5 billion! Sold out in a single day new fund issuance is still hot

 5 billion! Sold out in a single day new fund issuance is still hot

Blue chip fund managers attract 5 billion yuan a day

According to the reporter from the channel, as of 11:30 this morning, the sales volume of the fund in China Merchants Bank reached 3.48 billion yuan; as of 15:00 p.m., the fund had been sold out in one day and the fund raising of 5 billion yuan was completed.

According to the public information, the fund was publicly sold in China Merchants Bank, China Construction Bank and Industrial Bank, as well as in 19 securities companies and three independent institutions. From the above sales data, China Merchants Bank is still the main channel of fund sales.

The fund is headed by Qin Yi, research director of Hongde fund. Qin Yi joined Hongde fund in 2015 and served as the head of research department in 2016 to form a research team. At present, he is the fund manager of equity funds such as Hongde Honghua, Hongde Hongye, Hongde strategic transformation, etc., and the long-term performance of the funds he manages is excellent.

In the case of hongdehong Huawei, the funds yield in 2019 is 63.76%, ranking in the top 6% of the same type of fund, significantly outperforming the growth of the CSI 300 index over the same period.

From the perspective of the investment direction of this product, Hongde Ruize hybrid will focus on the core areas of economic transformation and upgrading, strictly select high-quality enterprises, and help investors share the long-term dividend of economic growth.

Qin Yi believes that thanks to the common drive of consumption upgrading and industrial upgrading, Chinas economic development has a broad space and still has strong momentum.

Rational view on market fluctuation

Todays A-share market fell sharply, and Qin Yi also expressed his views on the stock market crash.

He believes that the current stock market slump is mainly due to the fall in the previous few days.

He said that at present, the spread of the overseas epidemic is relatively fast in the market, including Japan, South Korea, the Middle East and Europe. Their current situation is similar to that of us a month ago. There are also some panics in the market A-share market and a relatively large adjustment. Therefore, it is reasonable for the situation to occur in the external market.

In the future, we can see that some prevention and control measures have been taken in these areas, which will play a positive role in the spread of the epidemic. With the continuous effect of these measures, especially in another month or two, the weather will turn warm, which will also have a good effect on the spread of the epidemic. I believe that we have also observed that, for example, Singapore in the tropical region, its epidemic spread is slower. I believe that after a period of time, the epidemic will slowly improve until it disappears, and the market sentiment will slowly return to normal. But in this process, no matter whether it is foreign or domestic market, the sentiment will undergo a greater test.

Specific to the domestic capital market, Qin Yi believes that although the decline is relatively large today, the number of companies and plates that are actually most affected is still a particularly large sector in the first two months. There are more capital inflows in the early stages of these sectors, and there are also some bubbles, especially in terms of valuation. Therefore, this round of decline is mainly concentrated in these areas. In the future, we should be very careful about the investment in these sectors, which we have avoided when making investment.

Qin Yi said that among the companies that have fallen, we will choose industries and enterprises that are less affected by the global epidemic to invest. Comparatively speaking, the export-oriented ones will be more affected and the domestic demand driven ones will be safer.

On the whole, I dont think we need to worry too much about a shares. The current valuation and point position are not high, and there is not much room to go down. If we go down again, some high-quality individual shares will be very attractive and will bring us good opportunities to build positions.

One day sold out funds increased to 19 in the year

Science and technology theme fund or cooling down

Among them, 19 one-day sold out funds with a scale of about 1 billion yuan and above were established. Among them, there are as many as 11 funds sold out in a single day after the Spring Festival. Last week alone, 5 funds sold out in a single day, once setting off the market.

Ruiyuans balanced value once shocked the market with a single day subscription of 122.3 billion yuan, and a number of new funds with a single day subscription of more than 10 billion volume were born around the time. From the perspective of the funds establishment scale, e-fontas research selection temporarily ranked first in the new funds initial offering scale with 16.589 billion yuan.

From the characteristics of the fund sold out in one day, first, most of the funds take science and technology as their investment direction, such as YONGYING science and technology driven, Guangfa science and technology pioneer, with the establishment scale close to 8 billion yuan. The science and technology innovation theme funds of Wanjia, China Merchants, Yinhua, Jianxin, etc. have also become market stars, showing the grand situation of sold out in one day.

On the other hand, the active fund managed by star fund companies or star fund managers has also become a hot pursuit of funds, such as the products issued by fund managers such as Ruiyuan, BOCOM, Hongde, Orient Securities Asset Management, etc., which have also become the hot money to detonate the market.

A technology fund manager in Beijing believes that the frequent emergence of the funds is closely related to the market situation, as well as the market brand and reputation of fund managers. After the Spring Festival this year, science and technology stocks once again become the main line for A-share to walk out of the independent market and attract more funds to arrange science and technology theme funds. With the recent adjustment of science and technology market, the popularity of such theme funds may gradually cool down.

However, for fund companies with good market reputation and long-term performance, excellent fund managers in the market are still scarce resources and will continue to be favored by investors, he said

Table 1: list of one day sold out funds since this year