A male nurse in Shandong Province who cares for critically ill patients

 A male nurse in Shandong Province who cares for critically ill patients

After working in the ICU for nearly a month, Quan Jing and his colleagues, the first group of medical team members from Shandong Province to support Hubei Province, were able to take a rest on February 24.

This time off is tentatively set for six days. We will continue to take over the patients of the second team (the second group of Shandong medical aid team) and change to the second team for rest. Quan Jing told surging news on the 26th that the place they supported was the Dabie Mountain medical center in Huanggang City, Hubei Province, known as Xiaotangshan mountain. Here he spent his 24th birthday, which was also the most unforgettable birthday in his life.

On the birthday of the 11 bed uncle, the head nurse prepared a small cake for him I stared at the cake and felt a little bit disappointed. I thought the team didnt know my birthday. Quan Jing said that in the evening, when he returned from work to the hotel, head nurse Ding min and head nurse Zha Zihui unexpectedly brought cakes with all members of the group to celebrate his birthday. Afterwards, I learned that the long-lived noodles with Shandong flavor that I had eaten at noon were made by the head nurse himself; the cakes in the evening were also made by the head nurse contacting volunteers through the hotel, which made me very touched.

Quan Jing, a male nurse, wrote in a diary on February 14, we are the most ordinary medical workers and the most ordinary Chinese. The tradition that one side has difficulty in supporting others has been deeply embedded in our genes. Ask yourself, if I dont come, Ill regret it all my life.

Working continuously for nearly a month, having the most unforgettable birthday in my life

On January 25, Quan Jing, a nurse in the Department of critical medicine of Weihai Municipal Hospital in Shandong Province, followed the first medical team of Shandong Province to visit the Dabie Mountain medical center in Huanggang, Hubei Province. At 11:00 p.m. on the 28th, ICU of medical center began to receive severe patients, and the transferred patients soon occupied the beds.

According to the wechat official account healthy Shandong issued by Shandong health and Health Commission on January 29, the medical center first opened two isolated disease areas with a total of 100 beds, 12 of which were used for intensive care. The first batch of medical teams in Shandong Province assisted 75 people, 30 doctors and 45 nurses in the general treatment group of Hubei medical team, and 60 people, 12 doctors and 48 nurses in the severe treatment group.

He is responsible for novel coronavirus pneumonia. It was difficult at first because the temperature in the ward was low. Quanjing said that in order to avoid cross infection, the hospitals central air conditioning could not be turned on, and later put the little sun for heating, but in order to protect the protective clothing, they did not dare to get too close. In addition, because of breathing and other reasons, there will be condensation in the goggles soon, resulting in blurred vision.

He mentioned that her colleague, Jin Ling, had difficulty in puncturing the patient because of the water mist in her goggles. She couldnt guarantee that she could see the blood on the spot. She had blisters on her mouth, and she had to wear a mask to cover her face tightly every day. Qu Tao, a colleague in the same area, said that every time she took off her mask after work, the scab that had just grown on her mouth would be torn off. The wound was bloody and painful.

We have a shift of 4 hours, and the shift will rotate every day. Quan Jing said that he had worked in ICU for four years, and his mood was relatively stable during the support period. At first, he had some difficulties, and then he slowly adapted to the pace of work.

When he was busy, there were also people and things that impressed him in the ward.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was one of the 4 new nurses who were on duty in the morning from 8 a.m. to 8 a.m. At about 5 oclock, he was holding the treatment plate to draw blood for uncle. Uncle apologized and said that his blood vessels were hard to find. Especially you wear such thick gloves, which are not easy to tie. Quan Jing was also a little uneasy, but fortunately, he passed the technical level and didnt let uncle suffer twice. Youre the first one-off success in these days. Uncle praised Quan Jing. Quan Jing said that made him a little embarrassed.

February 12 is the birthday of 11 patients in the ward, which happens to be Quan Jings birthday. The head nurse prepared a small cake for the patient, and the medical staff went to the bedside to celebrate for him. The patients uncle was so excited that he bowed his hands and wept. When Quan Jing stared at the cake and was moved, she couldnt help feeling a little disappointed. She felt that the team didnt know that he had a birthday today.

