Does the new coronavirus kit have a self-test version that you can use at home? Fake!

 Does the new coronavirus kit have a self-test version that you can use at home? Fake!

Not long ago, a test kit that claims to be able to test whether you are infected with the new coronavirus at home appeared in the wechat circle of friends. The seller claims that it only takes 15 minutes to detect whether the new crown virus is infected after blood collection at the fingertips of the home, which can be judged by the naked eye. The scope of application is also specially indicated, which is suitable for enterprises to return to work, schools to return to school, personal screening and other purposes. The seller said that the unit price of this self-test box is 150 yuan. If you buy more, you can still enjoy the discount. During the epidemic period, it is recommended to conduct regular testing as a regular household product. In response, the Municipal Drug Administration said that the new coronavirus detection kit has not yet had a home self-test version.

The novel coronavirus was typed on the website of the State Administration of drug supervision yesterday, and the key word of the new coronavirus was immediately displayed in 11 columns. On February 19, when reporters logged into the website of the State Food and drug administration, there were 9 new coronavirus detection kits approved for registration, and now the number has increased to 11.

However, these kits cannot be used for home self-test. The SFDA reminded the public that these new coronavirus detection kits, which have been approved for registration, need to be equipped with PCR laboratories and medical institutions with special equipment to complete the test. Ordinary citizens are not allowed to use them at home. At present, the epidemic situation of new coronavirus pneumonia is still in a critical period of prevention. The public should not trust the false propaganda of wechat business, and should seek medical treatment in time in case of relevant symptoms.

Wang Yi: China donates a batch of testing kits and medical equipment to Iran

The Chinese people are willing to work side by side with the Iranian people to overcome the difficulties. China has donated a number of nucleic acid test kits and medical equipment to Iran in an urgent manner. According to the needs of Iran, China will continue to provide assistance within its capabilities, including cooperation in epidemic prevention and control, medical treatment and other aspects.

Two hours inspection and release of raw materials for Shanghai Customs dangerous chemicals customs speeding up kit

On February 27, a batch of Ethyl phenyl polyethylene glycol was imported by air from Shanghai Pudong airport. After the goods were transported to Shanghai Zhijiang Biotechnology Co., Ltd., it only took two hours for Shanghai Customs to carry out on-site inspection, laboratory detection and complete the final inspection and release.