To ensure that we do not miss farming time and ensure the harvest of summer grain

 To ensure that we do not miss farming time and ensure the harvest of summer grain

Xinhua news agency, Beijing, Feb. 27 (Xinhua): to ensure that we do not miss farming time and ensure a good harvest of summer grain

Xinhua News Agency reporters Li Yin, Yang Hongtao and Hou Xuejing

General secretary Xi Jinping recently stressed that at present, we must strictly implement the regional classification and differentiation of epidemic prevention and control measures, while organizing spring ploughing to ensure that the summer harvest is ensured.

Farmers are busy in the agricultural industry demonstration park in Shuimu River Basin, Huachu Town, Puding County, Guizhou Province (photo taken on February 22). Photo by Yang Wenbin, reporter of Xinhua News Agency

At that time

Early spring in southern China, late February, all parts of Guizhou have entered the spring ploughing season.

Put a mushroom stick every 80cm, put the base fertilizer evenly, and cover the soil with the same thickness... In a field in the idyllic street of jobs tears in Xingren City, Guizhou Province, there is a hot scene. More than 20 farmers wearing masks grow mushrooms under the guidance of technicians.

Get the time back! Farmers all over the country are working hard to prepare for cultivation in spring.

In recent days, Ouxi lake, the director of Xiaohu professional cooperative in Longxi village, dapingtang Town, Xintian County, Yongzhou City, Hunan Province, with more than 50 workers wearing masks, rushed to plant white tea in the tea planting base.

Affected by the epidemic, the planting time has been later than expected. We must speed up the planting and seize the time. Ouxi Lake said that in 2017, he established a professional cooperative with four farmers and transferred more than 200 mu of mountain white tea for trial planting. Last year, he picked a small amount of white tea, which is very popular with tea merchants. It is planned to continue to plant 300 mu this year, and the net income per mu of white tea is expected to reach 20000 yuan.

As the weather warms up, different spring ploughing plans are staged in different parts of the north.

The Chinese wolfberry planting base in Longyuan village, Dahe Township, Hongsibao District, Wuzhong City, Ningxia Province, under the background of blue sky and white clouds, the Chinese wolfberry trees with green shoots reveal the information of spring. Li Xiao and several villagers are busy cutting branches for the wolfberry tree as usual at this time.

Dazhai village, Diancun Town, Chengxian County, Longnan City, Gansu Province is a well-known professional vegetable planting village, with more than 1000 mu of vegetables planted in the whole village. In recent days, in the field of Dazhai village, some villagers are sowing potatoes, some are sowing farmyard manure, and some are transporting agricultural fertilizer

The town requires that agricultural production in each village be closed and put into production and labor with families as the unit, without piling up or gathering, so as to ensure the prevention and control of epidemic situation and the production of spring ploughing, and ensure the income of the masses. Gao Feiqi, head of Diancun Town, said.

A good harvest has a bright future

The seed processing workshop of Qixing farm branch of Heilongjiang Beidahuang Kenfeng Seed Industry Co., Ltd. is full of machines. The staff are busy and nervous in coating high-quality rice seeds, mixing, bagging, weighing, stacking and shipping. All procedures are orderly. Zhao Jiandong, head of the branch, said that under the reasonable density of operators, the company can now promote seed coating 24 hours a day to ensure sufficient supply of seeds for spring ploughing.

The district has handled the material transportation pass for 6 agricultural material business stores, without any cards or blocking. Li Hu, Secretary of the Party committee of Dahe Township, Hongsibao District, Wuzhong City, Ningxia Province, said that a green channel had been opened to ensure that the materials needed for spring ploughing production, such as fertilizer and seeds, were delivered to households in a timely manner.

In the early morning of the 27th, a vegetable planting cooperative led by the Party branch of Yangxi village, zhengbaotun Town, Xiajin County, Shandong Province, was in full swing in 8 greenhouses. Several farmers were wearing masks and kept a certain distance to plant broccoli. Looking at the green and full of life. The cooperative has 86 agricultural machines and tools such as self-propelled drug applicator and UAV, forming a one-stop service of farming, planting, prevention and collection, with less labor and high efficiency.

