Problem masks attracted attention. At least 22 cases of fraud involving masks were concluded

 Problem masks attracted attention. At least 22 cases of fraud involving masks were concluded

The State Council should novel coronavirus infection joint prevention joint control mechanism held in February 26th at a press conference, the Ministry of public security responsible person said, at present, the national cracked sales of fake and shoddy masks and other protective materials cases reached 688, seized more than 1560 suspects, and seized more than 3100 fake and shoddy masks.

According to the surging news, in the hundreds of cases of fake and shoddy masks publicly reported by law enforcement agencies in more than 30 provinces since the outbreak, quite a part of them mentioned the sales channels of fake masks - wechat, friend circle and wechat business.

Previously, the food and Drug Investigation Bureau of the Ministry of public security, after arresting a group of illegal persons who sell fake masks in the friend circle, sent an urgent reminder: drugstores, Jingdong, Taobao and so on are basically out of stock, but there are more and more goods in the friend circle. The problem masks of wechat sources of goods are worthy of attention.

Since the surging news combed the epidemic situation, 59 criminal cases involving the epidemic situation have been concluded and found, 22 cases involving mask fraud, 21 of which mentioned that criminals committed crimes through wechat.

A large number of fake masks have been found in the market

Surging news noted that behind the seizure of more than 31 million fake masks, it was the active action of police all over the country. For example, on February 4, Changsha police investigated and dealt with 1.97 million cases of fake piaoan masks entering Hunan market.

In Changyuan, Henan Province, where the headquarters of piaoan brand mask company is located, local police arrested seven people who made and sold fake and inferior medical masks on February 4, and announced another seven people who made and sold fake and inferior medical masks according to law on February 27.

According to the public information, Changyuan, Henan Province, known as the capital of medical consumables in China, has 79 medical equipment enterprises and more than 2000 operating enterprises, and is an important supply place for war epidemic materials.

During the outbreak, local authorities also strengthened their crackdown on counterfeiting. According to the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control conference in Henan Province, as of February 20th, Henan Province seized 2 million 224 thousand and 400 counterfeit masks, fined 4 million 415 thousand yuan and transferred 66 cases to public security organs.

So, by what way, and to whom?

According to the surging news, in a case that Shanghai railway transportation procuratorate intervened in advance, since January 22, 2020, the suspect Jin Mou purchased 50000 fake floating safety masks from Zhou Mou on wechat.

On January 30, the Public Security Bureau of Changyuan City, Henan Province reported that netizens reported that wechat nicknamed stop at the bottom of the pavilion had released pictures and videos of piaoan disposable medical mask in a wechat group of more than 300 people, and said that the cost of 350 yuan per box was sold to 8500 yuan. The police immediately joined hands with the market supervision and Administration Bureau to take action. That night, Cheng 1 and Cheng 2, the violators, were about to be arrested, and 7 sets of mask production machines, more than 30000 finished masks and some raw materials were seized on the spot.

On January 26, Luohe Yicheng Market Supervision Bureau released that Hong, the boss of shengyuantang pharmacy, ordered 1500 packages of masks in the wechat group of Central Plains pharmaceutical alliance at a price of 8 yuan / package, and transferred them to the wechat group friends who supplied the products through wechat, and then sold the masks at a price of 15 yuan per package. When the law enforcement authorities investigated and found that all the goods had been sold out, with a total value of 22500 yuan. The market supervision department has found out that the mask has counterfeit features such as pre marking.

On February 11, a case released by Pingdingshan Market Supervision Bureau showed that some people, without any license, sold various masks without legal source certificate by 300% price increase through the promotion of friends circle.

On February 1, Xinxiang market supervision bureau investigated and dealt with two cases, among which a netizen bought fake masks through wechat business with a total price of more than 240000 yuan, and law enforcement officers seized 155000 fake masks.

Surging news according to incomplete statistics of public information, in the month from January 25 to February 26, public security, municipal supervision departments and consumer associations in many places in Henan Province reported relevant cases and issued consumption reminders through wechat official account. Among them, there were more than ten cases of selling fake masks through wechat group, friend circle and wechat business. In one case, some people sold and promoted fake masks on e-commerce network.

On January 31, the food and Drug Investigation Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security issued an urgent reminder via wechat official account: the police arrested a group of friends circle illegal persons selling fake masks. These cases also present a strange phenomenon: drugstores, Jingdong, Taobao and so on are basically out of stock, but there are more and more goods in the circle of friends.

