Sample of start-up tourism enterprises under the epidemic situation: can they withstand the double attack?

 Sample of start-up tourism enterprises under the epidemic situation: can they withstand the double attack?

Sun sun sun and her team chose the uncontrollable event regarded as luck by passengers as the starting point of their business. In 2018, sun sun sun and her partners founded travelright in Paris, becoming the first innovative enterprise in China to provide flight delay claims services for Chinese passengers. Their services soon attracted the attention of domestic travel booking platforms. In 2019, the same journey tourism and flight steward became the partners of travelright.

Like most start-ups, travelright is ready to do a big job this year and a half after accumulating its strength and finding out the market pain points. According to the work plan, in February 2020, travelright will usher in three major events: the launch of the new website, the official opening of cooperation with Ctrip, and team expansion.

It was a happy February. The whole team even gave up the travel plan for the Spring Festival holiday and went back to work on January 29. As the founder and CEO of travelright, sun sun sun is looking forward to the future.

However, the novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak suddenly disrupted the plan.

Travelrights main profit model is to collect a certain percentage of commission from airlines by helping passengers suffering from flight changes to recover claims. After the epidemic spread, the domestic aviation industry fell into a state of suspension, and airlines successively cancelled domestic and overseas routes. However, the epidemic situation is force majeure and does not apply to the claim settlement conditions. At the same time, overseas airlines almost cancelled Chinese routes due to the epidemic. Travelrights revenue has been hurt by the internal and external attack.

It is worth mentioning that the operation of travelright is deeply affected by the major OTA platforms. Our business model is B2B2C, with most of our passengers coming from Ota. Sun sun sun told 21st century economic news that after reaching cooperation with a number of OTAs in China, it is estimated that this Spring Festival peak season should be a window period for travelright to achieve a historic breakthrough. With the help of various OTA platforms, the company is expected to see explosive growth in its business in February.

However, this Spring Festival peak season, the days of domestic OTA platform are extremely difficult.

On January 24, the Ministry of culture and tourism issued an urgent notice, asking national travel agencies and online tourism enterprises to suspend the operation of team tourism and air tickets + hotels tourism products. Subsequently, a huge order refund came, and OTA platform took the lead.

Large travel booking platforms are struggling with refunds, and all travel agencies will be closed until March. Sun sun sun told 21st century economic news that under the impact of the epidemic, orders introduced by the company from the OTA platform were suspended.

Another blow comes from talent recruitment.

Travelright has previously recruited four outstanding overseas masters graduates through more than half a year of school enterprise communication, and the recruitment and training preparation of new employees are also in an orderly manner.

In sun sun suns view, talent and team building are the top priorities of travelright. But after the outbreak, all overseas labor contracts were cancelled, and the company is facing a new round of human recruitment investment. It will also be a challenge to recruit domestic interns quickly during the epidemic period, and to provide distance training for new employees after entry. Sun sun sun said.

As a start-up, sun sun sun also had to consider the problem of cash flow without financing. Fortunately, her company has no urgent financing needs and is not in a passive position of layoff because of her low operating cost strategy. In early February, travelright recruited a Chinese graduate and put another intern on probation. In addition, on February 18, travelrights new website went online as scheduled.

Sun sun sun confessed that she was not pessimistic now. My team and I are now building internal skills.

Due to the standardization of the teams internal communication mechanism before the Spring Festival, all the staff of travelright Shanghai have started to work remotely at the end of January this year. This epidemic is a good opportunity. Through good communication and cooperation mechanism, we have improved our team work ability. Sun sun sun.

From March 4 to 8, 2020, itbberlin, one of the largest tourism exhibitions in the world, will open.

Since this year, affected by the epidemic, many large international exhibitions have been cancelled or postponed. For example, the Global Association for mobile communication systems (GSMA) decided to cancel the world mobile communication conference (MWC) in 2020, while the 59th International Furniture Exhibition in Milan, Italy will be extended to June 16-21, 2020.

Itbberlin is still in normal preparation and has not received any notice of cancellation or delay. Sun sun sun said that she and her team were fully prepared for this.