The coldest winter window! Chinese Super 9 team completes 5 foreign aid configurations, Tianhai has only 2 foreign aid

 The coldest winter window! Chinese Super 9 team completes 5 foreign aid configurations, Tianhai has only 2 foreign aid


28 million euros, lowest total spending in nine years

Even Guangzhou Evergrande doesnt spend money - foreign media who focus on the transfer market of CSL describe the winter window of 2020 season. In the whole transfer period, Evergrande has only one new signer from Fernando. According to the application list submitted by Evergrande for the Asian Championship group match, Fernando has been naturalized successfully, his nationality is China and his name is changed to Fernando. In the past decade, Guangzhou Evergrande, which has created five super Chinese and foreign aid champions, has not only spent no money this year, but also made a big slimming for the team. Gao Lin, Zeng Cheng, Feng Xiaoting and more than ten other players have left in the form of transfer or rent.

According to statistics, the total investment of each club of CSL in winter window is about 28 million euros. Compared with the same period in the past few years, the total investment of CSL has fallen precipitously: in 2019, it is 218 million euros; in 2018 and 2017, it is 263 million euros and 233 million euros, respectively. In 2016, CSL made more than 300 million euros in winter transfer period. The current investment of CSL clubs is only higher than that of the same period in 2011, when the figure was 24.29 million euros.

As of February 28, the Chinese Super League has introduced 11 foreign aid in the international transfer market, three of which are free of transfer fees. After the Chinese Football Association issued the new policy of Note 6, 5, 4, the number of foreign aid was unexpected. In addition to many naturalized players in Guangzhou Evergrande formation, now there are 5 foreign aid allocation people from Beijing Guoan, Shanghai Shanggang, Jiangsu Suning, Chongqing SWAI, Guangzhou Fuli, Shijiazhuang Yongchang, Shandong Luneng and Dalian. As of the time of publication, the number of foreign aid of 7 Chinese Super clubs has not yet reached its full capacity.

Queen of Kings

Lopez 5.46 million euros less than one tenth of the Oscars

The attitude of the Chinese Super League club in the international transfer market can be seen from the value of winter window champion. The foreign aid who is expected to win this years title is Lopez, who joined Shanghai Shanggang and paid 5.46 million euros for him.

In 2020, the value of the foreign aid Standard King of the winter window is called one night back to ten years ago by the outside world. From 2011 to now, the foreign aid standard kings of the winter window of the Chinese Super are Cleo (4 million euro), Barrios (8.5 million euro), elkson (6.5 million euro), montillo (7.5 million euro), GalAT (15 million euro), tehera (50 million euro), Oscar (60 million euro), Bakan respectively Bu (40 million euro), baolinio (42 million euro). Lopez, who is also a model introduced from Shanghai, paid less than one tenth of Oscars transfer fee in 2017.

The 15 million euro transfer fee paid by Guangzhou Evergrande for GalAT in 2015 is the first time that CSL has introduced 10 million euro level foreign aid. By 2020, the value of the most expensive foreign aid in CSL winter window will be greatly reduced, which is closer to the level at the beginning of golden yuan football in 2011. In the new deal of China Football Association, the red line of in the contract signed with foreign aid after January 1, 2020, the wage shall not exceed 3 million euros after tax is stipulated. It is not surprising that the high price of foreign aid has become the past style this year.

At the same time, when the restart time of CSL is uncertain, there are many foreign aid options to leave: Carrasco, known as the strongest foreign aid in the history of Dalian football, has been loaned to Atletico by Dalian people; Shanghai Shenhua has loaned ihalo to Manchester United; Morello has terminated his contract with Shijiazhuang Yongchang, who has returned to CSL Novel coronavirus pneumonia and the new double crown pneumonia epidemic situation, the 2020 international market has a bleak start.

General trend

The prospect of new transfer period is not optimistic

According to the results of communication and negotiation between CFA and FIFA, after closing the first transfer window of 2020 season on February 28, CFA will increase the domestic transfer period of no less than three weeks before the start of the new season. Meanwhile, the Chinese Football Association is applying to FIFA to add a new international transfer period in April and postpone the original summer transfer period to September, but this application has not yet been replied by FIFA.

FIFA China has novel coronavirus pneumonia, but the prospect of a single international transfer period is not optimistic, according to industry analysts. Although according to the relevant requirements, foreign aid can also be introduced in the new domestic transfer period of CFA in the future, but only the last contract in China and the last registration in CFA can be introduced, and the number of candidates meeting this condition is less than 20, and few meet the needs of the current Chinese super teams. This is also an important reason why the clubs with insufficient foreign aid concentrated their official announcement on the transfer deadline of February 28.

It is worth mentioning that Tianjin Tianhai, which is in trouble in operation, is known as the worst Chinese super team. After several main players leave the team, Tianhai has only two foreign aid at present. Whether they can sprint to gather foreign aid before the start of the new season is still unknown.

Zhou Xiao, reporter of Beijing News