Henan has issued consumption warning for many times

Surging news noted that in the past month, in addition to the above consumption reminders issued by the food and Drug Investigation Bureau of the Ministry of public security, various aspects of Henan Province have repeatedly warned against the consumption risks of wechat businesses and friend circles.

On February 17, the market supervision bureau of Anyang City, Henan Province issued wechat group, how should friends circle complain about buying fake and shoddy masks?? How to distinguish? u300bRecently, some netizens have reported to us that wechat group and friends circle have a lot of mask sellers who say they are in stock, the price is expensive and the quantity of masks can be sold from scratch, Yiwen said. Try not to buy medical masks and other epidemic protection articles on wechat, QQ and other social platforms without business qualification or unable to provide business subject information.

On February 19, Henan Provincial Consumer Association reminded: wechat and other personal transactions belong to private transactions. Once consumer disputes occur, consumer rights and interests are difficult to be protected. Consumers should never trust the advertisements of the Internet, wechat group and friends circle to avoid falling into the consumption trap.

On February 21, Nanyang market supervision and Administration Bureau of Henan Province also issued online shopping consumption warning to guard against wechat business becomes dangerous. At present, wechat, friends circle, QQ group shopping and other new trading methods have brought convenience to some consumers. However, due to the imperfect regulatory system and means, plus the business of friends circle belongs to private transactions, the rights and interests of consumers are not guaranteed, and there is a big hidden danger.

Three days later, Zhengzhou Consumer Association of Henan Province reminded, when purchasing protective products such as masks online, you should choose a high credit online trading platform to trade, try to avoid wechat group chat, wechat circle of friends and other personal trading behaviors, before buying, you can learn how to identify masks through the mass media to avoid being cheated.

22 cases of fraud involving masks have been announced

What is worse than selling fake masks is to practice fraud in the name of selling masks.

On February 12, the Public Security Department of Hunan Province reported that as of February 18, more than 7 million fake masks had been seized and handed over by the public security organs of Hunan Province. In the four typical cases released at the same time, two are the suspects who pretended to sell masks in the wechat circle of friends, so as to easily cheat more than one million yuan.

For example, in the case of epidemic related telecommunication fraud solved by Ningxiang police in Changsha, Yu Yu, the victim, learned through wechat friend circle on February 8 that someone could sell a large number of medical masks and electronic thermometers, and paid the other party RMB 1.02 million twice on February 11 and 12. The suspect was brought to justice on February 16 and confessed that he had defrauded a total of 12 victims.

On February 27, surging News reported that in a case of mask fraud with a single value of more than 2 million yuan uncovered by Shenzhen police, Ms. Wu, the victim, saw that the suspect Huang said he had a channel to buy masks through wechat group, so she transferred 3.1 million yuan to Huang. Huang returned 1.08 million yuan after the shipment failed, and the remaining 2 million yuan was lost by Huangs online gambling.

At present, judicial organs across the country are cracking down on all kinds of mask fraud cases.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia reported that the first case of the new epidemic of pneumonia in Jiangsu was sentenced in the Gangzha District Court of Nantong, Jiangsu, after 45 minutes of remote video trial. Zhang, who used wechat and QQ to issue false information about the sale of masks, was sentenced to one year and six months in prison and a fine of 10000 yuan.

On February 20, the first fraud case of false sales of masks during the epidemic prevention and control in Hunan Province was pronounced in court. Defendant Ouyang Kangping lied tiktok that he had sold the mask, and then added the victim WeChat to fraud. Cao, the victim, was sentenced to four years and six months in prison and a fine of 10000 yuan.

On the afternoon of February 23, in a fraud case of false sales of masks heard by Longhua District Court of Haikou City, Hainan Province, Xia Mou, the defendant, together with Chen Mou, added 15 people who intended to buy masks through wechat, defrauding 9245 yuan. According to law, the court sentenced the defendant Xia to 11 months imprisonment and a fine of 6000 yuan.

In addition, Hainan, Zhejiang, Jilin, Guangdong, Henan, Shandong, Yunnan, Anhui, Jiangxi, Guangxi and other places also disclosed their first criminal cases involving epidemic situation, all of which were mask fraud cases.

Surging news found that as of February 27, courts across the country have concluded at least 59 cases involving epidemic situation, 22 cases involving mask fraud. These epidemic prevention materials are all masks. Of the 22 cases, 21 mentioned that the way of fraud was through adding wechat friends, wechat groups, wechat friends circle and other ways.