Tao Yongs voice after injury: Ive seen too many tragedies, and Im more able to bear the blow

 Tao Yongs voice after injury: Ive seen too many tragedies, and Im more able to bear the blow

Even if I was discharged from the hospital, my energy and physical strength would not be able to see so many patients in one day. But I dont walk on one leg. If I cant do surgery, I can do scientific research and take students. Even if there is no accident, I plan to spread my clinical experience and technology to all parts of the country so that doctors in more places can deal with some difficult eye diseases. And then theres time to speed up.

Tao Yong woke up.

After seven hours of general anesthesia, he suffered multiple cuts to his left arm and head. The severed muscles, blood vessels and nerves were sutured during the microsurgery. After the operation, the intracranial hematoma, his whole head was wrapped by gauze, the whole person looked bigger than usual because of the edema.

When he woke up, Tao Yong, who was lying on the ICU bed, had no sign of breaking down at all. He said to his wife, fortunately, it was me who was cut off. I am young and fast! To his teacher, he said, I can certainly cross this ridge.. He said to the visiting friend, Why are you crying? Dont you think Im still alive?

Tao Yong, who is strong in front of all of us, also has weak moments. In the dead of night, the cleaning aunt of ICU saw him crying quietly.

He never wanted to think of other people badly

Tao Yong is still in hospital for treatment, mainly for the rehabilitation of the arm, which will be a long process. His left hand is still unconscious. Its like falling into an ice cellar and stringing every now and then. When stringing, its as painful as someone reaching into your hand and pulling at the meat. The main schedule of every day is to complete all kinds of rehabilitation training with the help of the rehabilitation teacher: sometimes warm blisters are used, and then the edema part is pressed to stimulate the circulation. Sometimes you need to break the joint a little bit and loosen it. Sometimes I train to get something small. Every training is accompanied by intolerable pain, at least ten active and passive training in a day, each time from a few minutes to 30 minutes.

On January 20, 2020, Tao Yong, chief ophthalmologist of Beijing Chaoyang Hospital, suffered a life and death disaster. When he went out for diagnosis, he was chased and cut by a patient with a kitchen knife, resulting in his left hand fracture, neuromuscular and vascular fracture, craniocerebral injury, occipital fracture, blood loss of 1500 ml. he was able to escape from the life danger two weeks later. It was the cold solar term that day.

Friends and colleagues who know Tao Yong cant believe that the disaster will happen to him, even those who have such good skills and good character will be cut off. Tao Yong was surprised to learn who the suspect was. Hu Xiaofeng, a colleague, remembers Tao Yongs first words when he woke up to her: why is it him? We treat him very well. Hu Xiaofeng doesnt know how to answer.

Cui, the suspect, is one of the countless patients with ophthalmic complications that Tao Yong has treated. Other doctors have operated on him at least twice before, but there are serious complications after the operation, and his eyes are almost blind. It was late when we transferred to Tao Yong. Looking back on his relationship with Cui, Tao Yong couldnt think of the reason for his murder. He never hung up my number, and was directly admitted to the ward. I operated on him. The fundus of his eyes is very complex. When I operated on him, I was caught up with the recurrence of my lumbar injury (I had a fracture of the lumbar spine, and I punched six nails in my waist). I kept on doing it for two hours. We also take care of him and save him a lot of money, so I think he should be grateful to me. After the operation, his eyesight also recovered a part, otherwise he could not chase me to chop Lao Liang, a junior sister who has known each other for ten years, said that a man who has made great achievements like Tao Yong seems to have a dull sense. He cant feel the malice from others, or he is never willing to think of others as particularly bad.

Tao Yong said that he doesnt hate Cui now. No matter what kind of legal sanction he receives, my personal future is not happy and Im not happy. In fact, it has nothing to do with him. I can think about it. If I keep getting myself into hatred, cant get around, even revenge on others and society, then I become the second one, that is infectious disease. If I were a doctor of this level, I would think I was not good enough.

