Its solved! Why did Luca cousmolin leave? From losing to Everton

 Its solved! Why did Luca cousmolin leave? From losing to Everton

In addition, Phil Jones started in that game, but he was replaced at half-time. From then on until now, Jones has only made four Premiership starts for Manchester United, and his position has plummeted. I will always remember that day. It was the lowest I had ever experienced. I think you should all remember that, he said. After that game, 1-2 Manchester United players lost the chance to stay. I am waiting for the arrival of summer window

Thats surrender. In that game, we didnt play anything, the opponents goal mainly relies on the counter attack. Really, you saw everything you didnt want to see in that game. Away against Everton, you have to have two people in the front. They put the players in the penalty area and I know we have to rush up. I can guarantee 100% that we will do better this time.

So, is Luca sure to be cleaned after that game? I dont want to talk about Lukaku anymore, he said. He did well in Italy and we did well without him. Soshuai does not regret selling Lukaku.

Its the principle of soshuai that he can lose, but he cant surrender. He thinks Uniteds players are just the kind of people with strong will he wants. I can say to my heart that 100% of these players will not give up and give in like the team last season. These players are the ones Im looking forward to working with next season

Marshall missed Uniteds 5-0 win over Bruges yesterday due to a thigh injury. To be honest, I dont know what machal is like. I havent asked yet. Tomorrow well scan him. Its not that bad. Ihalo has proved to us what a striker he is and he is ready for the League at the weekend In yesterdays game, iharo scored his first goal since joining United.

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