In the year, the amount raised by the new fund was 312.4 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 272.67percent

 In the year, the amount raised by the new fund was 312.4 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 272.67percent

In fact, many investors have put out more than 312.407 billion yuan of real gold and silver, behind which there are a lot of pop-up funds have started rationing. For example, Ruiyuans balanced value has sold 122.3 billion yuan a day, but the final scale of raising is only 6 billion yuan. The reporter of Securities Daily found that since this year, 91 funds have chosen to end the raising ahead of time, 13 of which have started to be rationed according to the fund offering announcement.

On February 28, another four new fund products released the announcement of closing the raising ahead of time. The four funds are Boshi dividend ETF, one-year holding period mix of wanjiaminfeng returns, flexible configuration of rich country clean energy industry and mix of Guangfa value advantages. So far, the number of funds raised earlier this year has increased to 91, and the final amount raised by 146 newly established funds has reached 312.407 billion yuan, and the average amount raised by a single fund has reached 2.169 billion yuan.

As a result, the amount raised in the first two months of this year is 31.247 billion yuan. According to the issuance speed and amount of the new fund, the total amount raised in this year will reach 1.87 trillion yuan. In the past 21 years of public funds, only in 2013, 2015, 2016 and 2019 have the new fund raising scale of more than trillion yuan, and the new fund raising amount in a single year is 1.31 trillion yuan, 1.66 trillion yuan, 1.09 trillion yuan and 1.43 trillion yuan, respectively.

As of February 28, three 10 billion level equity funds have been added to the public offering market this year. They are e Fonda research selected stocks, huitianfus core asset mix and Huaxia China Securities new energy vehicle ETF. The initial offering scale is 16.589 billion yuan, 11.32 billion yuan and 10.763 billion yuan respectively.

According to the report of Securities Daily, as of February 28 this year, there have been 78 funds that have chosen to close the raising ahead of time after reaching a certain subscription amount, and as many as 13 funds that have automatically closed the raising ahead of time after reaching the upper limit.

Whats most striking is investors rush to buy Ruiyuans balanced value: on February 18, Ruiyuan fund launched the issuance of its second open-end fund. Ruiyuans balanced value sold more than 120 billion yuan a day, thus becoming the product with the highest subscription scale in the history of public offering. Subsequently, Ruiyuan Fund issued an announcement on the proportion of subscription application confirmation of the fund. The final subscription proportion was 4.9%. According to the raising ceiling of 6 billion yuan, the fund sold 122.383 billion yuan on February 18.

The standard allocation of the ceiling of 1 billion yuan raised by science and technology theme funds also makes these funds have been issued and sold out by investors. CCB technology innovation mix, Penghua technology innovation mix, Wanjia technology innovation mix, China Merchants technology innovation mix and China Post technology innovation selection mix all reached the ceiling of 1 billion yuan on the day of sale, and finally launched the rationing.

It is worth mentioning that Tianhong Vietnam QDII fund, the first fund product invested in Vietnam market in the public offering market, also ended the offering in advance and started the proportional placement. According to the relevant announcement, the fund set a raising ceiling of 200 million yuan at the time of issuance. After the offering, 1.28 billion yuan of funds came to subscribe for high-quality products. After the confirmation according to the principle of confirmation of doomsday proportion, the final effective subscription application confirmation proportion of the QDII fund is 15.62%.

Source: responsible editor of Securities Daily: Zhong Qiming, nf5619