Tao Yong is doing eye surgery

Ophthalmologists specializing in poor diseases

Tao Yong has received too many difficult patients: children with eye cancer, people with eye fungal infection after leukaemia bone marrow transplantation, workers with eye injury caused by coal gas explosion, AIDS patients, tuberculosis patients... Compared with these people, his own experience is not so tragic, because I have seen too many tragic fate, so I have more tolerance and can also receive More and more blows.

Tao Yong was hurt by the accident. He didnt know if he could go back to work in the future. He felt that he didnt have much time with the patient. He wanted to hurry up and say what he wanted to say. On February 4, at the beginning of spring, Tao Yong recorded a poem dream in the heart on his mobile phone and published it on the Internet. The poem tells the experience of several blind children. He said that if he cant return to the operating table later, he wants to organize a group of blind children to tour so that they can also earn money to support their families.

As an ophthalmologist, receiving so many difficult patients has a lot to do with the research field Tao Yong chose - uveitis. In the words of Wei Wenbin, director and vice president of Ophthalmology of Tongren Hospital, uveitis is an absolute cold door in Ophthalmology, which can be said to be an area that few ophthalmologists are willing to pay attention to. First of all, the disease is not only related to the eyes, but also to the whole body. The cause of the disease is complex. It is usually a complication of patients with low immunity, such as severe diabetes, white blood patients who have done bone marrow transplantation, and AIDS patients. Secondly, because of the complex etiology, it is not easy to treat, energy investment is more, it is not easy to see the obvious treatment effect. These patients in the long-term medical treatment, family economic conditions are often bad, so uveitis is also known as the poor disease..

Wei Wenbin was one of the examiners of Tao Yongs thesis defense. At that time, he was deeply impressed by this young man: he made full preparation for the defense and passed it successfully. Later contact more, found that he is a big sunshine boy, always happy, and especially hard-working, have their own ideas. Every time we meet, whether in a seminar or in an activity, Tao Yong will discuss problems together. I think this young man is very good. He is a man who can bear hardships and study hard. There are only a few doctors specializing in uveitis in the country. If you dont have interest and energy, its hard to do it.

In addition, Tao Yong also has good academic achievements. He published 98 papers in SCI scientific citation index, 26 papers in Chinese core journals, and presided over a number of domestic and foreign research funds.

At the beginning of February, as soon as Tao Yongs condition became more stable, he typed with his right hand and one hand on the sickbed and completed the postscript of the new book intraocular fluid test. The patent, developed by Tao Yong and his team, tests intraocular fluid to detect microorganisms, viruses and inflammatory factors in the eye, which is very helpful for clinical identification of ophthalmic complications. The causes of uveitis are complicated, including virus infection and systemic immune diseases. It can be distinguished by the examination of intraocular fluid, so that the treatment is more targeted and the curative effect is more obvious. Wei Wenbin believes that the detection of intraocular fluid improves the level of clinical diagnosis and treatment of uveitis in China, which is a milestone in promoting accurate ophthalmic diagnosis and treatment.

Tao Yong is also the main member of Beijing infectious eye disease center. He often goes to Youan Hospital and Ditan Hospital, the two largest infectious disease hospitals in Beijing, to operate on patients. For these infectious patients, some doctors may be afraid, Tao Yong summed up a set of AIDS related ophthalmopathy diagnosis and treatment and surgical procedures pamphlets, for your reference. After all, this kind of surgery is hard work and does not earn money, but at last, he found that he could not give up them. Because the condition of this special group is too complex, doctors should have courage and experience. If I give up, it is difficult for them to find a more suitable person. If you really give up on them, its like betraying your ideals. Tao Yong said.

