Security guard against Yao Ming: I know Yao Ming, but he didnt meet the requirements at that time

 Security guard against Yao Ming: I know Yao Ming, but he didnt meet the requirements at that time

On the morning of the 28th, a reporter from Beiqing daily found Master Wang, the strongest security guard on the ground. Unlike the Internet, Master Wang is not on duty in a residential area, but in a creative park in Dongcheng District of Beijing. He told Beiqing news that the shooting in the video happened on the 26th, Yao Ming has come to us several times. Of course, I already know him. Mr. Wang recalled that the video should have been shot and posted online by other people who were passing by at that time.

Master Wang said that after the outbreak of the epidemic, the park has also formulated relevant regulations. To enter the park, you need to have corresponding certificates. If outsiders want to enter the park, you need someone in the park to pick them up. The message he sent me that day was a foreign language. I couldnt understand it, so I reported it to the leader. Although I knew Yao Ming, he didnt meet the requirements at that time, so I didnt let him in. After all, I cant confirm whether a person is infected or not. Just go as required. If its in line with the regulations, Ill let him in.

Mr. Wang introduced that he has worked in this creative park for several years. Recently, he starts to work at 7 a.m. every day and changes shifts with others at 6 p.m. During the communication with Beiqing daily, Master Wang checked the identity of the staff entering the park several times, measured their temperature, and helped the nearby residents to find the parcels stored in the park. He told Beiqing news that there are many contents of security work, like the first time you come here, you need to verify your identity and register well. Those who do not conform to the regulations cannot be put in.

The reporter of Beiqing daily noted that after the outbreak, Yao Ming had many moves for epidemic prevention. Previously, he appeared in the video released by the official microblog of CBA League, on behalf of China Basketball Association and CBA League, to pay the highest tribute to the national medical staff. Later, Yao Ming put on masks in the video, encouraging the audience to wear masks, wash hands frequently, and reduce unnecessary going out and parties. As long as we are united and confident, we can kill the virus. Yao said in the video