In Japan, 940 people have been confirmed, 705 of whom are from the diamond princess

 In Japan, 940 people have been confirmed, 705 of whom are from the diamond princess

Novel coronavirus pneumonia is also a new report of the worlds largest population of children. [World Wide Web Report Cui Tian] according to the latest news of NHK, 29 new Japanese patients were diagnosed as new crown pneumonia on, respectively, from Sendai and Japan. Novel coronavirus pneumonia was forenoon at 10:30 am on 29 am, and 940 people in Japan were infected with the disease. Among them, 221 were infected with Japanese territory, including tourists from China. 705 were crew members and passengers of the Diamond Princess cruise ship, and 14 people who returned to Japan by the government charter plane. At present, 11 novel coronavirus pneumonia patients have died in Japan, of whom 5 are infected in Japan and 6 are Diamond Princess cruise passengers.

In addition, NHK listed 221 counties and cities in Japan, with the largest number of Hokkaido (66 people) and Tokyo (36 people), as well as nine health, labor and health department employees and quarantine officers.

According to the Ministry of health, labor and welfare, among the confirmed patients at present, there are 56 severe patients who use artificial respirators or enter the centralized treatment room for treatment; in addition to the passengers of the Diamond Princess cruise ship, as of the 27th, 41 patients in Japan have recovered and discharged.

The number of novel coronavirus pneumonia in the United States increased to 62 cases, 44 cases from Japans Diamond number.

As of February 28 local time, of the confirmed cases in the United States, 44 were from Japans Diamond Princess cruise ship, 3 from Wuhan, China, and 15 from the United States.

Not dropping out of school at Abes request? Japanese Metropolitan Education Commission: non administrative order

Novel coronavirus pneumonia primary school in Japan novel coronavirus pneumonia conference was held in late February 27th, according to Japanese media reports. Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo asked at the meeting of the new crown pneumonia strategy meeting held in the evening of February 27th.