No new novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed in Chongqing: 21 newly discharged cases

 No new novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed in Chongqing: 21 newly discharged cases

Among the newly cured cases, 3 were in Wanzhou District, 1 in Fuling District, 2 in Jiangbei District, 2 in Jiulongpo District, 2 in Yubei District, 1 in Qijiang District, 1 in Bishan District, 3 in Tongliang District, 1 in Tongnan District, 1 in Rongchang District, 1 in Fengdu County, 1 in Yunyang County, 1 in Youyang County and 1 in Liangjiang New District.

As of 24:00 on February 28, there are 148 confirmed cases in Chongqing (including 8 severe cases and 4 critical cases), 6 dead cases, 422 discharged cases and 576 confirmed cases. A total of 23517 close contacts have been traced, 22989 have been removed from medical observation, and 528 are undergoing medical observation. The details are as follows:

Experts believe that as of February 28, there are no new confirmed cases in our city for 4 consecutive days, and the number of districts and counties with zero confirmed cases in hospital has increased to 12, with the epidemic situation continuing to improve. However, with the gradual recovery of return to work and transportation, the increase of mobility and density of personnel, and the increase of risk of imported and clustered cases, we must pay attention to all kinds of prevention and control measures, continue to make efforts in precise prevention and control and effective prevention and control, effectively consolidate the prevention and control effect, and prevent the outbreak from rebounding.

Chongqing Municipal Commission of health and Health pointed out that all departments should further implement the prevention and control measures in different areas and levels, firmly grasp the two links of external input prevention and internal proliferation prevention, pay more attention to the classification and precise implementation of policies, and cut off the source of infection as much as possible. It is necessary to strengthen the entrance control of districts and counties, towns, expressways, national and provincial roads, county and township roads at the junction of Chongqing and key areas, and do a good job in the screening and inspection of people entering Chongqing by plane, train, etc. We need to consolidate territorial responsibility, implement stricter management measures, strengthen the protection measures for key places such as enterprises and dormitories where migrant workers are concentrated, special places such as pension, relief, childrens welfare, mental health and medical institutions and key groups, and strictly prevent the occurrence of clustered epidemic.

Shanxi confirmed cases have been cleared for 4 consecutive days, and new suspected cases have also been cleared

No novel coronavirus pneumonia was confirmed in Shanxi province from 0 to 24 February 28, 2020, and 133 cases were confirmed. 5 cases were cured and discharged, and 112 cases were cured and discharged.

30 players in total! The 18th batch of Chongqing medical team supporting Hubei medical team set out for Xiaogan

According to the unified arrangement of the national health and Health Commission, at 2:00 p.m. on February 28, all the members of the 18th batch of Chongqing medical support team gathered in the north square of Chongqing north railway station, and set off in full!