Tao Yong examined the eyes of a small patient after bone marrow transplantation

An energetic idealist

The ideal of learning medicine can be traced back to childhood. Tao Yong grew up in Nancheng County, Jiangxi Province, which used to be an important town in Shayan. At the age of seven, Tao Yong witnessed doctors use fine needles to pick out white stones one by one from his mothers eyes, which alleviated the pain of her mother suffering from trachoma. This makes Tao Yong feel that the work of a doctor is very valuable. At that time, he had the idea of becoming an ophthalmologist - to help patients relieve pain and treat diseases that others would not treat.

Tao Yong was admitted to Peking University Medical College in 1997. He chose medicine as his major, not to earn money by studying medicine, but to regard it as an ideal and career. Later, some medical students gave up slowly, but for those of us who persevered, they still regarded it as a career.

He often complains with his friends that time is not enough. He wishes one person could act as a triangle, write an article, do scientific research and do clinical work. But in fact, he is much more efficient than us. Whether he is waiting for a party, waiting at the airport or on the high-speed rail, he carries a computer with him and uses these fragments to write things. My friend Wang Yue said.

Hu Xiaofeng, a colleague, remembers that sometimes when eye colleagues have dinner and chat with each other, Tao Yong will ask everyone, why do you choose to study medicine and ophthalmology? Most people may not be able to say it. Some say that family members think its good to be a doctor. Tao Yong cant understand. He said that if you dont love the industry, why do you stay here? Why dont you love what you do.

Hu Xiaofeng and Tao Yong have worked together in a department for more than two years. What impressed her most about Tao Yong was that he never hid in the academic field. No matter a step or other problems in the operation, he always shared his experience unreservedly. He not only told you how to do this step, but also why to do it. Tao Yong is most opposed to rote learning, but to inspire people to think. He hopes everyone in the team can become a thinking doctor.


Grading diagnosis and treatment

As Tao Yongs younger martial sister, Lao Liang took a totally different career path. After graduation, she worked in the peoples Hospital for a year, just in time for the teacher in the otolaryngology department to be injured. Although she didnt experience it personally, she collapsed when she saw the bloody scene, and then she got post-traumatic stress disorder. She was in a bad state all year. As long as she went to a hospital like Wuyang, she began to have high blood pressure and shaking hands. Later, she resigned and went to the United States. After five years, she came back. Now she works in a private family eye clinic.

The clients of clinics are mostly middle and high-income groups, and the relationship between doctors and patients is more like a friend relationship. From February 2019 to now, he has been working for nearly a year. Lao Liang doesnt remember any unhappiness with his patients. I like my work very much. I really dont have mental pressure. I used to have to deal with some low-income patients in public hospitals - he didnt have money, and I would feel terrible. If he has no money, I will treat him. I will save him money. Save money, if I cant cure it, I will feel worse. I think working in a public hospital is a huge psychological test for doctors.

His experience in the United States made Lao Liang realize that the top three hospitals in China now assume the social function of family health care, which should be completed by community hospitals in fact. But people generally think that the level of doctors in community hospitals is not high and they are lack of experience, so they are all crowded into the top three hospitals. In fact, it should be through the referral of community hospitals at all levels, and finally to the top three. We have not yet established a perfect and strict referral mechanism. Ive been in the US for five years, and I wouldnt have met a specialist like Tao Yong without any serious illness. I usually look at family doctors. That is to say, most people only see family doctors like me in this life. You will see Tao Yong unless you have an operation. Now you have a conjunctivitis and you can hang Tao Yong, so his workload is very heavy.

Wei also called for hierarchical diagnosis and treatment as much as possible, and simple diseases should be solved at the grassroots level. The basic level is not necessarily a community hospital, but also a county hospital and a regional hospital, which can solve most of the eye problems. The third grade a hospital should do some research, diagnosis and treatment of difficult ophthalmopathy. You need to be squeezed into the top three hospital with a pair of glasses, so the doctors in the top three hospital just cant handle it.

