8 infected women in 1 family: No healthy person can be found in a large family to take care of the baby

 8 infected women in 1 family: No healthy person can be found in a large family to take care of the baby

One accident after another. Three days before the Spring Festival, Wei Beibeis father began to have a fever. The next day was his mother. On the third day of his junior year, it was Wei Beibeis turn.

On the fourth, fifth and sixth day of junior high school, my parents-in-law, younger brother and two younger sisters had fever one after another. They were supposed to fight in the bed of different hospitals in a family of eight in front of the round table.

On February 13, Wei Beibeis husband, the only healthy adult left at home, faintly developed symptoms, and his 11 month old daughter began to cough.

The hospital said that the child had pneumonia!

A prosperous family cant find a healthy person to look after children. She sends help messages to various groups.


This Spring Festival holiday, if there is no accident, they are lying on the beach in the West Pacific sun. Wei Beibei, 38 years old, has both sons and daughters. He started his own business and took over projects with his husband. He lives in a large European decorated house in Wuhan. His family travels three times a year.

On January 29, the family lived in Wuhan fozuling community service and health center. On February 2, her mother was in a coma and was transferred to Jinyintan hospital. She was critically ill twice. My father transferred to the Sino French new town hospital area of Wuhan Tongji Hospital the next day. My mobile phone was turned in and I lost contact. My little sister followed me to the same hospital for easy care.

After that, Wei Beibei transferred to the peoples Hospital of Hubei Province and needed oxygen therapy. She transferred to Guanggu District, the Third Hospital of Wuhan. Only the younger brother was in a mild condition and remained in the community service and health center of fozuling.

My father-in-law and mother-in-law lived in isolation at home, and then lived in the shelter hospital reconstructed by Wuhan International Convention and Exhibition Center. There was a red hot annual festival there years ago, and now its packed into a row of light patients.

The situation of mothers is the most worrying. Shes not good. She has high blood pressure and diabetes. Shes had thyroid surgery. She was lying on the bed, huddled, with a high fever and no strength. She coughed as soon as she lay down. She could only sit up and continue coughing.

Before transferring to another hospital, she said to the child weakly, please, let the doctor give me an injection and let me go quickly. Im too sick. Her four children had the same disease as her, and the old man was reluctantly pushed into the ambulance for fear that he would not see the last side of her children. When she arrived at Jinyintan hospital, her mother began to cough up blood, and the next day she coughed even worse.

There is always someone dead in the ICU, his mother said intermittently. Someone at the opposite door has lighter symptoms than himself. He saw to fetch water yesterday and died this morning.

On the bed of another hospital, Wei Beibei listened to his mothers faint breath and fear, surrounded by a noisy cough. She thought of the death of Dr. Li Wenliang in Wuhan, such a young man is a doctor again. Think of my parents again, they may not be able to bear...

She called her mother every day to encourage her, dare not video, for fear that her mother would not feel well when she saw her appearance. When his mother had no strength to speak, Wei Beibei said to the receiver alone, you must get better. Our family needs you.

Every year, the mother helps the children to prepare the new years goods. The meat balls and the fish salted by herself are divided into four parts and sent to each family. The new years day should be full of new years flavor..

Every new years day, children and grandchildren sit around. After dinner, the mother never lets the children clean up. Brothers and sisters wipe their mouths and sit and chat.

The mother was critically ill, the father lost contact, and the brothers and sisters were trapped in front of their respective beds, unable to move. How did the family suffer so much? Thought Wei Beibei.

Cities and towns in Hubei are blocked one by one. It snows in Wuhan. Wei Beibei has no fancy before she goes to bed. Her wish is very simple. She only wants her mother to live.

Before the Spring Festival, the family was busy buying new years products and fried meatballs. At the end of the year, Wei Beibeis father got a common cold. His mother accompanied him to the hospital without wearing a mask.

Late that night, Wei Beibei received a phone call from his parents, how can there be so many people in the hospital today?. 57 year old parents lined up for six hours. Probably at that time, they became the indifference hosts of the new coronavirus.


