Online business sinks in an all-round way, promoting online pull new acceleration

 Online business sinks in an all-round way, promoting online pull new acceleration

A new wave of rise of online giants

After the end of SARS in 2003, a number of online retail giants rose. According to the macro research report of Huachuang securities, the SARS epidemic has impacted the traditional offline business model to a certain extent and played an important catalytic role in promoting the Internet in China.

In the epidemic situation in 2020, some industries have shown an outbreak trend. Take online office for example. On February 3, the first day some enterprises started, nearly 200 million people across the country opened cloud office. Tencent meeting has gone through the most powerful test, expanding to become a siege lion (Engineer) routine: emergency expansion of more than 100000 virtual machines in 8 days, input of more than 1 million computing resources, this is the first time in Tencent cloud history, Tencent director Zhang Jun said on Weibo

According to a report by Tencent Research Institute, the development of remote office abroad is relatively mature, especially in science and technology companies, remote office has become one of the conventional working methods. According to the data, in 2017, 24% of the worlds companies, especially the technology companies, have adopted the way of telecommuting; by 2020, about 50% of the technology companies will have about 29% of their employees. Before the outbreak, in general, the penetration rate of telecommuting in the Chinese market was lower than that in Europe and America.

Video interviews, an online services business related to the resumption of work, are also growing explosively. Chen Yongsheng, vice president of Tongcheng, told 21st century economic news that the epidemic forced many traditional enterprises to start using video interviews, which is a new opportunity for Internet recruitment platform enterprises. The last one or two months have been an explosion of video interviews.

The 21st century economic reporter contacted fitness, education, e-commerce and other enterprises and found that most of their current main business and publicity materials are related to live broadcast.

From the point of view of the fitness industry closely related to life, the 21st century economic reporter contacted sports fitness brands including keep and Leche. At present, the main recommended businesses of these brands are fitness video live courses. According to the person in charge of keep, a sports and fitness brand, they launched the Spring Festival decompression and health plan, the live broadcast of holiday sports, and also invited Li Jiaqi, a live broadcast network, to do marketing.

Internet fitness brand carve sports related person also told the twenty-first Century economic report reporter, February 3rd tiktok released the online home sports video topic by joint jitter, and received 57 thousand independent public education video videos independently developed by the coach. As of February 27, there were more than 2 billion hits on the whole network.

For consumers who are used to buying online, live e-commerce has entered the vision of many people in 2019. Jingdong people said the epidemic had a huge impact on transportation, logistics and offline passenger flow. In this context, live e-commerce has become another timely rain for transformation and self rescue of traditional industries under the epidemic. Live broadcast provides brand-new sales channels for brands and businesses.

During the epidemic, vegetable farmers, food chefs, house sellers and fitness coaches walked into the live room, and the upsurge of national live broadcast began. In Jingdong live broadcast, Guangxi Guilin Yongfu County sugar orange cumulative sales of 3000 tons, the County sugar orange has sold more than 65%.

Online consumption and service sinking

An epidemic situation has made the consumption, education, office and fitness entertainment of hundreds of millions of people online.

Zhang Fang (not her real name), a teacher in a key high school in Jingzhou, Hubei Province, has been giving students three weeks of math classes live. Affected by the epidemic, she had to use the live teaching software with the help of her daughter to learn live lectures and communicate with students online.

The epidemic has turned each of us into a line 18 anchor. On February 21, a professor from Shenzhen University joked at a seminar on Digitalization organized by Tencent Research Institute. Affected by the epidemic, the seminar was held on Tencent conference software. Many participating experts also use online meeting software for the first time.

A Tencent staff member told 21st century economic news that they were ready to work online in the first half of the year. As of February 28, the reporters contacted the employees of JD, Tencent, Didi, Sina and other enterprises in Beijing. At present, most of the employees mainly work at home, and some Internet companies clearly put forward no suggestion to work in the office.

Yan Bo, a Kwai hung webcast anchor in Yiwu, told the twenty-first Century economic news reporter that he had full confidence in accelerating the acceleration of the live broadcast of the electricity supplier. Many people used to understand the live broadcast by singing red nets and later finding that they could still sell things.

During the outbreak, many people had to stay at home, and the flow of his live room continued to grow. He predicted that after the outbreak, household department stores, fitness equipment and kitchenware would all sell well on the live broadcast.

The epidemic hit off-line catering and gymnasium, and several five-star hotels in Beijing, Hangzhou and Chengdu began to provide online take out services, and the fitness industry also set off a live wave. Xiaoxi, a white-collar woman who hasnt been out of her home for more than a month in Wuhan, snatches vegetables through meituan or wechat group every day. Her parents in their 60s used to think that online shopping was expensive, but now they also accept online shopping for fresh food. Unable to go out for a run, she began to get used to following the live online course of home sports.

The epidemic has made online businesses of some industries become online and digital businesses sink in an all-round way. Zhou Yuqiong, a professor at the school of communication, Shenzhen University, analyzed that the digital generation gap between different people was narrowing in this epidemic, especially in the acceptance of new things. Many elderly people didnt use WeChat before, and now tiktok has been used. Some online live and short video APP downloads have increased rapidly during the epidemic. She did not use the jitter, Tencent conference, and Tencent classroom, and now she is now in touch.

After the epidemic, will math teachers, fitness coaches and Statistics Bureau officials still use video to broadcast classes? Is online service and consumption a stopgap during the epidemic, or is it a constant demand for peoples lives?

Is online only little Yangchun?

According to the macro research report of Huachuang securities, although the epidemic has promoted the process of offline to online Internet, for some offline institutions that rely heavily on services, scenarios and experiences, there are some short-term self-help behaviors but it is difficult to be long-term. The main reason is that the Internet has been promoted for many years, and the remaining industries are constrained by the Internet.

On February 27, the merchants of Yiwu International Trade City held Yunkai city, with more than 3000 stores participating and 1 million people onlooking online. Jia Shaohua, former vice president of Yiwu vocational and Technical College of industry and commerce, said that for many industries, the best marketing method during the epidemic is live broadcasting. In the past, everyone had a playful attitude, and now it is more and more mainstream. This year, because of the epidemic, many teachers gave lectures online, which also exposed that many teachers were not familiar with online teaching. Compared with the field of education, the development of live e-commerce is more mature.

He judged that live broadcasting of e-commerce is the trend, the epidemic will accelerate the development of live broadcasting e-commerce, and the competition will be more fierce in the future. This year, as long as the logistics is restored, live e-commerce will usher in explosive growth.

Fresh e-commerce is another fierce battlefield in the field of e-commerce. According to the report released by Quest mobile, from January 24 to February 2, the growth rate of the daily active user scale of HEMA, dingdong, and daily Youxian exceeded 100%; the daily active user scale of multiple dmall and Jingdong home also achieved double-digit growth.

A person from Jingdong home told 21st century economic news that in the past, they mainly faced young people in the southwest prefecture level cities, and the cost for middle-aged and old users to get customers was very high. The outbreak has taught many middle-aged and elderly people to buy food online.

Will the new users leave after the outbreak? Li Xiangdong, an e-commerce strategic analyst, said that fresh e-commerce has greatly increased its penetration rate during the outbreak, and in general, it can cultivate user habits in two months. Some people may leave after the outbreak, but others will stay.