Xiajin is a large agricultural and grain producing county with 900000 mu of cultivated land. Tang Qingjun, director of the county agricultural and rural Bureau, said that at present, more than 500000 mu of arable land in the county has been included in the land trust, accounting for 56% of the total arable land area, and agricultural production such as wheat suppression and weeding is proceeding in an orderly manner in spring.

Guangxi Zhiyou Biotechnology Co., Ltd., which is located in Guilin, resumed work on February 11, and has been operating at full capacity, producing about 10 tons of hybrid rice every day. Liu Yonghong, general manager of the company, said: at present, more than 300 tons of rice seeds have been reserved. According to the production schedule, it can ensure the supply of rice seeds for the contracted users. The seeds are the hope of the farmers, said Yang Yongguang, the packer. We have stepped up production from morning till night.

Li long, a large grain farmer in Zhongyong Town, Lingui District, Guilin City, has transferred 1300 mu of land to plant high-quality rice. At present, he is preparing to raise seedlings to ensure that the transplanting is in good time. The epidemic will pass soon. The government has made great efforts. I believe that this years production will not be greatly affected. I am optimistic. Li Longjian said.

Farmers in Xingren City, Guizhou Province, put fermented mushroom based materials in a field (photo taken on February 22, UAV). Photo by Yang Wenbin, reporter of Xinhua News Agency

See the real chapter for solving difficulties

Seasons wait for no man, but spring is better than gold. The epidemic situation has brought some new problems to agricultural production, but there are more ways than difficulties.

Affected by the epidemic, online farming, e-commerce sales and experts online field watching have become the new trend of this years spring farming.

Huo Ruidong, a big grower in Heihe City, Heilongjiang Province, used to buy agricultural materials in the shop. This year, he ordered fertilizer through wechat. Its very convenient to order fertilizer online. During the epidemic period, theres no need to queue up, no contact with people, avoid cross infection, and deliver it to your home.

In daxiazhuang village, Geshi Town, Ningyang County, Shandong Province, ningdaiying village, a villager, has realized spring cultivation without leaving home. Fengxin company launched the non-contact farming service. Members can choose services or products on the platform and agree to deliver them to their homes or villages. Dong Jinfeng, head of Fengxin company, said that the company has more than 1 million farmers members nationwide, and the number of new users this spring increased by more than 30% year on year.

Deng Hongfei, a farmer in Taipingqiao village, sanxianhu Town, Nanxian County, Yiyang City, Hunan Province, said that this years low quality lobster, coupled with the epidemic situation, affected market circulation and impeded sales channels.

After knowing this situation, sanxianhu town arranged technicians to go down to the field to give technical guidance to the farmers who encountered similar problems, and contacted rice and shrimp enterprises and cooperatives to purchase lobsters in a centralized way. It must be very difficult for every household to face the market crisis. If our grass-roots government wants to play a coordinating role and help them to form a group together with enterprises and cooperatives, it will surely be able to overcome the difficulties and move towards a moderately prosperous society. You Tao, Secretary of the Party committee of sanxianhu Town, said.

Yantai Agricultural means of production corporation is facing financial pressure in purchasing agricultural materials for spring ploughing earlier this year. Yantais relevant financial institutions pushed forward the examination and approval process at full speed, and in only three days, they distributed 130 million yuan to enterprises. Among them, 100 million yuan will be used to purchase chemical fertilizer and 30 million yuan will be used to purchase agricultural gasoline and diesel.

In Shandong Province, the staff of relevant agricultural and rural departments at all levels visited the peoples livelihood insurance and supply agricultural enterprises one by one, and established a one-to-one fixed-point insurance service system to help solve the practical difficulties in raw materials and equipment, transportation, staff return, supply of epidemic prevention and control materials, and flow of bulk commodities.

In the special period under the influence of the epidemic, all localities cherish the season, seize the opportunity and find ways to ensure the orderly progress of agricultural production.