On February 13, Wei Beibeis cell phone rang again. At the other end of the phone, the husband said that he was weak in limbs and weak in body. Whats worse, the 11 month old baby began to cough. After checking in the hospital, the baby got pneumonia.

The novel coronavirus pneumonia was not known at the time, but 8 families were diagnosed. The babys condition is worrying. Wei Beibei held the baby on the day she came back from her mothers home, and the nanny went home for the new year. She had the most contact with the baby.

I cry. No matter what kind of pneumonia I have to treat. Its a disease that changes so fast that children cant wait, says Wei The hospital prescribed medicine, but there was no condition for admission.

That night, she begged people everywhere. I have friends in the hospital, but they cant get into the hospital because they are ill. Its hard to get a bed. She asked her friends to post on the Internet, and didnt hang up until 2 a.m. Afraid of quarreling with the patient in the same ward, she muted her cell phone, stared and wept till dawn.

Wei Beibei didnt have a fever for a week, but his temperature was 37.5 u2103 four times that day. Her lung is very painful, and her throat and eyes are bitter. Every time she coughs, her body aches, like running a hundred meters sprint. She was trapped at the head of the bed and couldnt walk out. Her mobile phone was the only contact with the outside world.

She stared at the screen, which was bright and dark. The monitor beeped and she couldnt sleep. At that time, she told reporters, she remembered that the table at her mothers house was rectangular with a round board on it. Every weekend, the familys regular program is to go to my mothers house for dinner. Sometimes my grandson cant make up his lessons. My mother always says, its hard to come, and I make up my lessons. Ive stopped my classes. Wei Beibei disagrees. Usually, learning is more important than a meal.

She thought of some happy commonplace, in the East Lake greenway scenery, her son cycling, her husband taking photos, Wei Beibei holding her daughter Crazy. In the easy music video, my brother plays the Cello for my sister, and my sister claps her hands and twists her buttocks.

The father-in-law and mother-in-law who lived in the shelter didnt get worse. They called their daughter-in-law to comfort them. Your illness has been delayed for such a long time, because you worry about it every day.

The next day, Hubei maternal and child health care hospital called: the baby can be admitted to hospital, but needs a healthy adult to accompany.

At that time, the husbands test results have not been out, the huge family can not find a healthy person. The hospital urged to keep the bed until evening. Wei Beibei tried his best to hang up the demand in the housekeeping company, and asked people to take care of the baby, from 2000 yuan a day to 5000 yuan, but no one applied.


At the same time, volunteers Tang Meng and Cui Zhiyuan saw Wei Beibeis help information in different groups. Tang Meng is 24 years old. He studies mixing wine in a bar. The national flag is pasted on his motorcycle and his chest is tattooed. Cui Zhiyuan is 29 years old. Her husband and children live in Sichuan. She sells wine in Wuhan.

They contacted Wei Beibei and said they were willing to accompany the 11 month old baby. Wei Beibei told the truth novel coronavirus pneumonia might be the case, and 8 of the family members were diagnosed. Two volunteers said, think it out.. Cui Zhiyuan heard Wei Beibei crying on the phone.

Im really moved that people are willing to help you. If Im out of the hospital, I want to help people who need help, he said sincerely Wei Beibei transferred some money to express his thanks, but they didnt accept it. If you take it, it will taste bad. Tang Meng said.

We dont know medicine. We can only be guerrillas and do some hard work. He said that he had no other ability but strength. He joined a dozen volunteer groups, from the first busy to now, otherwise all day lying at home, upset.

But he didnt dare to tell his family that he was taking care of the patient. Cui Zhiyuan also dare not say that every time she takes care of her baby in the hospital, she presses the video from her home and excuses to sleep or hold a meeting in the company. We are used to it in the hospital, but it seems very dangerous.

After the husband went through the babys admission formalities, he went to get his own test results - everything was normal, a false alarm. The two volunteers took turns with the father to look after the baby.

Every morning, Cui Zhiyuan prepares the milk before the baby wakes up and dresses her. Nurses come to hang water and do atomization. They have to hold the baby for four or five hours. Cry as soon as you put the baby down. At this time, Cui Zhiyuan always thinks of her own children. If it had not been for the outbreak, she would have met her 7-year-old son in Sichuan. After the new year, she almost devoted herself to volunteer work. In addition to selling wine, she helped others in her circle of friends and had little time to contact with her family.

