Dalian peoples winter window crazy introduction of young peoples new season or youth storm

 Dalian peoples winter window crazy introduction of young peoples new season or youth storm

High profile overseas travel to join Real Madrid

Lin Liangming, who was born in 1997, is a national Olympic age player and one of the two most famous players of the 97 level national Olympic team (the other is Zhang Yuning). In 2015, Lin Liangming, who was still in the rich echelon, was favored by Real Madrid. After not too bumpy negotiation, Lin Liangming finally turned to Real Madrid with a transfer fee of 300000 euros and signed for 5 years. As the first Asian player to wear Real Madrids Jersey, Lin Liangming was famous for a while.

In Real Madrids two seasons, Lin Liangming has been playing in castia (real B team), has a certain number of opportunities to play, but is far from being promoted to Real Madrids first team. In the summer of 2017, Lin Liangming was rented to Almeria by Real Madrid. In his two seasons in Almeria, Lin Liangmings performance was unsatisfactory. He played 64 times in the West B (third level) and scored 12 goals, which was considered as the first-line main force.

Last summer, Lin Liangming, who has a one-year contract with Real Madrid, was abandoned by Real Madrid. At this time, it is reported that Lin Liangming may return to the Chinese Super League, Shanghai Shanggang, Guangzhou Evergrande, Beijing Guoan and other domestic giants have gossip with Lin Liangming. In the end, Lin Liangming decided to stay abroad. His next stop was in Portugal. He became a member of the Portuguese second team gondomar. Subsequently, gondomar rented Lin Liangming to the Portuguese super team Maritimo. In Maritimo, Lin got the number 30 Jersey.

Unfortunately, in half a season, Lin Liangmings number of appearances in Maritimo is zero. Shortly after the winter window opened, Lin Liangming was withdrawn from the first team by Maritimo. It can be said that in the six months of the Portuguese Super League, Lin Liangming is the edge of the team.

Lost Olympic Winter window decides to return to CSL

At the U23 Asian Cup held in Thailand earlier this year, Lin Liangming was finally defeated by the Chinese National Olympic team due to technical reasons. Although the public doesnt expect the National Olympic team to create a miracle in the U23 Asian Cup, Lin Liangmings defeat caused a heated discussion. In fact, Lin Liangmings competitive state can not be guaranteed because he cant play for a long time.

Maritimo has another Chinese translation, Madeira sailing. The Madeira Islands are geographically part of Africa, 1000 kilometers from Lisbon, the capital of Portugal. In life, Lin Liangming, who is far away from the European continent, probably doesnt adapt. When the Dalian team flew to Europe for training, Lin Liangming joined the training as a trial player. With what he learned in Europe in these years, Lin Liangming was quickly recognized by the Dalian coaching team. After negotiation, Lin Liangming will become a member of Dalian team as a loaner.

According to the regulations of the Chinese Football Association, Lin Liangmings first signing right belongs to Fuli, so Dalian still needs to occupy the transfer quota to rent Lin Liangming. However, for Lin Liangming, its a right choice to return to China Super League when Europe cant play.

It is worth mentioning that this winter, the Dalian team changed the style of spending money in the previous two years, but reduced the cost of operation. At the same time of clearing up Qin Sheng, Zhao Mingjian and other big contracts, Dalian team introduced a number of young talents. At present, Benitez has included a number of young people including Lin Liangming, Tao Qianglong, Tong Lei, Wu Wei, Wang Xianjun and Shan Huanhuan. So it seems that the Dalian team in 2020 season may have a youth storm.

New express reporter Wang Di