Summary of the four major securities papers: agencies predict five major policy instruments or cash

 Summary of the four major securities papers: agencies predict five major policy instruments or cash

According to the national economic and social development statistics bulletin of 2019 issued by the National Bureau of Statistics yesterday, according to preliminary accounting, the GDP of 2019 was 99086.5 billion yuan, an increase of 6.1% over the previous year. This growth rate is in the range of GDP growth of 6% - 6.5% which is the main expected target of economic and social development in 2019 set by the government work report. This laid a solid foundation for the sound economic development in 2020.

Experts expect to distribute 700 billion yuan of red envelopes

In the face of the epidemic, the state has successively launched three sets of tax reduction and fee reduction policies, continuously bailing out enterprises and individual businesses and sending timely rain.

The State Administration of Taxation has successively formulated and issued 12 preferential tax policies jointly with the Ministry of finance, the General Administration of customs, etc.; jointly with the Ministry of human resources and social security, the Ministry of finance, the state health insurance bureau, etc., formulated and issued policies to reduce and remit the social security premiums of enterprises and the basic medical insurance premiums of employees at different stages; and is now introducing preferential policies to reduce and remit the value-added taxes of individual industrial and commercial households and small-scale taxpayers jointly with relevant departments. On February 27, Ren Rongfa, deputy director of the State Administration of Taxation, said at a press conference held by the State Administration of taxation.

Based on the scale of output value of industries greatly affected by the epidemic, the proportion of employees and tax contribution, it is estimated that these measures will reduce taxes and fees for enterprises by about 700 billion yuan. Zhang Yiqun, vice chairman of China budget performance Committee, told Securities Daily.

The agency predicts that the five major policy tools or current transportation equipment can be actively deployed

In February, the market performance of the transportation equipment sector was not slow, and the sector index outperformed the Shanghai index, but lost the Shenzhen index. The sector index opened at 2302.08 on February 3, rising to 2774.88, with a maximum increase of 20.54% in the month. By the end of February 28, the monthly increase of the index was 0.40%, ranking 11th in the first-class industry of Oriental wealth. According to the statistics of Dongfang fortune, the reporter of Securities Daily published 232 industry research papers on transportation equipment in the past month, ranking the fifth.

According to the specific trading data, 66 stocks rose in the month, accounting for 31.9% of the total stocks traded in the industry, among which three stocks, including otelia, Xinpeng and Jingwei, all rose by more than 50%. From the perspective of capital flow, there are 74 stocks in the board that actively buy extra large single funds within a month, with a total of 2.794 billion yuan. Among them, Weichai Power, Dell stock, CRRC, yinlun stock and WanLiYang and other five stocks that actively buy extra large single funds exceed 100 million yuan, with a total of 1.597 billion yuan.

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The epidemic suppresses the demand of nonferrous industry, which will recover gradually in the second quarter

Affected by the spread of the overseas epidemic, on February 28, a shares fell in line with the overseas market. Shenwan nonferrous metals fell 6.59% on the 28th, second only to the computer sector (down 7.09%).

According to the China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, during the epidemic period, the production of major smelting enterprises such as copper, aluminum, lead and zinc was not disturbed by the epidemic, and they continued to maintain normal production. However, most copper and aluminum processing enterprises, as well as enterprises in the downstream consumption fields such as real estate, battery, electroplating, air conditioning, and electronic products, will delay the commencement of construction, resulting in a temporary decline in demand for metals and smelting enterprises And the stock of non-ferrous metals in the society has increased, the price has fallen, and the business operation is difficult.

Hyaluronic acid is also divided into 369 grades, Maotai and ordinary liquor

Hyaluronic acid, also known as hyaluronic acid and ha, is highly sought after in the capital market due to its high gross margin. Last year, two hyaluronic acid companies came to kechuangban, one is Huaxi biology, which is located in Jinan with Shandong Business Development Co., Ltd., and the other is haohaishengke, which is located in Shanghai. In the third quarter of 2019, the gross margin of the two companies is close to 80%.

On February 27, Lushang development made the latest progress in acquiring 60.11% of the equity of focus biology. Lushang development has completed the payment, the articles of Association for share transfer have been filed with the industry and commerce, and the 6487100 shares held by the original four shareholders have been registered in the name of Lushang development.

Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges do a good job in ten aspects of information disclosure to help the implementation of the new securities law

The revised Securities Law will come into force on March 1, 2020. In order to conscientiously implement the relevant provisions of the new securities law on information disclosure of listed companies and improve the quality of information disclosure of listed companies, the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges issued ten notices on information disclosure of listed companies, which will come into effect on March 1.

According to the notice, the directors, supervisors and senior managers of a listed company shall sign a written confirmation opinion on the periodic report in accordance with Article 82 of the new securities law. The directors, supervisors and supervisors shall ensure that the listed companies disclose information in a timely and fair manner and that the information disclosed is true, accurate and complete. Where the directors, supervisors and supervisors are unable to guarantee the authenticity, accuracy, completeness or objection of the contents of the regular report, they shall express their opinions and reasons in the written confirmation opinions, and the listed company shall disclose them. If the listed company does not disclose, the directors, supervisors and senior executives may directly apply for disclosure. The new articles 80 and 81 of the securities law provide for major events that may have a significant impact on the trading price of shares or bonds of listed companies. The listed company shall disclose the major events mentioned in the aforesaid new provisions in a timely manner in accordance with the relevant provisions.