The rush of help information made her brain numb. When she called to verify the information, Cui Zhiyuan was always worried about losing others hope. In Wuhan in the middle of the night, she sent a protective suit, a goggle, a U disk and a bottle of disinfectant. Sometimes she was too tired, but at the thought of this thing can save his life, she had to keep running.

One night, she was going to sleep. The urgent demand came from Hankou to Ezhou. It took an hour and a half to transport a mold to Ezhou. The note said you can pay, you can offer..

This mold is the accessory of the garbage can in the shelter hospital. Its appearance looks like chopsticks. Without it, the garbage cant leave the factory. So many people are waiting. Cui Zhiyuan didnt ask for money. She met four or five checkpoints on the way. When the staff heard about her task and reported to her superiors, they all let her go.

Different from Cui Zhiyuans driving a private car, when Tang Meng went to coolie, he always rode a motorcycle with a speed of 90 kilometers per hour. Its impossible to be in Wuhan City during the day. He worked as a volunteer in the Red Cross reception group. At first, he had a number of donations from all over the country, and then a number of geological suspects. If it was a private phone, I would have hung up and blackmailed. But this is the official hotline. I can only explain it, not answer back.

Tang Meng spent the rest of his time helping to carry materials and rode a motorcycle across the Yangtze River Bridge. Goods from all over the country stop at the high-speed intersection of Wuhan. Behind the piles of sand and roadblocks, volunteers unload them from vans, load them into cars, vans, pickup trucks, and transport them to hospitals and communities.

After taking care of the baby, Tang Meng suddenly turned into a warm man, he found out the doll at home and took it. Every time he coaxes his child to sleep, he searches the Music App for songs children like to listen to before sleep and broadcasts them to the baby.

From time to time, the two volunteers took videos of the children and sent them to Wei Beibei, make her feel better. After all, she hasnt seen the child in more than 20 days.

Wei Beibeis husband thanked the volunteers and said to Tang Meng that he would open his mouth if he had any need in the future. Tang Meng felt uneasy and said, abductor, I dont want to mix anything utilitarian with you.

That night, two teenage men chatted in the baby ward until 4 a.m. Wei Beibeis husband confided, if I am infected, the child is not infected, as long as someone takes care of my child, I would like to kneel in front of others; if my child is infected, I am not infected, I would like to rush to the patient, infected myself, and separated with the child Leave. Tang mengchang is in a single parent family. He is both envious and moved.

Wei Beibei wants to open it, too. In the past, I worked with my husband in the company. In the evening, I had to be entertained and couldnt care for my children. My mother is so derelict.. She decided to bring her own children later.

She doesnt care about the pressure of returning to work, losing money, salary and rent. She just wants to go home and hug her family.

This Spring Festival adventure of the whole family made her understand that maybe luck is the real thing to settle down. Many people asked for the bed, she first chose to go to the community hospital and solve. The community hospital was built in 1952. It has four floors and is equipped with inpatient department. It can check blood routine and do CT. It is more equipped than general health station. In the most difficult time, some volunteers are willing to come over and give her a hand. She thinks the family is lucky.

The wind in Wuhan is a little warm in winter. One good news after another. On February 18, the most ill mother was the first to leave the hospital. On the same day, my father, who had not heard from me, called to say that he had stopped taking the medicine and could go home soon. The eldest sister has been discharged from the hospital, and the younger sister, younger brother and mother-in-law have also entered the countdown before leaving the hospital. The doctor said that she worries about this and comforts that every day, and does not call anyones phone, so as to get better quickly.

On New Years Eve, all the bonsai plants Wei Beibei transplanted were alive. She said her family was lucky. There were people in the city who lost their parents and their flesh and blood. My family is going to drive to travel and relax. When her daughter grows up, she will talk about the Spring Festival in 2020.

(at the request of the visitors, Wei Beibei, Tang Meng and Cui Zhiyuan are pseudonyms)