Worried about economic setbacks, German Chamber of Commerce and industry called on the government to take measures to contain the epidemic

 Worried about economic setbacks, German Chamber of Commerce and industry called on the government to take measures to contain the epidemic

As of 28 local time, the German authority Robert Koch Institute announced the number of confirmed cases in the country has reached 53. Vofker Trier made the above novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic in Berlin on the same day to the German Foreign Journalists Association (VAP).

The day before, the German Chamber of Commerce in China and the European Chamber of Commerce in China released their findings on 577 member enterprises of the two chambers operating in China. In novel coronavirus pneumonia, the German economy is expected to be significantly affected by the 2020 outbreak of pneumonia. He said the impact was mainly reflected in the decline in German production in China, travel restrictions and trade disruption, and the decline in demand for tourism and retail. He also warned that the above scenario might also appear in the German and European economies.

Vofker Trier pointed out that novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic will further drag on Germanys economic performance if the domestic economy is already weakening. He said that for German export enterprises, which are highly dependent on international ties, they have felt the burden of the epidemic on Global trade, while a large number of enterprises investment plans in multiple locations have been suspended.

The experience of more than 5000 German companies operating in China has taught people that as a precaution, it is necessary for employees to work from home, stop exhibitions and travel. For domestic companies in Germany, it is imperative that the authorities take the right measures at the policy level to avoid further spread of the virus. (end)

The number of confirmed pneumonia cases in Germany continues to grow, and the worlds largest tourism exhibition is closed

Berlin novel coronavirus pneumonia reported on February, 28, Xinhua (reporter Peng Dawei) the number of newly diagnosed pneumonia in Germany has increased for fourth consecutive days since 25 this month. Germanys official figures show that as of 10 oclock on the day, 53 people had been diagnosed in the country.

62 cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia in Germany are expected to increase.

On the afternoon of the 28th local time, the Minister of health of North Rhineland Westphalia, Germany, announced that 15 new cases had been found in the state on the same day, all of which were from the hometown of the first patient in the state. Media reports say more than 1000 people are now quarantined in North Wales. On the same day, Baden Wurttemberg state announced the addition of two more confirmed patients. So far, 62 cases have been confirmed in Germany.