Hubei tenants of Guangzhou No.1 community returned to Guangzhou and the owners raised funds to persuade their hotels to isolate

 Hubei tenants of Guangzhou No.1 community returned to Guangzhou and the owners raised funds to persuade their hotels to isolate

On the evening of February 26, Mr. Chen, who lives in building 7, South District of Tianlu garden, Huangpu District, received a group of news suddenly, saying that two tenants of Hubei nationality in the next room had driven back to Guangzhou overnight, which scared him to run downstairs to check the situation.

It is understood that the owner of Hubei nationality gave the certificate on the 26th, but the Hubei government issued a document on the afternoon of the 26th, which is invalid. Before, some owners stopped him from entering the community, but later, when no owners supervised, they secretly entered the community.

The owner told reporters that before this, 24 buildings also have a tenant back to Guangzhou. After the staff of the street office came to the unit concerned, they put a seal on the door to let the tenants stay at home for 14 days. The owners have their opinions on such a practice.

Some owners think that the virus can be transmitted from the sewer, some worry that the elderly and children will be spread by aerosol, and the owners also sealed all the windows and balconies. The owner said that if you can stay at home now, you will not be at home. Previously, it was said that your home is the safest. Now you feel that it is even more unsafe to stay at home.

Why did they enter the community at that time? The property told the reporter that the tenants provided the health certificate and pass of Jingzhou, Hubei Province at that time, so they were allowed to pass. After a large number of owners objected to their home isolation, the property also came to persuade them to stay in the hotel, but they were refused.

The owners also said that they can crowdfunding, let them go to the hotel for isolation, and also can not go to the government regulations, the owners can help them find some ordinary hotels

But now its tenants who wont.

The head of the property management office of South District of Tianlu garden said that they are now acting in accordance with the states documents. The property has no right to force them out, and the neighborhood committee has no such right.

Subsequently, the reporter came to the street office to learn about the situation. Wang, who is in charge of the epidemic prevention work, provided the reporter with a letter of passage and health monitoring certificate issued by three tenants of Hubei nationality.

Minister Wang said that when he went to deal with it, he checked the health certificate of his pass. After taking the temperature, he thought there was no problem, so he felt that he had to go in to live. This is in line with the relevant documents and the conditions of living alone and living in isolation.

Reporters noted that the novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control headquarters and community health center were issued in February 25th, one of which was not dated in February 25th.

Wang said, how did the three Hubei nationals get to Guangzhou?? Is the document true or false? Its hard for them to judge. But now that people have arrived, they can only follow the instructions of relevant documents to do a good job.

The reporter saw that novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention Office in Guangzhou was issued on the basis of No. twenty-first document of the Command Office of the new prevention and control coronavirus pneumonia in February 13, 2020. Since February 13, 2020, all the new insolating personnel in Guangzhou have been properly concentrated and isolated for health observation except for the family members who have been born or have separate living conditions. Wang said the two homes are in line with the conditions for home isolation.

In order to dispel the concerns of the masses, the street office took the initiative to carry out nucleic acid test for the tenants, and will tell the results to the masses at the first time, so that everyone can rest assured.