No new novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed in Henan: 1 new deaths

 No new novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed in Henan: 1 new deaths

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was reported in 1272 cases as of 24 February 28th. There were 1272 cases of severe coronavirus pneumonia, 7 cases of severe cases, 6 cases of critical cases, 21 cases of cumulative deaths, 1161 cases of discharged patients. Among them, 274 cases in Xinyang City (including 31 cases in Gushi County), 157 cases in Zhengzhou City (including 9 cases in Gongyi City), 156 cases in Nanyang City (including 17 cases in Dengzhou city), 139 cases in Zhumadian City (including 10 cases in Xincai county), 91 cases in Shangqiu City (including 14 cases in Yongcheng city), 76 cases in Zhoukou City (including 7 cases in Luyi County), 58 cases in Pingdingshan City (including 1 case in Ruzhou city), 57 cases in Xinxiang City (including 13 cases in Changyuan city) uff0953 cases in Anyang City (including 2 cases in Huaxian county), 39 cases in Xuchang City, 35 cases in Luohe City, 32 cases in Jiaozuo City, 31 cases in Luoyang City, 26 cases in Kaifeng City (including 5 cases in Lankao County), 19 cases in Hebi City, 17 cases in Puyang City, 7 cases in Sanmenxia City and 5 cases in Jiyuan demonstration area.

At present, 39170 close contacts have been traced, 345 of whom have been removed from observation on February 28 and 1525 are undergoing medical observation.

No novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed in Shanxi: 133 cases confirmed

No novel coronavirus pneumonia was confirmed in Shanxi province from 0 to 24 February 28, 2020, and 133 cases were confirmed. 5 cases were cured and discharged, and 112 cases were cured and discharged.

0 for 8 consecutive days! No new confirmed cases in Yunnan Province, 174 cases in total

From 12:00 to 24:00 on February 28, there were no new confirmed cases (the number of new cases has been 0 for 8 consecutive days). As of 24:00 on February 28, there were 174 confirmed cases, 156 cured and discharged from hospital, 2 dead, 16 confirmed cases, and no serious or critical cases. There are 11 suspected cases.

There are 337 new confirmed cases and 3 deaths in Shanghai

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was excluded in 17 cases in Shanghai from 12 to 24 February 28, 2020, and no new confirmed cases were confirmed.