Wuhan compulsory drug delivery people are reported to earn difference media: dont make good people too hard to do

 Wuhan compulsory drug delivery people are reported to earn difference media: dont make good people too hard to do

Wuhan compulsory drug delivery people are reported to earn the difference, a report in the Beijing News, has attracted attention recently.

According to reports, Wu you, a middle school teacher, rode a battery car to deliver medicine to online helpers for more than a month after the closure of Wuhan. According to him, even huaqingwen, masks and other materials are sent free of charge, while slightly expensive drugs such as oseltamivir are charged a fee lower than the market price, and the proceeds from the sale will be returned to the donor to support the continued purchase of drugs. Up to now, Wu you and his friends have sent medicines and protective materials to more than 600 people for help. Recently, however, he was reported for illegal drug sales and profits, and was investigated by the public security organs.

After Wu Yous experience was reported, netizens felt sorry for him.

In fact, since the outbreak of the epidemic, there have been many volunteers and ferries like Wu you, who have traveled in the streets and lanes of Wuhan to send food, medicine and other urgently needed materials to people who live in closed houses. Unlike regular volunteers, they are more like Rangers. They work with a passion. Accordingly, there are not many rules and regulations.

Objectively speaking, Wu you did not have a doctors qualification certificate, and some of the drugs he sent were prescription drugs, which really has room for discussion. However, as Wu you said, he only distributes according to the needs of the other party and does not recommend drugs. In terms of publicizing the details of donated materials and drug invoices, there is room for improvement. However, he does not belong to any department or organization, so he is a little picky for his excessive requirements.

At present, the epidemic situation in Wuhan is still stuck. For those who need to buy medicine, the difficulty can be imagined. Wu Yous initiative to deliver medicine is very valuable. Moreover, many drug buyers are infected. In fact, Wu you has taken a great risk of infection, which can be described as giving money and effort. We dont know what reasons the informant has, but this will undoubtedly chill the hearts of good people. The purest kindness of an ordinary person should not bear the speculation and criticism from evil. Fortunately, the investigation by the public security organs has been cleared.

In reality, it is not uncommon for volunteers to be misunderstood or injured by mistake. We are not against supervision and questioning, but we should understand the truth as much as possible and be responsible for our reporting behavior.

Dont be complacent about what youre doing and dont mock people who are braver and more passionate than you are, Mandela said The merciless virus let us see the power of the society to keep watch and help each other. Only by respecting and protecting these kind and brave people can they not lose the courage to do good.

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