Mouldys latest MV self directed self acting female disguised as man

 Mouldys latest MV self directed self acting female disguised as man

Mildewed new MV self directed female disguised as male (source: Netease Entertainment)

Beijing News reported on February 29 (reporter Liu Zhen) on February 27, the first super Qing MV the man directed and acted by Taylor Swift, was premiered. In this MV, the mold women dressed as mens clothes surprised many fans after watching the MV, while the voice of the hero invited Jushi Johnson to dub her anti strings role.

When the mans MV was released, Taylor Swift wrote on her social platform to thank Johnson for her voice. Im glad that the mans MV has been released, she said. I want to say thank you to a lot of people: thanks to Jushi Johnson for supporting my music for many years (I worked with you when I was a director for the first time!) Its cool of you to get involved! Later, Johnson forwarded and commented on the text, saying: congratulations to my friend! Its my honor to dub the man.. What a change it is, and most importantly, it conveys important messages about womens equality and the importance of being honest and kind to others.

In the performance of this MV character, Taylor Swift, on the basis of continuation of the previous MV creation style, has more boundless ideas. He uses surrealism to show the life of a successful man in the secular definition, in order to satirize various phenomena in real life, and also hides many colored eggs in the details. Among them, Taylor Swifts works over the years are embedded in the MV scene to show the oppression of women, which indirectly reflects the music industrys disrespect for the rights and interests of women musicians. Especially at the end of the MV, Taylor Swift fully demonstrated the whole production process of this transfiguration. When the subtitle was put to ownedbytaylor swift, many people who had known the copyright dispute between her and big machine in the previous period felt that this design was very meaningful.

Liu Zhen, reporter of Beijing News

Edited by Tian jianni proofread by Lucie

Source: responsible editor of Beijing News: Ma Wenjing, nbjs9027