Countdown 24 hours! Evergrandes 75percent discount is coming to an end

 Countdown 24 hours! Evergrandes 75percent discount is coming to an end

In order to seize the golden opportunity in the last 24 hours, you only need to pay 5000 yuan in hengfangtong, and then you can reserve the housing resources in the national Evergrande real estate. And from the payment of this fee to before May 10, if the price of the real estate purchased during the period is lowered, the difference can be made up, in addition, there is no reason to check out guarantee, so as to realize the purchase mistake and worry free.

In addition to their own purchase and use, subscription customers can also earn rich commissions and rewards according to different situations such as recommending others to purchase, third-party purchase, unsuccessful purchase, etc. Among them, recommend others to buy the highest income, you can get hengfangtong 1% commission and 10000 yuan reward, and get back the full deposit, the money lying earned!

Ma Yun once said: many people lose when they lose. For emerging things, the first thing is invisible, the second thing is despised, the third thing is incomprehensible, and the fourth thing is too late. The person who takes the lead always knows how to seize the opportunity. Its only 24 hours before the real estate window is closed. Are you sure you dont want to catch the last bus?

Source: responsible editor of times weekly: Zhong Qiming, nf5619