Be vigilant! Anti collection alliance takes advantage of the epidemic to fight back

 Be vigilant! Anti collection alliance takes advantage of the epidemic to fight back

What is the so-called anti collection alliance? Why in the past two years, it has suddenly become the heartache of bank credit card, consumer finance company and mutual fund lending platform?

Counter attack appears

The turning point happened during the Spring Festival. Ding Yu (pseudonym), who is in charge of collection after the loan of a mutual fund platform, told reporters.

Under this arrangement, according to the 21st century economic report, most banking financial institutions, consumer financial companies and loan assistance platforms have done a more moderate treatment to the overdue loan credit reporting and repayment arrangements of the three kinds of people.

These three types of people include: first, the identity card, mobile phone number, or lbs (location obtained based on equipment positioning) information at the time of loan belongs to Hubei and cannot be repaid on time due to the epidemic situation; second, the residents committee certificate, hospital related documents prove that the user or his immediate family is suspected or confirmed case; third, the related work certificate can be identified as the epidemic prevention and control worker Member.

Shangxun credit is the most feared policy of anti collection people before. When there are exemption conditions, there are some exceptions in the background of many mutual fund platforms.

Xu Lin, head of a consumer finance platform in Shanghai, also told reporters that there was a similar situation, user behavior has a special clustering effect. At the beginning of the epidemic, not many people proposed to postpone the repayment, just a few phenomena, but later more and more people wanted to postpone the repayment for this reason. The script was very consistent, and they could not provide medical proof. It was suspected that the anti collection alliance was exploring.

In other words, it is very difficult to verify whether the hundreds of people who can provide proof are really affected by the epidemic. Ding Yu said that for novel coronavirus pneumonia patients, the platform needs to provide medical proof of new crown pneumonia diagnosis list or doublet lung glass like and so on. But for the platform, it is difficult to verify, and it is also difficult to prove to the hospital. Its hard for hospitals to cope with the epidemic. How can they help to verify it? Ding Yu also said applicants said they had been quarantined and could not provide proof. However, some people have provided forged work certificates of medical staff, which have been successfully recognized by the platform.

The president of a joint-stock banks East China regional branch told the 21st century economic report that banks, especially the credit card sector, will also encounter this kind of anti urging alliance, but the pressure is relatively small. There will be hitchhikers in any policy, the bank will strictly identify the identity of customers and whether they are qualified for preferential policies. The bank has a grace period for individuals and enterprises really affected by the epidemic. Among them, it is easier to give a certain grace period for repayment of principal and interest, and the difficulty of loan extension is medium. The most difficult thing is the interest concession, especially for the interest of natural persons. This is an unconventional business. Generally, the branch does not have this authority, and each bank will not easily make such a decision.

Retroactive anti collection

Anti collection, because of its illegitimacy, is not a clear institution, but a decentralized organization, which also increases the difficulty for lenders to identify them. Because you dont know whether this is the real demand of the borrower or the anti urging behavior of the nature of drilling holes after being instructed, such as they will go to the credit card center or mutual fund platform of the first instance bank. The founder of a collection agency in Shenzhen told reporters.

In the idle fish website of Alis idle goods trading, three words of anti collection were input, and many paid consultations and practical skills were shared, with prices ranging from 1 yuan to 200 yuan. The 21st century economic reporter chose a consulting service with a price of 98 yuan, and the product brief said: anti violence collection helps you get ashore as soon as possible.. According to the description of the commodity, the specific content of the service is calm analysis and reasonable treatment in the face of debt, to teach you to strive for the maximum benefit plan from Party A under difficult circumstances.

When chatting with the service provider, the reporter learned that the other party could not only deal with the problem of credit card debt, but also the problem of online loan, claiming that it could prevent collection and harassment under the condition of no criminal risk, lengthen the repayment cycle, avoid penalty interest, overdue fine and liquidated damages, and even only repay the principal finally.

When the reporter further asked whether it was reliable, the other side said: the letter will come, do not believe it.

According to the reporters observation, explosion-proof service is the main product of most anti collection service peddlers. Some online loan software requests to access the address book information when the user downloads the registration, and backs up the call records. After the user has overdue, it contacts the relatives and friends of the borrower, and even has insulting behaviors such as abusing and mass sending of PS photos. This kind of violent collection phenomenon does exist when online lending is just prevailing and the 714 anti-aircraft gun is still strong. However, since then, due to the promotion of a series of special actions, most of the platforms collection behavior has been relatively mild, and the collection calls outside the borrower have not been made basically, only a few of the non-standard cash loan platforms still have similar behavior.

According to the seller, in response to this kind of behavior, the explosion-proof software essentially intercepts the Internet loan app when it requests to access the address book, prevents it from copying the information to the cloud, or recognizes the collection phone and quickly marks the number as the fraud phone after it is overdue, and reports to the operator. When these phones are marked hundreds of times, the operator will actively intercept them.

