Who: the source of the new coronavirus is still uncertain and stigmatization should be avoided

 Who: the source of the new coronavirus is still uncertain and stigmatization should be avoided

Chinas China novel coronavirus pneumonia reporter Zhu Zhu: Although the first batch of new crown pneumonia cases were found in China, does this necessarily mean that the virus itself is from China, and it may come from other places?

Maria van Khov, technical director of whos health emergency program: some of the initial cases last December were related to the seafood market in South China, but others were not in contact with the market. One paper mentioned that pangolin is closely related to the new coronavirus. Pangolin may be an intermediate host, but all details are not clear. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is the main cause of animal infection. We dont have the exact answer yet, but we are actively studying it.

Michael Ryan, whos head of the health emergency program: its possible anywhere, about the source of any disease. Coronavirus is a global phenomenon and exists all over the world. Its an unfortunate event in the natural history that they appear in some place. Its important that we not blame their geographical origin, but focus on how to deal with and contain the virus. Of course, we need to know the source of the virus so that we can control it and avoid it coming again, rather than blame who or what kind of poor animals are not wrong. We need to be careful about our own language. Unfortunately, it is not beneficial for stigmatized language and accusations to become part of the global description.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia chief of the worlds 28 day, Geneva, announced that the global risk level of new crown pneumonia was raised to very high.

Who: more than 20 new crown vaccines are under development in a few weeks or with results

Novel coronavirus pneumonia vaccine is being developed at the global level, 28 days after the WHO director general Tan Desai said in Geneva. Some of the treatments are being tested in clinical trials and are expected to get the first results in a few weeks.