Wuhan: no cross regional purchase of drugs for outpatients with severe diseases since the 28th

 Wuhan: no cross regional purchase of drugs for outpatients with severe diseases since the 28th

Novel coronavirus pneumonia, Wuhan, novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control work, issued by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on February 28th, 28, to give notice on the purchase of drug service for outpatients with severe (chronic) diseases during the epidemic period. From now on, the community purchase and the purchase of drugs should be strictly implemented. , set up a drug purchase appointment platform, implement Internet diagnosis and treatment services and other measures to effectively solve the problem of drug purchase for outpatients with severe (chronic) diseases in our city.

Strictly implement community purchasing on behalf of others, and carry out drug purchasing in different areas

According to the requirements of community closure in our city, each district strictly implements the drug purchase by community, and the community arranges staff or volunteers to help the outpatient patients with severe (chronic) diseases to purchase drugs.

At present, there are 50 designated retail pharmacies for serious (chronic) diseases in the outpatient department of medical insurance in our city, no less than 4 in each district of the central urban area, no less than 2 in each district of the new urban area, and all of them provide drug purchase services for 10 diseases.

From now on, we will carry out the method of purchasing drugs in different areas, and each area will guide patients to purchase drugs in outpatient and critical drug stores within its jurisdiction, instead of cross regional purchase.

Standardize the work flow and build a platform for drug purchase appointment

Set up the counterpart service mechanism of the street counterpart drugstore, and establish the standard workflow. Led by the medical insurance and market supervision departments of each district, with the cooperation and participation of the health and health departments directly under the District, the sub district offices and community health service centers, an appointment platform for purchasing drugs for outpatients with severe (chronic) diseases in the district is set up in the form of wechat group and QQ group, which is responsible for coordinating the communities to submit the demand for purchasing drugs to the platform, and then the platform reasonably distributes the demand for purchasing drugs to each medical insurance outpatients in the district (chronic) disease designated retail drugstores, community agents according to the appointment time to the drugstore swipe the card to buy drugs.

Promote Internet diagnosis and treatment service and timely include it into medical insurance payment

The Municipal Health Department organizes qualified medical institutions to carry out Internet diagnosis and treatment, to carry out on-line follow-up and drug distribution services for patients with some common and chronic diseases, and to build an online and offline integrated service mode to relieve the pressure of offline diagnosis and treatment.

The Internet hospitals approved by the health department are encouraged to provide Internet diagnosis and treatment services for the insured patients with serious chronic diseases in the designated hospitals of the citys medical insurance, and the citys medical insurance department will timely include the Internet diagnosis and treatment services into the medical insurance payment.

Improve the service capacity of drugstores to ensure the supply and timely delivery of drugs

The municipal medical insurance department is responsible for contacting the communication department and the human resources and social information center to upgrade the Internet bandwidth of 50 designated retail pharmacies for critical (chronic) diseases and improve the network speed. Urge pharmacies to open more service windows, increase staff, equip with corresponding equipment and provide quick services as much as possible. Formulate standard operation procedures of drugstores, carry out network training, and improve the operation skills of drugstore staff.

The market supervision department urges drugstores to strengthen drug procurement and ensure adequate drug supply. The logistics management department urges the express company to deliver the drugs purchased online to the community in time, and the community organizes the patients to sign for them.

Strengthen the supervision and management of drugstores and strengthen the publicity of drug purchase

The municipal and district medical insurance departments and the market supervision departments shall strengthen the supervision and inspection of the business situation of 50 designated retail pharmacies for outpatient treatment of serious (chronic) diseases, and the market supervision departments shall strictly investigate and deal with those pharmacies whose work is not implemented, whose service is not in place, and whose complaints and reports are many. The medical insurance departments shall manage according to the agreement, and cancel the qualification of designated retail pharmacies for outpatient treatment of serious (chronic) diseases , which will be supplemented by other designated retail pharmacies of medical insurance in the district.

All districts should carry out various forms of extensive publicity to let the general public know the channels and ways of drug purchase.

A woman in Wuhan was sent to ICU for online purchase and overdose of prescription drugs without infection

A novel coronavirus pneumonia was not purchased by a woman in Wuhan, but she was overbought with new crown pneumonia. She had symptoms of mental disorder and arrhythmia. She was sent to ICU.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia committee member of Wuhan Municipal Committee has been leading the work to support the new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention work.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia, which is a member of the CPC Central Committee, has been invited to support donations for the prevention and control of new crown pneumonia.