I got off work in the evening, but I didnt expect that head nurse Ding min and head nurse chazihui would come to celebrate my birthday with all the members of the group with cakes. Later, he said, he learned that the Shandong style noodles he ate at noon were made by the head nurse, and the cakes in the evening were also made by people they found through the hotel.

On the same day, he received a little video from his home hospital colleagues and his mothers letter to his official account. There are so many strangers leaving a message to wish me a happy birthday Its the most memorable birthday Ive ever had. He said.

The number of patients decreased, and the first batch of medical teams in Shandong ushered in rest

After the second group of medical teams from Shandong Province came to set up wards, Quan Jing said their pressure was relatively low. Hearing of novel coronavirus pneumonia patients improvement, cure and discharge is also more heartening.

In February 11th, novel coronavirus pneumonia was recorded in his diary. 24 DDH confirmed that the patients were discharged from hospital on the same day. One of them was the first case of new crown pneumonia in Huanggang, and the pregnancy was 8 weeks. Her successful recovery not only brings confidence to the patients, but also inspires the members of their medical team. He said.

Now (February 11), the Dabie Mountain medical center has opened 1000 beds, and all the confirmed patients in Huangzhou District of Huanggang City are treated here. Since the first batch of patients were admitted to our center on January 28, 16 wards have been opened up so far. Although the number of confirmed patients is increasing every day, the number of patients getting better is also increasing every day. I believe it will get better and better! Well, when the patients are well, we can go home. He wrote.

According to the news released on February 16 by the healthy Shandong wechat official, Jia Xinhua, the leader of the first group of medical teams in Shandong Province, said that after nearly 20 days of hard work, the medical situation of Dabie Mountain medical center in Huanggang City, Hubei Province generally tends to be stable, from disorder to order; from the perspective of patients, the number of inpatients is also gradually stable, showing a downward trend, with patients The disease also tends to improve.

On the night of the 23rd, we were informed to transfer the patient to the second team the next day, and we went to train. everyone is very happy, said Quan Jing, because we can finally have a concentrated rest after working so long. On the last day of leaving the medical center, they helped transfer existing patients who would continue to receive treatment in other areas of the medical center.

A total of 142 people from the first medical team in Huanggang City, Hubei Province, came to SANLIFAN hot spring resort, Luotian County, Huanggang City, for a rest on Thursday, receiving high-quality services from the local people. Quan Jing said that the preliminary schedule for this repair is six days. After that, he will go back to take over the patients of the second team and change them for rest. We will definitely take a rest and go back to fight the epidemic. He said.

For more than 30 days, Quanjing will contact with the video at home every day. At first, the family was worried about me, but now they are a little relieved. He said.

I saw in the evening of new years Eve that the group had informed me that they wanted to enlist personnel to go to Wuhan for support, so I immediately reported. Quan says. He didnt mention it to his family at that time. When I received the departure notice on the afternoon of the first day of the new year, my family knew. My parents were stunned and began to pack for me.

He mentioned in his diary that his father, who usually had little communication and some silence, began to care about his life actively when he was in the video. All of a sudden, I found out that dad was old. There are more wrinkles on the face and more white hair on the head... In fact, he said, it was not easy for his father. His mother was sick, his grandmother was old, and the burden of supporting his family was almost all on his own. This is also the reason why Quan Jing chose to apply for the nursing major and took part in the work early at the age of 20. He wanted to help his father to share the burden of supporting his family, so that he would not be so tired.

Quan Jing said that after the outbreak, he would like to go home and eat the food made at home. My mother said that now her neighbors, relatives and friends, even many people from Weihai who have never met before, all know that she has a good son. Shes proud of me. Quan Jing said he was very embarrassed. In fact, I didnt do anything extraordinary. I just did what I should. We are the most ordinary medical workers and the most ordinary Chinese Ask yourself, if I dont come, Ill regret it all my life. He said.