Tao Yong and Lao Liang also discussed their different working environments, but they never wanted to work in a private hospital. He even told Lao Liang that if you cant get along, you can come to Chaoyang Hospital to find me. Lao Liang said with a smile that Tao Yong would never persuade me to go to Chaoyang Hospital to find him. Lao Liang analyzed Tao Yongs attitude, he thinks that the career he loves is the only best in the world. He doesnt want to fix himself in a small clinic like me. Like a pool of stagnant water, he only sees people with the same characteristics every day. He feels that there is no challenge.

Family and the future

Tao Yong grew up in the county. His parents biggest expectation for his son is health and safety. When Tao Yong was rescued and his life and death were uncertain, his father kept in the operating room, not only shedding tears, but also suffering from high blood pressure, and the whole family was on the verge of collapse. But as Tao Yongs condition gradually stabilized, they soon calmed down. For his family, Tao Yong is lucky to survive. His wife showed him the blessing video and flowers sent by netizens, and his father told him the story of his childhood. In this way, they encouraged Tao to survive the disaster.

Tao Yong lives with his wife and daughter-in-law in a 60 flat rental house. He has no requirements for food and clothing. Wang Yue, a good friend, remembers once seeing Tao Yongs hair cut unevenly, only to know that he only went to the barber shop which charges 15 yuan. All of them are honest people. Tao Yong usually goes to work as if he had beaten chicken blood, and his family supports him as if he had beaten chicken blood, without any complaints. After Tao Yong was rescued, his wife always said that she would like to thank the hospital for its help and take good care of him. Lao Liang is very familiar with Tao family. Some time ago, he sent them vegetables because of the epidemic.

It will take a long time for the recovery of the arm. Eye surgery needs to be performed accurately to the millimeter level. If the hand is not recovered well, Tao Yong may never be able to go to the operating table again. But he has a new career plan. After all, he is not walking on one leg. If he cant do surgery, he can do scientific research and take students. Even if there is no accident, he plans to spread his clinical experience and technology to all parts of the country, so that doctors in more places can deal with some difficult eye diseases, because the number of patients he can see is limited. Then he had time to speed up.

Tao Yong is doing eye surgery

Society is not as dark as you think

Dialogue with Tao Yong

People Weekly: to what extent are you recovering now and how long will you be able to leave the hospital?

Tao Yong: now its mainly about hand rehabilitation. Actually, its quite difficult. It may take more than half a year. There may be another operation.

People Weekly: can I move my left hand now?

Tao Yong: it can move slightly, but its strength is very weak. We need to train. The joints are also stiff, and they need to be broken up one by one. Its very painful.

People Weekly: when your teachers and friends talk about you, they all exclaim, why are you? Is it unfair for a good man who is impeccable in medical ethics and skills to suffer such a heavy blow?

Tao Yong: maybe most people will feel so hurt and hurt in the first reaction. For myself, the body must have experienced a heavy blow, but I told myself that I could not let the spirit collapse because of the blow of the body. If the spirit collapsed, it would be the real end. I will also feel depressed and pessimistic, but this feeling is not the strongest. One reason is that I have been a doctor for too long and met too many people with tragic fate. Some children suffer from malignant eye tumors and their eyes have been removed. My father took him to Beijing for medical treatment for ten years. And Behcets disease. When the patient was young and middle-aged, he lost his sight in a short time. Then he went to Beijing to see a doctor in the dark. When he asked why he didnt have a family member to accompany him, he said that his family helped people wash the bed sheets in the hotel and put his hand into the washing machine. When an accident happens to you suddenly, you may feel miserable and pitiful, but on second thought, you may not be the most miserable compared with them.

People Weekly: if you have a chance to see Cui again, what would you say to him?

Tao Yong: if I can see him again one day, I want him to see the wound left by the operation on my back. I want to tell him that at that time, we operated on him, including saving him money. Its really benevolent to him. I want him to know that this society is not as dark as he thought.

People Weekly: visiting your relatives and friends in ICU, you feel optimistic and strong, but there are also cleaning aunts in ICU who are crying when they see you alone. What is the strength that supports you?

