Information technology industry gained policy support and financiers swept 150 shares

 Information technology industry gained policy support and financiers swept 150 shares

With the development of policy, the information technology sector index gained an eye-catching performance in February. The index opened at 2958.37 on February 3, with a maximum increase of 3982.91. Compared with the opening, the highest increase in the month was 34.63%. Although the closing price fell on February 28, the monthly increase of the index was still 8.64%, ranking the second in the first-class industry of Oriental wealth.

According to the data of individual stocks, 190 stocks rose in the month, accounting for 57.93% of the trading stocks in the industry. Among them, Huichang communication, Changshan Beiming, Weining health and other three stocks all rose by more than 60%. From the perspective of capital flow, there are 108 stocks in the board that actively buy extra large single funds in a net buying state within a month, with a total net buying of 12.611 billion yuan, including 23 stocks including UFIDA network, ZTE, China software, etc., and the net buying of monthly active extra large single funds is over 100 million yuan, with a total of 10.604 billion yuan.

Two financial data shows that the information technology industry has obtained a positive layout of financing customers. According to the statistics of tonghuashun data from research department of Securities Daily, as of February 27, the balance of financing and securities lending of 177 two financing targets in the plate in the month totaled 126.729 billion yuan, while the financing purchase amount from February 3 to February 27 amounted to 332.94 billion yuan, the interval financing repayment amount was 312.57 billion yuan, and the newly added two financing balance of the above targets was 20.37 billion yuan. Specifically, the financiers are optimistic about 150 of them. After the Spring Festival, they continue to purchase by financing, with a total net purchase of 21.565 billion yuan. Among them, the target of net purchase by financing of more than 600 million yuan is 7 stocks, including four dimensional innovation, ZTE, Inspur information, UFIDA network, China software, China satellite, and 360, with a total net purchase by financing of 5.965 billion yuan.

In the near future, policies to support the information technology industry have been continuously introduced.

First, the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee held a meeting on February 21. The meeting stressed that more efforts should be made to support the research and development of reagents, drugs and vaccines, and accelerate the development of biomedicine, medical equipment, 5g network and industrial Internet.

Secondly, the Ministry of industry and information technology held a teleconference on February 22 to accelerate the development of 5g and do a good job in the resumption of information and communication industry. According to the meeting, basic telecom enterprises should timely assess the impact of the epidemic, formulate and optimize the 5g network construction plan, accelerate the construction of 5g, especially the independent network, and effectively play the positive role of 5g construction in stabilizing investment and promoting the development of industrial chain.

Third, on February 24, the Ministry of industry and information technology issued the guidance on orderly promoting the resumption of industrial and communication enterprises, highlighting the importance of the Ministry of industry and information technology to information technology.

All kinds of policies are favorable to promote the trend of the plate, and the research institutions of securities companies have published research papers on the information technology industry, which are optimistic about the development of the industry. According to the statistics of Dongfang wealth by the reporter of Securities Daily, 665 research papers have been published in the information technology industry in the past month, of which 409 are in the industry category, accounting for 61.50% and 256 are in the stock category, accounting for 38.50%. In terms of the number of industry research papers, information technology ranks first in Dongfang wealth tier one industry.

As for the investment opportunities of information technology, Hu Bo, the future star fund manager of private placement network, told Securities Daily that with the orderly resumption of work, the economy is expected to gradually normalize in March. In order to achieve the goal of well-off society, it is expected that investment in infrastructure will still be increased, and new infrastructure represented by 5g infrastructure, artificial intelligence, new energy vehicles, industrial Internet and photovoltaic will still have great development, but relevant stocks have increased to a certain extent. After this weeks rapid adjustment, it is advisable to intervene in a bargain hunting after stabilizing in the future.

CAITONG Securities believes that there are four aspects worthy of attention.

First of all, the epidemic will increase the willingness of the government and enterprises to invest in it, or promote cloud computing to maintain a compound growth rate of 20% in the next five to 10 years. It is estimated that the investment in 2028 will reach 800 billion yuan. It is suggested to pay attention to UFIDA, Guanglianda and youkede.

Secondly, Internet diagnosis and treatment has been accelerated in the epidemic situation. It is expected that the long-term penetration rate of Internet diagnosis and treatment market will reach 20%, and the online diagnosis and treatment market of at least 20 billion yuan will be born. It is suggested to pay attention to Weining health, Donghua software, Chuangye Huikang, Sichuang Yihui and hern technology.

Thirdly, the cumulative investment of educational informatization in China is more than 2 trillion yuan, and the hardware popularization rate is high. The schools delayed opening will stimulate the rise of software based dual teacher classes, or there will be a new space of 100 billion yuan. It is suggested to pay attention to iFLYTEK, new cape and Zhengyuan wisdom.

Finally, the teleconference received great attention in the postponement of resumption. With the popularization of cloud computing, the reduction of hardware equipment and the increase of enterprises willingness to invest, the teleconference may grow 10 times in the long run. It is suggested to pay attention to Huichang communication, 263 and pan micro network in the teleconference and office sectors.