Indias biggest ethnic conflict in decades has killed 42 people

 Indias biggest ethnic conflict in decades has killed 42 people

On the 23rd, in the northeast of Delhi, there was a conflict between the supporters and opponents of the amendment to the Citizenship Act. Since then, the situation has been escalating. On the 25th, the supporters (mainly Hindus) and opponents (mainly Muslims) of the amendment sent out large-scale personnel and sued for violence. The death toll from the Delhi conflict has risen to 42, Indian media India today reported Tuesday.

The situation has gradually calmed down

Hundreds of people have been injured in clashes between Hindu and Muslim communities in Delhi since the riots broke out, the Guardian reported Tuesday. Not only that, shooting, arson, robbery and stone throwing damage also occur frequently in the streets. The city is full of debris after the riots.

Many mosques have been severely damaged by Hindus during the riots, and a large number of Muslims have fled the community for fear of being attacked, Reuters reported Tuesday.

The riots were caused by an amendment to the Citizenship Act. According to Xinhua news agency, amendments to the citizenship law were passed in the lower and upper houses of the Indian Parliament in December 2019, and then signed into law by the president. According to the amendment, the Indian government grants the citizenship of Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan who entered India due to religious persecution before December 31, 2014, excluding Muslims. As soon as the amendment was passed, there were strong protests and riots, especially among opposition parties, Muslim communities, student organizations, liberals and secularists.

Although Indias prime minister modi and his party government promoted the amendment in November last year, rallies and protests continued all over the country, and conflicts broke out between the police and the people, supporters and opponents of the bill, but the ethnic conflicts that have continued to this day on the 23rd still count as the most serious ethnic conflicts in India in decades.

On the 26th, modi made his first public statement on twitter, calling on people to keep calm. At present, Indian officials have deployed a large number of security forces in Delhi, and the situation has gradually become calm since the 27th.

Riot scene: ethnic conflict is not normal

Ive lived here for 35 years, and Ive never had problems or complaints, an Hindu interviewed said, Reuters reported. I still dont understand what happened.

The guardian pointed out that since the morning of the 26th, Hindus have spontaneously patrolled Muslim communities, protected mosques and provided shelter for Muslims who were afraid of being attacked and fleeing. A Muslim resident told the guardian that he was shocked by the riots. For the past 35 years, Hindus and Muslims have been living in peace here, even celebrating different religious festivals such as Eid and Diwali. The mosque is also a community center shared by the two ethnic groups.

British media Guardian and economist reported on the 26th that the Indian police for the riots appear too calm.. S. muralidhar, a Delhi high court judge, severely criticized the polices move and called on officials to investigate the incitement to violence of BJP politicians, the Guardian reported.

Officials are still investigating the cause of the riot. Indias two major political parties, the Indian peoples party and the National Congress party, have accused each other of rioting, the Straits Times reported Tuesday. Indian police say they have found explosives in an industry owned by members of Delhis ruling Populist Party, the partys opposition party, India today reported Thursday. Police said there was evidence that the riot was premeditated.

Trump seems to be avoiding it

When the riots broke out in Delhi, President trump was on his first visit to India. Trump originally planned to encourage India to tolerate more and maintain religious freedom at a closed door meeting with the Indian side during a two-day visit, US government insiders said, according to the voice of Germany reported Thursday. But just when trump visited and boasted that modi advocated tolerance, ethnic conflicts broke out in Delhi.

Trump seems to be avoiding the riots. According to reports, on the 25th, he told reporters that he had heard about the riot, but did not talk about it with modi. Trump also stressed that it was Indias internal affairs that the civil status law amendment was in turmoil.

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