Settle down exposes come on film flower Sun Li Luo Jin interprets the spirit of struggle

 Settle down exposes come on film flower Sun Li Luo Jin interprets the spirit of struggle

Netease Entertainment reported on February 28 that the realistic urban drama An Jia CO produced by Yaoke media, Penguin film and television, orange image, written by Liu Liu, directed by an Jian, starred by Sun Li and Luo Jin, starred by Zhang Meng, Haiqing, Wang Zijian, sun Jiayu, Tian Lei, Yang Haoyu, Zhang Xiaoqian, Wang Yizhe, etc., is on the air.

Today, the film exposed the refueling preview. While showing the audience the wonderful points of the follow-up plot, it also conveyed to the audience that at the critical moment, we still need to work together, be positive and optimistic, and stick to the spirit of the core. Since the launch of settling in, the topic and audience rating have been on the rise. Last night, the ratings of csm59 City Oriental satellite TV and Beijing Satellite TV were both over 2, with a total of over 750 million on the Internet and over 100 million on a single day. At the same time, the popularity of online topics continued to rise, with 43 times of hot search in six days. After the TV drama name anjia was on the hot search list, the relevant topics of the plot also successively went on the hot search list.

Focus on small people, strive for daily life, carry forward the positive energy of pursuing dreams in the era

Today, the film exposed the refueling trailer, which opened in the night scene of Shanghai. It is full of realism. It shows the real life of real estate agents represented by Fang Sijin (Sun Li), Xu Wenchang (Luo Jin), etc. to the audience: in the face of wind and sun, day and night, customer complaints, sudden suspension, industry cold winter and other workplace difficulties; At the same time, the trailer also exposed new episodes of the plot, which aroused the strong expectation of the audience for the follow-up plot development. Fang Sijin (Sun Li) is suspended from his post, Lou SHANGUAN (Tian Lei) is faced with the strange appeal of letting customers send him to move in the middle of the night, and Lao Youtiao (Yang Haoyu) is also faced with the painful problem of childrens illness.... the preview presents a realistic and skeletal picture of Shanghais small characters with a compact rhythm and delicate plot for the audience.

The trailer focuses on the daily life of small people living in big cities, and restores the real problems of high resonance of the contemporary Beipiao and hupiao families, such as rent sharing, overtime, family conflicts, etc., so that the audience can find their own shadow and give the audience a strong sense of resonance. And through the delicate and landing strokes and the exquisite performance of the actors, we can show that the employees in the world of settling down face the dilemma, still adhere to the professional faith of I can eat anything bitter, but I cant do it without paying, hold the fighting spirit of even if I fall a hundred times, I have to stand up one hundred times, and share the determination of working together in the same boat, not abandoning, not giving up.

High energy plots emerge in endlessly, reflecting all kinds of social situations

In last nights plot, boss Kai (Guo Tao) betrayed his love affair. Mrs. Kai (Hu Ke) came to ask aunt Xu (Luo Jin) not to accept the order. While netizens were angry about boss Kais betrayal, they also felt sorry for the broken family. #While keeping the hot topic of discussion, the hot topic of setting up a family, such as being angry by Zhang Chengcheng, being angry by Miss Zhang, has also been strongly listed on the hot microblog search list. The audience is angry at Zhang Chengcheng (Zhang Meng) for coming to the shop to make trouble and slander the house, and at the same time they are angry about Miss Zhangs understatement and chatting and cheating. They also feel sorry for Mrs. Chen and the double store manager who are hurt by them. Boss Kais story reflects the problems existing in the division of labor in most of Chinas male dominated, female dominated families. Due to the lack of communication and communication, misunderstanding, estrangement and even mistrust between husband and wife have arisen, which has brought family crisis.

In tonights plot, Fang Sijins presumptuous idea of selling the apartment annoys Mrs. Kan (Hu Ke), and aunt Xu also confesses the reasons behind her refusal to accept the order. Zhang Chengcheng (Zhang Meng), who found out that she was pregnant, also began to work out a new husband snatching plan. Yu Hualong (Zhang Xiaoqian) is about to face a new problem... What is behind aunt Xus refusal to accept the order Why? Can Zhang Chengchengs plan succeed? Can yuhualong successfully win the first single in life?

The TV series settling down is starred by Sun Li and Luo Jin, Zhang Meng, Haiqing, Wang Zijian, sun Jiayu, Tian Lei, Yang Haoyu, Zhang Xiaoqian, Wang Yizhe, etc., and is currently on the air.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor in charge: Du Jiayue (nk6020)