CSRC allows listed companies to make appropriate adjustments to supporting financing

Since the issuance of the new refinancing regulations, all parties in the market have been concerned about how to connect the supporting financing part of the existing M & A and restructuring projects with the new regulations. On February 28, in response to the reporters question (hereinafter referred to as answer the reporters question), the head of relevant departments of the CSRC said that in order to facilitate the listed companies to raise matching funds, fight against the epidemic and resume production, the CSRC allowed the listed companies to perform the internal decision-making procedures and make appropriate adjustments to the matching financing part.

Analysts believe that in the period of epidemic prevention and control, China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) supports the financing of M & A and restructuring, which is conducive to the listed companies to raise matching funds to resume production and operation, reflecting the temperature of supervision. At the same time, the requirements of the procedure are made clear, the internal decision-making procedure is required to be implemented, and the interests of small and medium-sized investors are also protected.

Whether European and American stock markets squat Chinese assets can outperform the world

This week, global market worries rose, and European and American stock markets corrected sharply in a row. Looking forward to the future, will European and American stock markets continue to squat? Where will the outflow go? Which assets will be profitable? Market participants believe that in the near future, risk assets, especially European and American stock markets, may still have a correction, but in the medium term, investors do not need to worry too much, because the operation of major European and American economies is still normal as a whole. At present, some hedging assets and emerging market assets (especially Chinese assets) may be the best choice, especially some high-quality targets.

This week, European and American stock markets continued to pull back sharply. In February 27th, novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed the increase in the number of cases and other news factors. Investors panic increased. The three major indexes in the US fell more than 4.4%. The S & P 500 index had dropped to below 50, 100 and 200 days. Influenced by the weakness of European and American stock markets overnight, the main Asian stock markets were also obviously under pressure on February 28.

CICC plans to apply for A-share issuance and listing on Shanghai Stock Exchange

In the evening of February 28, CICC announced that in order to meet the capital needs of the companys business development, the company plans to apply for A-share issuance and list on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. Relevant proposals have been passed at the board meeting held on February 28. As the first Sino foreign joint venture securities company in China, CICC plans to return to A share this time, which has aroused high attention in the market. The company said that at present, Chinas securities industry is facing all-round historical development opportunities. The issuance and listing of a shares will help the company to accelerate the strategic goal of building a world-class investment bank, and provide more powerful support for the implementation of major national strategic deployment, such as better serving the real economy, expanding financial opening-up, and actively introducing foreign investment.

According to the announcement, under the premise of meeting the regulatory requirements such as the minimum issuance ratio in the listing place, CICC plans to issue no more than 459 million a shares in the public this time, that is, no more than 9.50% of the total share capital after the issuance and listing of a shares. The issuance of a shares shall be in the form of full issuance of new shares. The final actual number of issuance and the proportion of allotment shall be determined according to the capital demand of the company, the communication between the company and the regulatory authority and the market situation at the time of issuance.

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Nearly 80% of enterprises have steady growth in the performance express of science and Technology Innovation Board

The report card of the first annual big test of science and technology innovation board shows the outline. As of the evening of February 28, in addition to the delayed disclosure of Xingtu Xinke, 90 other science and Technology Innovation Board companies have disclosed the approximate performance in 2019.

According to the statistics of Shanghai Stock Exchange, of the 90 science and technology innovation board enterprises that disclosed the performance express, the net profit attributable to the parent increased by 69 in 2019, accounting for about 77%, of which 22 companies increased by more than 50% on a year-on-year basis. The results of 20 companies fell year on year, and one company continued to lose money.

According to the industry division of science and technology innovation board, among the 22 companies whose net profit attributable to the parent company increased by more than 50% year on year in 2019, 7 companies belong to the biological industry, and the number of companies belonging to the new generation of information technology industry and new material industry is 6 and 5 respectively.

Who is the second shareholder of Guozhen environmental protection Co., Ltd. to clear more than 10% of its shares?

Poor performance, shareholders abandon it, which is common in the A-share market. However, there is a listed company holding a good report card, but it still cant keep the pace of shareholders leaving. Whats the reason?

On February 26, Guozhen environmental protection received a notice from the shareholder Anhui railway development fund Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Railway Fund) to transfer all 70.9856 million shares of Guozhen environmental protection held by public collection and transfer by agreement, accounting for 10.59% of the total share capital of the company.

At the same time, Guozhen environmental protection also delivered a gratifying annual performance report. In 2019, the companys operating revenue was 4.16 billion yuan, up 3.9% year on year, and the net profit attributable to the parent company was 330 million yuan, up 17.4% year on year. Huatai Securities analysts believe that Guozhen environmental protections performance slightly exceeds expectations, the company has abundant orders in hand, and it is estimated that the increase in the proportion of operating revenue will lead to an increase in gross profit margin, and the companys operating performance is expected to continue to grow steadily.

Performance express reports intensively disclose that there are many companies with double profits

On the evening of the 28th, the performance express of listed companies was published intensively. According to the reporters statistics, performance doubled everywhere, and most of them are based on the main business.

Thanks to the vigorous promotion of etc nationwide in 2019, Wanji technology and Jinyi technology reaped big red packets of performance. In the evening of February 28, Wanji technology disclosed its 2019 performance express that last year, the company achieved a total operating revenue of 3.299 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 376.56%; and a net profit of 831 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of more than 125 times.

The company also benefited from Jinyi technology. The company disclosed that last year, the company achieved a total operating revenue of 2.86 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 373.48%; net profit of 881 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of nearly 40 times. The main reason is that during the reporting period, the state vigorously promoted the cancellation of the national highway provincial toll station project construction, and promoted the popularization and application of etc electronic labels, and the companys etc related product sales The sales volume increased significantly year on year.