The price of labor, equipment and raw materials has increased ten times. What are the difficulties in mask production?

 The price of labor, equipment and raw materials has increased ten times. What are the difficulties in mask production?

From mask snatching to mask snatching machine and then to mask snatching raw materials. Under the epidemic situation, the mask market has become the fastest changing field.

There are not a few enterprises in the production of masks with added codes. There are problems, breakthroughs, love and confusion in the production of masks. In a short period of more than one month, many problems of masks have been solved, and the daily production capacity of masks in China has doubled.

Not only mask production, but also mask machine production

Mask production is not easy. Although the fastest speed of a mask production only takes 0.5 seconds, but from the workshop to the front line, a mask production will go through the analytical disinfection process, which takes 7-14 days. At present, enterprises are increasing their horsepower and rushing to produce masks.

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Zhao Zhe, founder of Mitch technology company, has targeted masks since the Spring Festival. He and his company team judge that overseas masks will be basically collected in a week, so the production capacity of masks in the next two to three months will not keep up. Before that, the company mainly engaged in diapers and other daily chemical products.

We had a meeting with the core team to divide the work, how to recruit 2000 employees within 7 days, how to solve the work meal of 2000 employees, and how to break down nearly 300 specific tasks. Its all difficult, but its abnormal not to encounter difficulties. I bought equipment and mortgaged the property. The recognition of the demand for masks made Zhao zhe act quickly, not hesitate to mortgage his house.

Zhao zhe has one or two days to invest in the mass production of 35 mask production lines, and Zhao zhe stopped receiving orders ten days ago. In early March, his company will deliver the first batch of daily protective masks.

It is reported that if the mass production of 35 production lines goes up smoothly, the maximum capacity can be 15 million pieces. By the end of March, the company expanded its production to 55 production lines, with an ideal production capacity of up to 30 million pieces per day. 30 million masks exceed the previous national daily production capacity.

Wuling brand mask has entered the public vision, we will produce whatever the people need, this is Wulings slogan.

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Mask production line and automobile production line are interlinked in technology, management and control mechanism, but they are different in structure, so they can be absorbed by learning and digestion in a short time.

At present, its daily average production capacity has reached 500000. Wuling not only produces masks, but also masks. After the mask machine independently developed by Wuling is put into production, a new production line can be completed every day. Wuling expects to build 15 fully automatic production lines by the end of February, reaching an average production capacity of 2 million per day.

Compared with the automobile production line, the mask production line is not complicated. SAIC GM Wuling urgently mobilized more than 120 experts and elite technicians to form a core team, with 24-hour continuous shift, reducing the original production cycle of 10 days to 76 hours.

GAC also invested in the production line of masks. According to GAC, GACs engineers raced against the clock to devote themselves to the research on the technology and production process of mask equipment, which originally required two weeks of training content and only took a few hours to master. The engineers in the car companies provide considerable intellectual support.

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There are not only a few enterprises that add enough horsepower to produce masks, but also companies that have different ideas on mask production.

Yang jingsen, a manufacturer of sanitary products in Fujian Province, went through the process from finding a clothing factory to sewing masks with sewing machines to finally deciding to invest in the production of masks. His mask production line will be put into production in recent days, with more than 8 million investment in 5 production equipment.

After measuring, he chose not to rush to produce medical masks. He wanted to be steady, from producing disposable protective masks to medical grade masks. After two to three months of testing, we are really producing qualified medical masks.

One by one production mask problems

Seize the time, equipment and raw materials, cooperate with dealers and suppliers all over the country, and enterprises engaged in the production of transit cover seize the second, because the market is facing instability.

At first, it was a problem for the production line of masks. Within a week, the price has increased nearly tenfold, from 200000 yuan to 1.2 million yuan, and nearly a million production equipment cant reach the list, let alone get the spot goods.

Meng Qinglun, CEO of the national purchasing public welfare organization Cailin, helped more than 100 enterprises to purchase masks. In his opinion, there are two groups to purchase masks. The first group is a large group, such as Foxconn, BYD and Sinopec. These government led production will be subsidized by 70% to 80%. Another buying group is enterprises in other industries, which invest to produce masks.

What does the 35 production lines that Mitch invested in mid February mean? Zhao zhe said that the first batch of expanded mask manufacturers, Rimage technology, had access to nearly 40% of the production equipment on the market, and whoever had the equipment first could put it into production. The second or third batch of backward manufacturers may be 15 to 30 days late to get the equipment. Now, if they order the equipment, the delivery time is 110 days.

Its not only the price of production equipment, but also the information sent by mask manufacturers on the Internet about the 20 times increase of labor force, 5 times increase of purification workshop

The price of all raw materials has increased by 3-10 times. After the outbreak, the prices of all aspects of mask production are increasing. Therefore, there is also a mask for five yuan or more.

The investment in mask production is increasing. Recently, the biggest problem in the production of masks has changed from production equipment to raw materials. Meng Qinglun said in his summary that a mask production line can produce 150000 masks every day at full capacity for 24 hours without stopping. Now any factory needs at least two to four masks. Some factories with large supply and ten production lines can produce 1.5 million masks.

