Tell your child: an unselectable partner

 Tell your child: an unselectable partner

The biggest mistake you can make, the most important decision in your life, is to marry someone. Only in choosing a future partner, if you really choose the wrong one, you will lose a lot, and the loss is not only money.

Your partner, to a large extent, determines your situation and fortune for the rest of your life.

When choosing a life partner, be sure to polish your eyes, carefully screen and be careful of the following people!


Too greedy

There was a hot topic on Weibo, asking everyone why to marry that person.

Most people answer, because he is good to me.

In fact, the right choice of a partner depends not only on his attitude towards you, but also on his own quality.

A long and happy marriage must be the agreement of the three views and the quality of the two sides.

A person with good quality is worth trusting and relying on.

I have read such a fable:

There was a farmer who decided to go down the mountain to cut firewood and sell it for food.

Who knows when cutting firewood, the axe fell into the river by accident.

The farmer was very sad. His family couldnt open the pot. Unexpectedly, he didnt get the firewood and lost the tools to cut it.

When the river God heard the farmers cry, he asked him, Why are you so sad?

Lord Heshen, can you help me find it? This is the only working tool in the family. I really dont know how to live without it!

The God of the river was moved by the farmer, so he returned to the river. After a while, the God of the river brought three axes.

One is the farmers, the other two are the gold axe and the silver axe.

And tell the farmer:

The farmer quickly knelt down to thank him and went home happily with the axe.

So the farmer began to enjoy the life of profligacy, and his wife would not listen to persuasion. In a few years, I lost all my savings.

At this time, the farmers wife was seriously ill and in urgent need of money. The farmer was in a hurry, but he couldnt get the money to cure his wife.

The farmer cried for the God of the river.

The river god said, remember the advice I gave you? Originally, I calculated that there was a disaster when you hit, so I gave you two axes for a rainy day. I didnt expect you to forget so soon. People who are too greedy have no good end. I cant help you.

Finally, the farmers wife died, and the farmer turned back to nothing, regretting it.

Some people are always greedy and dont belong to their own property, but they dont know that money is earned on their own feet. All the opportunism is only a temporary satisfaction, and finally they find that its just a dream.

Dont greedy too much, dont desire too strong, keep the inner peace, down-to-earth is the most trustworthy!

Too frugal

As the old saying goes: one porridge, one meal, when thinking hard won, a trace of a wisp, constant thinking of material difficulties..

Thrift is a traditional virtue in China, which is worth carrying forward, but excessive thrift is a bad habit, which should be abandoned.

Think of the story she shared with her ex boyfriend backstage.

The chestnut family is rich and stable, and she is an independent woman. She never asks for anything valuable from her boyfriend, but she pays more attention to the sense of ceremony.

In Chestnuts view, a proper sense of ceremony can warm their feelings.

So whether its Valentines day, boyfriends birthday, or daily needs, chestnuts always prepare practical and thoughtful gifts for boyfriend.

But what about Chestnuts boyfriend?

In the first year of Valentines day, her boyfriend sent a love letter to her, saying that she wanted to find her first love;

The next year, on Chestnuts birthday, her boyfriend sent her a painting of her own, saying that she would draw the most beautiful chestnut;

On her birthday this year, her boyfriend said he would take her to the sunrise and bring her the most beautiful scenery.

Your boyfriend is such a romantic Iron Rooster, she said

Some time ago, chestnuts and her boyfriend went to the crazy mall and fell in love with a pair of 500 yuan shoes.

Her boyfriend wanted to pay for her for the first time, but when he saw the price, he said the chestnut was the black sheep on the spot and asked the chestnut to return the shoes.

Chestnut and salesperson four eyes are opposite, very embarrassed.

Usually two people live together, basically every month is the water and electricity fee paid by chestnut, boyfriend also said in three days and two ends:

The cost of living is too expensive. You need to save money; the air conditioner doesnt need to be turned on at all; the toilet paper can be pulled one page at a time; the shampoo can squeeze a pound...

As you can imagine, this relationship is bound to move towards separation.

Too frugal a man cant do great things, let alone love you.

Proper frugality is a virtue, but too much frugality often backfires.

A good emotional life is not just frugality, but the joint efforts of two people to work out their own good life.


Too much sacrifice

The one with the highest praise replied: on the contrary, both sides will suffer. Because you have to learn to love yourself before you can love others.

Feng Xiaogang, a famous director, talked about his interesting relationship with his wife Xu Fan on the program.

Xu Fan always likes to give him food, he replied that he would not eat, or clip, once he could not help, accusing Xu Fan of obsessive-compulsive disorder.

After listening to Xu Fan, he got angry and said, you dont know what to do!

I believe that many women have similar misconceptions: when they pay more for the family and the man, and sacrifice more for themselves, they will get more love from each other

But the people who sacrifice excessively, in the end, only moved themselves.

We often hear things like this:

For you, I have been a housewife since I graduated from university. I do housework for you, take care of my children, and have no life of my own. I have paid so much for you. How can you do this to me... I work overtime so late every day to support my family. You use the street to buy things every day. You dont understand my pressure at all. When you come back, you still have to listen to your nagging. Am I not tired? In order to marry you, I left my family and friends and got married far away. Is it right for you to do so?

Too many complaints, too many contradictions in the feelings are all from the feeling that they have sacrificed too much.

It can be seen that excessive sacrifice is the edge of feelings. It will not only hurt yourself, but also your other half.

The real feeling should be to love yourself seven times and each other three times.

Your happiness is in your own hands. Please extend the feeler of seeking love to your own world.

from now on,

Dont be unkempt to do housework, learn to maintain yourself;

Do not listen only to your husband, but have your own opinions;

Dont just make money around your family. Start socializing today;

Stop trying to please others and learn to please yourself.

No one is more important than yourself. Love yourself a little more and hurt yourself a little more.