not to do anything more than three times! Do you remember Zhong Nanshans words?

 not to do anything more than three times! Do you remember Zhong Nanshans words?

Thirty five of the epidemic situation

Get rid of wild animal abuse.

This is a recent period of time, you may often see and hear 10 words.

On February 27, this sentence was mentioned again on at least two occasions.

One was the press conference of the joint defense and control mechanism of the State Council that afternoon.

The relevant departments said that the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas is in consultation with the State Forestry and grass administration, in line with the principles of eliminating the abuse of wild animals, ensuring peoples health and safety, and ensuring the safety of aquatic products supply, adjusting and improving the relevant catalogue and supporting provisions, and further clarifying the scope of fasting.

Another is the news conference on epidemic prevention and control in Guangzhou, said Zhong Nanshan, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineeringu2014u2014

Please pay attention to the last paragraph: eating wild animals is a bad habit of human beings. Lets not forget that there have been three coronavirus infections in the 21st century, the first is SARS, the second is mers, and the third is the new coronavirus.

not to do anything more than three times.

What Xiaorui wants to say is that in the face of three outbreaks in 20 years, its time for some people who are proud of eating wild animals to control their greedy mouths.

One of the differences between human beings and animals is to do something or not. In order to persuade people not to eat wild game, some people are moved by emotion: they earnestly advise that wild game is not Tang Monk meat . The state has also introduced laws and regulations: the decision on banning the trade of illegal wild animals in an all-round way, eliminating the abuse of wild animals, and ensuring the peoples life, health and safety was adopted by the Standing Committee of the 13th National Peoples Congress and will come into force from now on.

On February 16, the fourth issue of this years truth seeking magazine published an important article by Chinas top leaders, which also clearly mentioned that the game industry can no longer be indifferent!

The signal is clear: Trading and eating game behavior has alarmed the top.

Lets revisit some of the original speeches of the leadersu2014u2014

We have long recognized that the risk of eating wild animals is very high, but the game industry is still large, which poses a major hidden danger to public health and safety. Never be indifferent! I have given instructions on this issue. Relevant departments should strengthen the implementation of laws, strengthen market supervision, resolutely ban and crack down on illegal wildlife market and trade, resolutely eliminate the abuse of wild animals, and control major public health risks from the source.

Take a look at these keywords: great risk, major hidden dangers, resolutely banned, severely cracked down, resolutely eliminated, and instructions have been made - including punctuation marks, the length of more than 140 words can be described as concise and comprehensive, straight to the point.

In particular, Xiaorui noted that this paragraph appeared in the part of the article that referred to improving the capacity and level of national governance. It can be seen that the prohibition of illegal wildlife trade and the elimination of the abuse of wild animals have been raised to a higher level.

To be fair, there is no mistake in liking delicious food, but what should be eaten and what should not be eaten should be counted in mind. Although it still needs scientific research whether the new coronavirus comes from wild animals or not, as academician Zhong Nanshan said, it is an indisputable fact that most infectious viruses come from animals in decades.

In front of the cost of living life, the abuse of wild animals, even if there are many grand excuses, is not only the lack of respect for life, but also the need to accept the severe punishment of the law.

Keep your mouth shut, not just in the wild.

The State Councils joint prevention and control mechanism released a press conference on July 27 said: all wild animals not listed in the livestock genetic catalogue are forbidden to eat, regardless of whether they belong to the key protected wild animals or not..

This reminds Xiaorui of another phenomenon.

For some time, the foodies on the Internet in China have been very keen to save the worlds overflowing creatures. Whether its the crayfish that dominates the streets in the Netherlands or the carp disaster in Asia in the United States, the comments behind it are almost always let the Chinese eat, it will surely make you a protected animal.

Although it may be just joking, crawfish, carp, etc. are not game, but this kind of joke with a little pride, really good? In the past two days, African locusts have been rampant. When experts analyzed whether it would affect China, a similar voice appeared: let China eat to cure locusts..

This is a picture of a locust at a farm in Kitui, Kenya, on February 20. Photographed by Zhang Yu, reporter of Xinhua News Agency

As one netizen said, this kind of speech reveals the pride of you are all fools, only I can eat. In fact, it has not seen such a decent thing. And in Xiaoruis view, the vanity behind this kind of speech is not much different from those who are greedy for game.

Now the virus is rampant again, and the cruelty of nature makes us feel the pain once again. No matter what the source of the new coronavirus is, it is imperative to fast the game.

One cannot step into the same river twice. But unfortunately, in the first 20 years of this century, human beings have stepped into the same river for the third time.

Its no more than three. Its really time for dessert.

The game behind the epidemic: who can afford the rare and who has more status

One catty of wild snake costs several hundred yuan to make a pot of snake soup, and one wild pangolin costs hundreds of yuan to make pangolin soup. It is popular to eat wild yellow sheep in Northwest China. Selling a yellow sheep is a months salary of local people.

Why is wild game often banned? National forestry and grassland Administration response

u2460 (3) there are many kinds of wild animals in our country, many of which are not included in the management scope; (4) the grass-roots protection and law enforcement force is seriously insufficient; (5) the cost of identification and evidence collection of wild animals is high in the process of market law enforcement.