Australian media: Sun Yang is controversial and moody. Horton still stands

 Australian media: Sun Yang is controversial and moody. Horton still stands

The Australian media also mentioned the contest between Sun Yang and Horton. On the surface, they are not very rivals. Horton was only 20 years old when he was in Rio Olympics. Before that, he was a student with gentle demeanor and glasses. He is expected to become Australias next freestyle hero. Sun Yang is the controversial and moody champion of China. Maybe he feels the threat of Horton, maybe he thinks that the inexperienced Horton is mentally fragile. During Rio training, he splashed Horton with water, hoping to make Horton panic on the big stage in this way.

Houghton denounced Sun Yang as a drug swindler, and finally beat him in the final, which foreshadowed their hatred in the next few days, weeks and even years. Horton was furious because Sun Yang was positive in drug tests. Sun Yang explained that he wanted to treat heart disease. Sun Yang was not banned for two years, but for three months. In Hortons view, his accusations are the result of years of skepticism about Sun Yang, and his wayward behavior inside and outside the pool is unpleasant.

Australian media also wrote: there is growing anger among athletes over the fina, which has long been accused of being a bloated bureaucracy and taking special care of Sun Yang. In the past few years, suns fans have attacked Houghton on social media, and they have also made merciless mockery. Last year, Houghton used action to express his views at the world championships in Guangzhou.

As for Hortons refusal to join Sun Yang on the podium at the world championships, Australian media said: Horton refuses to share a podium with Sun Yang. Some people think its sour grapes that cant be eaten, but most of the athletes applaud for Horton. When he returns to the athletes village, he is welcomed. However, the war against Horton has been fully launched again, and Hortons home in Melbourne has been damaged, which may also result in the loss of sponsors.

Sun Yangs legal team has been preparing for the hearing. Now that everything is over, Sun Yangs career has been fragmented. And Horton can go on to Tokyo, if the Olympic Games can be held, if he succeeds in defending the 400m champion, he will become one of Australias greatest swimmers By contrast, Sun Yang is now a semi tragic figure. Regardless of the final ruling, he is regarded as a sports martyr in China. As a leader in promoting clean sports, Horton will never be forgotten, Australian media said