemic prevention hands Section, system and legal work.

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The meeting discussed the countermeasures to prevent and control the inflow and spread of infectious diseases in a scientific, preemptive and blockade way.

Jin Zhengen said that we should not allow anything special to be done within the national epidemic prevention system. We must establish strict discipline for all departments and units of the state to obey unconditionally and completely implement the command and supervision of the central command for emergency epidemic prevention, and further strengthen the partys grasp of reports and legal supervision.

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According to the instructions of Jin Zhengen, the cabinet and the central emergency epidemic prevention headquarters should, in accordance with the sound working system and discipline, completely block all channels and gaps that infectious diseases may enter through, and strengthen the inspection and quarantine work for epidemic prevention and control.

The meeting discussed how to carefully arrange the work of economic organizations and epidemic prevention according to the current situation and conditions, resolutely accomplish the objectives of this years struggle, and thoroughly protect peoples lives and safety.

Jin Zhengen stressed that it is important for Party organizations at all levels to correctly understand the ideas of the Party Central Committee and put them into practice. Party organizations strongly support the cabinet and economic organs to make economic deployment and command in accordance with the current situation.

Jin Zhengen said that the epidemic prevention measures we have taken are not simple epidemic prevention work, but the major national work to protect the people and the major responsibility of the Central Committee of the party, and stressed that all cadres should focus on the practical implementation of the resolutions and instructions of the Central Committee of the party, so as to ensure the national security and the safety of peoples lives.

More than 380 foreigners in North Koreas isolated territory strengthen import quarantine

With the spread of the new crown virus in South Korea, KCNA reported on the 24th that North Korea isolated more than 380 foreigners in the territory, and distributed disinfection instructions for imported goods in the border area to strictly prevent the inflow of the new crown virus.

The International Red Cross is approved to provide epidemic prevention materials to North Korea

On February 24, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies announced that it has been exempted from a number of UN resolutions on sanctions against North Korea and will provide personal protective equipment and testing equipment to North Korea in response to a possible outbreak of new coronavirus in North Korea.