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In just one week, the melt blown cloth has risen from 6 million tons to 50 million tons. Many players behind can afford to buy equipment and raw materials. Zhao zhe has stored hundreds of tons of raw materials in stock. thats our advantage, he said.

Melt blown cloth is the core material of mask production, which belongs to a kind of non-woven fabric. Industry insiders say that in China, the daily production of melt blown cloth is 200 tons, and one ton of melt blown cloth can produce about 1 million masks. Theoretically, on the basis of raw materials, the production capacity of masks can produce up to 200 million masks. If a factory wants to produce 2 million masks a day for three months, it needs to prepare 200 tons of inventory, which is equivalent to the daily production of melt blown cloth in China.

Mengqinglun said that Chinas melt blown cloth production accounts for half of the worlds. If we turn our eyes abroad, the global melt blown cloth has been continuously transported to China. However, with the outbreak of fermentation in the world, countries have implemented a series of control measures for raw materials. 15 days ago, the world supported China. Now they can only leave their capacity to themselves.

There is also a huge gap in each countrys own masks. It is reported that the current strategic reserve of N95 masks in the United States is 30 million, but the demand for medical staff in the United States is as high as 300 million.

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In the process of helping more than 100 enterprises to purchase, Meng Qinglun experienced the first price of 2 million tons, which later became 100000, 120000 and 150000 Up to 300000 last week. At present, there is a situation of replacing things with things and replacing raw materials with masks. In theory, one ton of melt blown cloth can produce one million masks. It will be mentioned that one ton of cloth can be used to replace one quarter of the output of masks. If not, cloth will not be sold.

Melt blown cloth has become the lifeblood of mask production. Many enterprises are now faced with the problem of No. 28 equipment to raw materials.

According to the insiders, in fact, some domestic enterprises in the large production line also have a gap in production raw materials, and there is a situation of high price purchase. If they dont buy, then they cant achieve mass production ramp up. If the daily production reaches 2 million, then the brands mask should be able to be seen on the market. At present, the total amount of masks is still insufficient.

When does the inflection point of supply and demand for masks arrive?

Today, every major e-commerce platform has a different number of masks for consumers to snap up every day, but more than less. There are a few people who have been snatched. Its not enough to stock thousands of them at a time.

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The business of investment in mask production in mengqingluns view is sure to make no loss. A production line invests 600000 yuan to produce 150000 masks per day, each selling for 3 yuan, with a cost of only 50 cents. It can be recorded 450000 yuan per day, and the cost can be removed. A production line can earn 150000 yuan per day, and the cost can be returned in a few days.

Zhao Zhe, as a producer, said that the mask belongs to strategic materials, so the price is controlled and the gross profit cannot exceed 20%. For this mask production project, his prediction is to lose as little money as possible or not. Because their medical masks will meet the needs of hospitals and other areas free of charge.

The lack of raw materials may lead to the dilemma of cooking without rice. Yang jingsen is looking for a material to replace the melt blown cloth. He says there is no way to disclose what the material is, but based on years of experience in the production of sanitary napkins, the antibacterial effect of the material is better than that of the melt blown cloth.

Even if the production of melt blown cloth is expanded, it will be 30-60 days later. Industry insiders said that the expansion of melt blown cloth is too difficult. If this problem is not solved well, it will become a bottleneck in production. In the view of the industry insiders, the next step is to integrate the entire industrial chain. In addition to the goods for goods exchange under the imbalance of supply and demand jealousy, we can also go to the upstream raw material manufacturers to make efforts to expand production capacity and shorten delivery time.

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According to the time axis, the beginning of March will be the start-up period for the major enterprises to change production of masks, and this time point will be very critical. Meng Qinglun thinks that the price of masks will fall a lot on March 5. At present, the price of mass selling has been reduced from three yuan to two yuan. If the production capacity comes up together on that day, it will reduce a lot in everyones psychological expectation.

Zhao Zhes judgment is that masks will be scarce before April. Due to the limited production capacity of melt blown cloth, the ceiling of domestic medical melt blown cloth production capacity determines the ceiling of medical mask production capacity. The delivery cycle of upstream expansion is 2-3 months, and the epidemic may be over by then.

After the mask production line, how to deal with these production lines in the future is also a topic of concern for many people. Zhao Zhe, who runs daily chemical retail business, is greatly affected by the epidemic. After the epidemic, he still has to do core business including diapers and other supplies. For him, the mask business is responding to the call of the government and will be reassessed in the future.

In the future, Yang jingsen wants to invest in mask categories for a long time and combine with his own cultural companies around panda. In the future, he wants to build his own brand and carry out export trade by creating panda masks. A lot of people are making it for the purpose of rapid cost recovery, but I want to make good products and build good IP, he said. Entrepreneurs should have social responsibility. Its very important not to do things with the idea of profiteering. Its very important to check the sales and channels.

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