US media: special summit between trump and ASEAN leaders delayed

 US media: special summit between trump and ASEAN leaders delayed

At the time novel coronavirus was jointly defeated by the international community, the United States made a difficult decision after negotiating with ASEAN partners to postpone the scheduled meeting of ASEAN leaders in mid March. The United States values our relations with countries in this key region and looks forward to future talks, the official told CNN

Specific plans for the meeting have not been announced, but government officials said they expect trump to attend and hold bilateral meetings during the meeting.

According to US media reports, President trump attended the annual ASEAN summit in 2017, but he did not attend the summit in 2018 and 2019, but sent vice president burns and White House national security adviser Robert OBrien to attend. In November 2019, U.S. representative OBrien read out a letter from President trump, inviting the heads of ASEAN member countries to attend the U.S. - ASEAN special summit held in Las Vegas in March 2020. The novel coronavirus epidemic has been positively responded to by the ASEAN Member States, but the conference may be postponed if the new coronavirus epidemic worsens. The United States invited them to attend the March 14th meeting in Las Vegas.

Trump may use wartime laws to expand production of masks and protective clothing

Two U.S. officials said the trump administration is considering exercising special powers under the defense production act to rapidly expand domestic production of respirators and protective clothing in response to the new coronavirus epidemic.