Novel coronavirus pneumonia in Brazil increased to 182 cases and 1 cases confirmed.

 Novel coronavirus pneumonia in Brazil increased to 182 cases and 1 cases confirmed.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia has been increasing rapidly since the suspected cases increased. The St Paul state government announced plans to invest 30 million Real (about 46 million 800 thousand yuan) to fight against the new crown pneumonia epidemic.

Brazils Ministry of Health said false information on the countrys social media about the new coronavirus had started to spread because of the rapid growth of suspected cases. According to the report of Brazils Ministry of health, 90% of the short videos, text messages and pictures about the new coronavirus received on the official social media account opened for rumor refutation contain false information or even completely false. Therefore, the head of the Ministry of health again called on the public to log in to its official website to learn authoritative information at a press conference held on the 28th.

In terms of epidemic detection, the Brazilian government said that it has prepared a simpler and more efficient new coronavirus detection equipment. The first batch of equipment will be shipped to the states with more suspected cases in recent days, so as to facilitate the rapid diagnosis of medical institutions.

In addition, sachesda, Secretary of economic policy of Brazils Ministry of economy, said in an interview with local media that the Brazilian government is likely to cut its GDP growth forecast for 2020 by the end of next week due to the epidemic, but sachesda declined to give specific figures.

In the past week, Brazils main financial market index, the ibovespa, has fallen 8.37%, its worst week since August 5, 2011.

The novel coronavirus pneumonia case in Brazil rose to 132 cases in 1 days after the first confirmed case.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was discovered in St Paul, Brazil, on Thursday, 28, although the Brazil government tried to assure people of preventive measures, but the number of suspected cases in Brazil is still soaring, according to ABC report.

Brazil confirms the first novel coronavirus pneumonia case, Latin America multinational countries sounded epidemic prevention alarm

Brazils Ministry of Health announced Tuesday that a 61 year old man suffering from new coronavirus pneumonia had become the first confirmed case in Latin America, and that the number of suspected cases increased to 132. In response, the governments of Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela and other Latin American countries have all indicated that they will take measures to strengthen their response.