The founder of the above-mentioned Shenzhen collection company told reporters that there are several ways for the so-called anti collection alliance to guide users to avoid debt collection: first, to see whether the loan interest rate setting is in line with the legal requirements, but the company complained about and sued because of the usury is not wronged; second, to enrage the collectors with language, the latter is not necessarily of high cultural quality, so they cant choose after being enraged In other words, it will be recorded as evidence of violent collection; third, it will form pressure on the platform through consumer complaints website, media exposure and legal proceedings, or it will complain to the CBRC and the Internet Financial Association. In order to reduce the complaint rate and negative exposure, many banks, consumer finance and mutual finance platforms will choose to settle down and provide compensation or reduction of interest fee for the anti reminders.

The reporter learned in the interview that banks, consumer finance companies and other licensed institutions are afraid of the anti collection crowd, the main reason is the complaint rate and exposure.

Ding Yu introduced to the 21st century economic report that the so-called anti collection alliance was originally some Laolai who borrowed online loans but didnt repay them. They put together their experience of resisting collection to form a strategy to teach others. Once they helped others to reduce interest, or even escape debt, they charged 10% - 50% rebate. This kind of unearned income has attracted some former collectors since then. These people are more familiar with the collection operation mode. They come out to meet the lenders of funds and collect intermediary fees. Later, some people who knew the law and some small law firms joined in and helped write legal documents. This is also the reason why the loan platform found that multiple legal documents were expressed in a magical way. Finally, some black producers with data capabilities joined in. They caught a case of a platform appeasing and compensating the resistance collectors because of a certain problem, notified the groups of borrowers, leading to centralized complaints.

Some insiders believe that the first concentrated outbreak of anti collection is in 2018. Xu Lin said that on December 1, 2017, the relevant departments issued the notice on regulating and rectifying the cash loan business, known as document No. 141. At the beginning of the next year, many cash loan platforms stopped issuing loans, and many users of borrowing new to repay old found that they could not roll up the new mouth (go to the new platform to borrow money), so they made the idea of anti collection.

Since then, in the middle of 2018, a large number of P2P Thunderbolt, lending institutions intensified the collection behavior and tightened the lending, and the game of collection and anti collection continued to be heated. After the 315 party in 2019 focused on information collection and online lending chaos, the anti collection alliance had more policies and case tools to resist repayment.

Anti collection is too difficult to identify, because people who dont repay come from all over the world, maybe they are being guided in a group, but from the perspective of the organization, that is, the overdue rate has increased, but I dont know whether its a normal adjustment or someone is behind it, said a person on the Beijing mutual fund platform

How to balance?

How should lending institutions not only implement preferential policies, but also avoid malicious anti collection behavior or even malicious people who evade and abandon debts?

Xiao SA, a lawyer of Beijing Dacheng Law Firm and legal adviser of Beijing Internet loan association, told reporters that, first of all, we will continue to implement the relevant measures of the CBRC. During the loan review, we will verify whether the individuals and enterprises applying for the corresponding policy support are in the epidemic area and whether the affected degree is enough to extend the loan and obtain interest relief. Of course, the audit will extend the time of credit approval to a certain extent, which needs two-way balance.

Secondly, the anti collection alliance is organized, and has the words and operation methods to guide borrowers to intentionally default on loans. In the business practice of mutual fund institutions, if it is found that different individuals are applying for extension, interest relief and intentionally defaulting on loans, and they use the same technique when responding to the operators reminder, they should be alert.

Finally, whether the risk control measures of mutual fund institutions are sufficient is also an important factor affecting the repayment. It is suggested to analyze the existing customer data, whether there are some regular characteristics, how the age group has the highest default rate, which group has the highest proportion of delinquent loans, analyze the reasons and make relative measures.

Ding Yu said that his companys strategy is to use more intelligent robots to collect money, avoid indiscriminate talk, and increase the quality inspection and on-the-job training of collection work.

Ding Yu believes that there can also be flexibility in the concerns of regulators and financial institutions about the volume of complaints and the resolution rate. Some financial institutions, regardless of cost and real situation, appease users, give material compensation, and ignore whether users put forward reasonable requirements, which will instead encourage unhealthy tendencies. In addition, it is also a good policy to intensify the attack on the evasion and cancellation of debts and to transfer more resources to those who really need loans.

At present, the supervision also tries to find a balance between enterprise collection and user rights protection.

Xiao SA pointed out that for users, there are a list of dishonest people, restrictions on high consumption, and credit investigation stains. Those who are serious will also be suspected of refusing to execute judgments and rulings. The above series of measures will severely crack down on debt evasion and cancellation, leaving the old rogue nowhere to hide. At the same time, the supervision should also strictly regulate some illegal behaviors in the enterprise collection. At present, there is a great controversy about the extension of the concept of soft violence, the extreme performance of which is the collection of money depends on self-consciousness. There are problems of law enforcement, problems of mutual fund enterprises not connecting with credit system, etc.

In any case, regardless of the so-called anti urge alliance, in the past month, most people have been locked up because of the epidemic, and the consumer finance industry has been greatly affected.

Overdue began to rise, and the withdrawal rate of overdue 1-7 days dropped by 15%. Because the users of our platform are sinking and there are more blue collar workers. In the first half of the year, it is estimated that consumer credit will be tight. I heard that some industries are worse than us. In order to avoid losses, we reduced the front-end loan pass rate to half of the previous year. The Beijing mutual gold platform said. Ding Yu predicted that the industry as a whole will see an increase of at least two to 30% of the overdue amount.