In February, 842 homesteads were sold nationwide, 6 of which exceeded 5 billion yuan, and the premium of 4 cities rose

 In February, 842 homesteads were sold nationwide, 6 of which exceeded 5 billion yuan, and the premium of 4 cities rose

The transaction price of six parcels of land is more than 5 billion, and Shanghai Xuhuis Big Mac homestead ranks first

On February 20, 28 plots, such as xh130c, ws3 unit, Huangpu Jiangnan extension, Xuhui District, broke the record of total land transaction price in Shanghai with a transaction amount of up to 31.05 billion yuan, and led the national land market. The transaction amount has exceeded 24.85 billion yuan of Dong Jiadu plot won by China mintou in 2014 and 31 billion yuan of Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center plot won by China Merchants + overseas Chinese city consortium in 2016. According to the analysis of the insiders, the above-mentioned plots are large in size and many in formats, with a development cycle of at least 10-15 years. Depending on the development capacity of the transferee Hong Kong land, the benchmarking effect can be formed in the region. In addition, Dongxiaokou homestead in Changping, Beijing, and Xibeiwang homestead in Haidian, Beijing ranked second and third respectively with the transaction amount of 7.88 billion yuan and 7.6 billion yuan.

According to Beijing Zhongyuan analysis, first tier and second tier cities are still the main targets for real estate enterprises to acquire land. Data shows that in February, 168 residential land transactions were completed in the first tier and second tier cities, accounting for 20% of the total turnover of 300 cities, corresponding to a total turnover of about 158.16 billion yuan. The turnover of residential land in Beijing, Shanghai, Fuzhou and Wenzhou exceeded 10 billion yuan respectively.

In terms of floor price, 7 of the top 10 parcels were located in Beijing and 3 in Shanghai, all of which were above the level of 25000 yuan / m2. Among them, plots hd00-0403-0043 and 0049 in Xibeiwang Town, Haidian District, Beijing, with the floor price of 50587 yuan / M2 as the highest. The land is obtained by the first + China Resources + total residential + medium cross-linked joint venture, with a planned construction area of about 107500 square meters and a total transaction amount of 5.44 billion yuan.

High premium in hot cities, state-owned enterprises of state-owned enterprises copy bottom and hoard goods

In February, there were 123 homesteads with a premium rate of more than 20%, accounting for about 15% of the total volume of homestead transactions. From the perspective of a single city, the average premium rate of residential land in Ningbo ranks first in the first and second tier cities, reaching 56.22%. Except Ningbo, the average premium rate of residential land in Nanning, Kunming and Chengdu is above 35%, and that in Beijing and Wenzhou is between 20% and 30%.

At the scene of land transfer in hot cities, it is not uncommon for more than 10 enterprises to compete and bid for dozens or even hundreds of rounds. Today (February 28), Yinzhou District and Fenghua District of Ningbo sold two homesteads. Dongqianhu homestead in Yinzhou District was won by Everbright Real Estate Co., Ltd. with 245 rounds of bidding, with a premium rate of about 41%; plot 29 in Ningnan trade logistics District of Fenghua district was won by Rongan, with 54 rounds of bidding, with a premium rate of about 31%.

In Beijing, many houses sold in February were surrounded by many real estate enterprises and sold at a high premium, breaking the situation that most of them sold at the bottom price at the end of 2019. The starting price of land sold in Beijing is mostly at a high level. Five of the 10 homesteads sold in February alone have a starting price of more than 4 billion yuan, which puts a greater test on the liquidity of the real estate enterprises involved in land grabbing.

Under the background of slow sales pace and limited capital return, central enterprises and state-owned enterprises have become the main force of land acquisition in hot cities. Beijing Zhongyuan analysis believes that for most cities, when the sales offices are closed, sales are stagnant and policy support is not clear, the vast majority of real estate enterprises are under greater financial pressure. In the face of high bid margin and land transfer fee, the central and state-owned enterprises with abundant funds have low financing cost, relatively small capital pressure and the ability to copy the bottom of the land market.