Ministry of Finance: guide institutions to increase 300 billion low interest loans to support individual businesses

 Ministry of Finance: guide institutions to increase 300 billion low interest loans to support individual businesses

Gsjz [2020] No. 38

The peoples governments of all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government, and the Xinjiang production and Construction Corps:

Individual businesses play an important role in the prosperity of market economy, the expansion of social employment, the convenience of peoples life, and the maintenance of social harmony and stability. The novel coronavirus pneumonia is the key directive spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping to coordinate and promote the prevention and control of new crown pneumonia and economic and social development. In accordance with the decision made by the Central Committee and the State Council to help individual businesses to cope with the impact of the epidemic, and resume work as soon as possible, and to stabilize employment expansion, the State Council has agreed with the following suggestions:

1u3001 Help individual businesses to return to work as soon as possible

uff081uff09 Promote the resumption of work and production in a classified and orderly manner. All localities should strictly implement the requirements of return to work in different areas and levels, and promote the return to work of individual industrial and commercial households in an orderly manner in different forms. For the individual industrial and commercial households involved in the industries of mass basic living guarantee, such as wholesale and retail, catering, residential service, transportation, etc., the prohibition on resumption of work and production shall be lifted in an orderly manner in combination with the local epidemic prevention and control practice. The time for returning to work and production shall be determined in combination with the actual situation in the industries of culture, entertainment, education and training involving personnel gathering. The self-employed industrial and commercial households that meet the requirements for resumption of work and production in all localities can carry out business activities in accordance with laws and regulations without approval.

uff082uff09 Guarantee the demand of labor and logistics. The novel coronavirus guidelines for revaccination and rehabilitation of enterprises and institutions issued by the State Council should be implemented conscientiously in response to the new joint anti epidemic joint control mechanism of new coronavirus. Measures should be taken to improve the flexible employment policy as soon as possible, promote the return to work as soon as possible in industries such as express delivery, stabilize the terminal outlets of express delivery, and ensure the smooth flow of logistics. We should give full play to the role of e-commerce platform enterprises, and provide supply and demand docking information resources services for online and offline individual businesses, especially fresh food operators.

2u3001 Reduce the operating cost of individual businesses

uff084uff09 Social security expenses are exempted. If the individual industrial and commercial households with employees participate in the endowment insurance, unemployment insurance and work-related injury insurance of enterprise employees in the form of units, they shall enjoy the unit payment reduction and postponement policies by referring to the enterprise measures in the notice of the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation of the Ministry of human resources and social security on the phased reduction and exemption of enterprise social insurance premiums (HR and social security [2020] No. 11). If the individual industrial and commercial households voluntarily participate in the basic endowment insurance for enterprise employees or the endowment insurance for residents in their personal status, they can independently choose the payment base (grade) and payment time within the year according to the regulations. For the individual industrial and commercial households affected by the epidemic that are unable to go through the insurance registration on time, they are allowed to go through the registration after the epidemic, without affecting the treatment of the insured.

uff085uff09 Implement tax deduction. While continuing to implement the policy of exemption from value-added tax on the income from public transport services, life services and the express delivery of necessary living materials for residents, from March 1 to May 31, 2020, small-scale taxpayers (including individual businesses and small and micro enterprises, the same below) of value-added tax in Hubei Province will be exempted from value-added tax, and the collection rate of small-scale taxpayers in other regions will be reduced from 3% to 1%. For large commercial buildings, shopping malls, markets, industrial parks and other lessors that provide rent relief for individual businesses during the epidemic period, if it is really difficult to pay the real estate tax and urban land use tax in that year, they can apply for the relief. Institutions affiliated to government organs, product quality inspection and testing institutions and certification and accreditation institutions with the nature of state-owned enterprises as legal persons shall reduce and remit the relevant inspection and testing and certification and accreditation fees during the epidemic period of individual businesses.

uff086uff09 Rent reduction for individual businesses. For the individual industrial and commercial households that rent the house assets of the administrative institutions, the business parks established by the government, the incubation parks, the commodity trading markets, the business bases and the business houses rented by the state-owned enterprises, local governments are encouraged to reduce the rent according to the actual situation. In case of renting other business houses or stalls, local governments may, in combination with the actual situation, issue relevant preferential, incentive and subsidy policies to encourage owners to reduce rents for tenants.

3u3001 Facilitate individual businesses to enter the market

uff087uff09 Provide convenient and efficient services for individual businesses. We will comprehensively promote online registration services for individual businesses throughout the process and simplify the registration process. For individual businesses engaged in catering, retail and other industries, it is necessary to do a good job in the connection between business license registration and approval, and help operators to carry out business activities as soon as possible. Individual businesses may extend the annual report until the end of 2020.

uff088uff09 Further release the business site resources. All localities should take into account the needs of urban and rural comprehensive management and the practical needs of individual businesses to start their own businesses, establish and improve the management system of negative list of business places of individual businesses as soon as possible, and timely publish the list of places prohibited from registration and operation and the list of restrictive conditions.

uff089uff09 The self-employed are exempted from registration according to law. For the self-employed persons who sell agricultural and sideline products, daily necessities or who use their own skills to engage in labor service activities for the convenience of the people without permission according to law, especially the retail self-employed persons who are engaged in the basic livelihood guarantee of the people during the epidemic, all localities shall further expand the places and time of their activities and exempt from registration according to law.

4u3001 Increase the service to individual businesses

uff0810uff09 Guarantee the electrical supply of individual businesses. In the first half of 2020, for the individual businesses affected by the epidemic who are unable to pay the full amount of electricity and gas, the measures of non-stop supply of arrears will be implemented. The price of electricity and gas for individual industrial and commercial households in trade circulation, catering and food, tourism and accommodation, transportation and other industries shall be implemented in accordance with the phased policy of reducing the cost of electricity and gas issued by relevant departments.

uff0811uff09 Give full play to the role of associations such as the Federation of industry and Commerce and the association of individual workers. We will give full play to the role of the Federation of industry and commerce, the association of individual workers and other organizations as bridges and ties, and provide services and solve problems for individual businesses through measures such as rights protection, publicity and education, training and learning, economic and trade exchanges, difficult assistance, and public welfare activities.

(twelve) encourage Internet platforms to play a role. Encourage Internet platforms to relax the entry conditions for individual businesses, reduce platform service fees and support online business. Help individual businesses to use mobile payment, application software and other services to expand new operation modes. Give full play to the advantage of credit information of platform institutions, cooperate with internet banks and small and medium-sized banks, help individual industrial and commercial households expand financing channels, and provide regular interest free or low interest loans. Local governments can provide financial support to e-commerce platform enterprises with good assistance effect.

February 28, 2020

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