Tao Yong: this so-called power is inseparable from my understanding of medicine. It is phased. The first stage is the graduate and undergraduate stage, when only the disease itself was seen. After I became the attending physician and deputy chief physician, I gradually went out of the expert clinic. In my eyes, more people were not completely sick, but regarded this person as a whole. The eye disease could also be caused by diabetes and high blood pressure. The third stage not only considers the holistic view of the patient, but also considers his social attribute. Because patients are part of the family and part of the society. A few doctors will turn patients into professional patients. You have to come next month for reexamination. You have to come every month to have a look. Some patients, especially those from other places, have no time to work or live. They have become professional doctors. But he may still need to make money, or the pillar of the family.

In the last year or two, I have come to realize that medicine is not all about treating people. Man is actually a part of the whole environment, the whole nature and the whole universe. People are the center of everything, leading to the destruction of the whole environment, and people are still unlucky. So my understanding of medicine at this stage is that it cant be completely human centered, it is a kind of harmonious balance, which makes our environment in a harmonious frequency resonance.

People Weekly: this accident must be a big blow to your family. How do they deal with it?

Tao Yong: Fortunately, they are also very powerful. None of our family broke down before Mount Tai collapsed. In fact, my parents performance was quite unexpected. I thought they would not be able to bear this kind of attack. They were crying, but they didnt. That night, my father did have high blood pressure, but when I was stable, they did not shed tears in front of me. He told me the story of his childhood, when he went to cut firewood alone, the sickle hurt his calf by mistake, and he walked 30 miles home alone with a knife injury that was deeply visible. He wants to tell me that everyone will experience hardships, just stand up and walk past.

Through this time, I also feel that peoples understanding of people, even their relatives, is always incomplete. Parents may not be as vulnerable as we think, they are also experienced people, will be very brave.

People Weekly: on the day of the incident, there was a picture of you lying in a pool of blood on the Internet. Your eyes were calm and desperate. Were you awake? What are you thinking? Have you expected that this accident will affect your career path in the future?

Tao Yong: according to my own memory, I have never been in a coma or scared to death. Because you have to be calm at that time. When we were in the undergraduate course, the anatomy teacher asked us how to deal with the sudden power failure during the operation in the future? At that time, you had already opened someones stomach. In fact, to be an excellent doctor, the psychological quality must be calm and calm enough. If I cant keep calm at the time of the incident, I may not escape. Its a professional habit.

As for whether it will affect the future work, I didnt think so much at that time. I just thought about how to pass this pass and make myself survive. For doctors, the most important thing is to grasp the present situation. You can deal with the situation according to the most appropriate plan, OK. At that time, I was trying to keep my mood as stable as possible, because I had lost so much blood. Once I was flustered, I would lose more blood when my blood pressure was high.

People Weekly: with your business level, you can have many choices about your working environment. Why do you still stick to the hospital?

Tao Yong: there is no standard answer to the choice. It depends on what you want. All choices have advantages and disadvantages. For me, its true that I have been sticking to an ideal all these years, that is, I want to be an excellent doctor, to treat other peoples diseases that cant be cured, to challenge difficult eye diseases, and to develop new technologies. This has to go into more complicated situations. Many people with family difficulties can not get treatment in time, so the disease is often delayed to the late stage, and often more serious. Why do the difficult patients from all over the country come to me? The doctors also recommend them to come to me. In fact, this is the result of my choice, because I can deal with these complex diseases. If I choose to go to a place with good conditions from a very early age, I cant see several patients in a day, and all of them have mild symptoms. My medical skills, whether in medical diagnosis, surgical technology or scientific research, cant be the same today. For me, I am willing to choose because I dont want to give up my ideal.

(thanks to Professor Li Wensheng and Dr. Yang Shuo for their help)

Like Tuan Tuan, always believe that the world is beautiful.