The story of war epidemic: Peng Yuyan and his medical fan sister embrace in the air

 The story of war epidemic: Peng Yuyan and his medical fan sister embrace in the air

Kwai Kwai story is a live broadcast of the war stories. It is composed of the movie channel, the learning power platform, the Hubei Federation of literary and art circles, the Hubei Film Bureau and the fast hand. The 1905 movie network and the Kwai Fu jointly produce the movie broadcast media, the learning power platform, the fast learning and the whole network platform. Lan Yu, the host of the film channel, Zhao Ningyu, the director of the film national medicine and professor of Beijing Film Academy, CO hosted the live broadcast of war epidemic story connecting Wuhan.

After Zhou Xingchi, Jing Tian, Yu Fei, Li Xian and Deng Chao, more films have participated in the live broadcast of the war epidemic story, which pays homage to the post-90s heroes. Chen Sicheng was moved to tears in the connection with a Nian, and Jing Boran also sent her blessings, when you come back from your recovery, spring is warm and flowers are blooming. The screenwriters Jia Dongyan, Wu Yao and other filmmakers have conveyed their thoughts to Wuhan. Fatima SANA Saka, an Indian actress, said that the whole world is connected with the Chinese peoples heart through the connection. In front of the epidemic, no one, no country is an island, and the people of the world need to unite as one and prevent the epidemic scientifically.

As long as someone understands us

Its a good meal today. Lets change things. In a highly interactive vlog, a beautiful girl who seems to never get rid of the smile excitedly displays her lunch. Although he is not a real food blogger, Zhao Kaixuan has also walked out of the triumphal joy in just a few steps from taking a meal to returning to his residence.

Zhao Kaixuan, a nurse of Quzhou peoples Hospital, has been fighting for more than 30 days in the front line of anti epidemic in Wuhan. Facing the live broadcast of the war epidemic story, she reappears the signature smile in vlog during her sabbatical. Our family is usually very happy. She shared her own hidden source of optimism.

The notice is very temporary, only half an hour to consider In order to make the colleagues with family concerns at home, the triumphant single with little concern dialed the leaders phone on the way to work, and actively signed up for this major task with great risk. Before I came here, I had considered the seriousness of the epidemic in Wuhan. At that time, I was determined to die.

In this important decision, Kaixuan only gave preventive injection to her sister who had nothing to say, but didnt share it with her closest parents at the first time. At that time, they lied to them that they wanted to work in the isolation ward of the unit. When the time was too tight, they just took a suitcase and grabbed a few clothes. The live broadcast group of war epidemic story also established a real-time connection between triumph and her father and sister. Its a lie to say dont worry, said triumphant father, who was a little ashamed of exposing his daughters speechless conversation that day, but we are still proud of our daughter.

In addition to her unhappy father who changed from pistachio to crying bag, Peng Chunxian, the department director who held her crying before leaving, let optimistic triumphant crying out of control. The director is usually strict. I didnt expect her to cry like that. After more than 20 days in Wuhan, Kaixuan received a letter from the director. Ive been told repeatedly in the letter not to have a big horse as usual, so now Ill check it many times in my protective clothing.

In another popular video, triumph, armed with protective equipment, holds a patients hand and patiently comforts him who treats negatively. He was about the age of my parents. He had a lot of thoughts. I talked with him for more than an hour. When it comes to this, the optimistic triumphant choked in front of the live camera. He died in the end, hoping those words would make him feel better.

Nearly all day suffocation in the protective clothing of high-intensity work, often make triumphant and colleagues breathless. However, the kindness expressed by some patients inadvertently always inspired her, especially the act of an 80 year old man bowing to her because of her help, which greatly touched triumph. It doesnt matter how hard the job is, how much pressure it is. As long as someone understands us.

These days, her colleagues wrote five words wife Peng Yuyan on her protective clothing, which made Mi Mei triumphant and fire out of the circle. In order to keep a low profile, I have now changed my writing to male god Peng Yuyan. After talking about this topic, he became shy and triumphant, indicating that Peng YuYans image of sunshine and integrity gave him a lot of energy. Peng Yuyan, who was informed of this, also gave warm greetings to triumph through the live broadcast of war epidemic story.

I have to say that your video has given me more power. Inside you are full of love, courage, optimistic you are very lovely Through the connecting image, Peng Yuyan gives triumph a big hug from the perspective of male Peng friends. This hug may not be real, but I hope it can give you a lot of strength. I hope you are all safe. When you come back safely, please watch the movie and give you a real hug.

Triumphal means a beautiful name, making her a recognized mascot in the medical team. At this moment, like Peng Yuyan, everyone is looking forward to the day when the triumphant people, as their name implies, will triumph safely.

The urgency of helping a person can cover up all fears

On the first day of the new year, when we learned that Wuhan was in short supply of masks, Lou Weichen, who was in Zhejiang Province, drove to Wuhan for eight hours without hesitation with 4000 masks that he had bought from his hometown.

The first time I went so far away from home, I wanted to put down my mask and leave, but I was shocked to see the actual situation in Wuhan. In this way, this retrograde 700 Li 95 hind kid started a new career in Wuhan life - volunteers. The first night I slept in my car, and then I found the volunteer organization.

When the live signal of war epidemic story was connected, the small building was shopping in the supermarket in the afternoon. In the small volunteer team, the small building mainly helps the elderly living alone, poor families and families unable to take care of themselves due to isolation. According to the requirements of these special customers, he is very familiar with the supermarkets shelf position and checkout process by purchasing several times a day.

Now many shops are closed, and its very difficult to buy fresh vegetables, said Xiaolou, selecting vegetables that he didnt buy in the morning. The quality of vegetables and fruits sold by this shop is still high, and its very popular.

After purchasing, he started the night shift delivery journey under the live video of war epidemic story. I was contacted by the media at the beginning to send this old man who lived alone, Xiaolou shared this special take out task with the live audience, once there is a first time, it will be easy to help these old people.

Before each delivery, Lou Weichen will attach a love note with vegetables, fruits and medicines according to his routine. In a package of necessities for a girl whose father died, his mother was hospitalized and separated from her brother, he put a bunch of flowers and a sign: dont be afraid to be alone, the whole world is loving you. I hope the next flower you see will be the cherry blossom in Wuhan after you leave hospital.

On the paper for the mother-in-law living alone this time, the most plain words were written in the small building: grandma, you have bought everything you want, and we volunteers have bought it for you. Dont worry, what else do you need to contact us? Looking at the live broadcast, he smiled, talent cant overflow.

When delivering vegetables for the next grandfather living alone, the small building stepped on the front steps of the community door, and the grandfather who could not come out from the inner side intimately instructed the epidemic prevention safety matters. The simple but natural communication moistens the eyes of Lan Yu, the host in the studio. I really want to like you! Blue feather choked with emotion to the small building at the other end of the live broadcast.

The process of helping these old people always reminds Lou Weichen of his grandmother who lives with him. Before this departure, afraid of the old mans worry, he only said that it was the companys expatriate business trip. Its impossible to say that you are not afraid, but the urgency of helping someone can cover up all your fears. Before departure, Xiaolou left all the important passwords to his friends and even wrote his own epitaph. Theres no regret when youve explained everything.

Most of the time, the love materials in the small building are self paid. Hearing this, Huang Xiaomings true hero public welfare project team expressed through the live broadcast group of war epidemic story that they are willing to support and help the good cause of the small building. It should still be used in the matter of (helping) the elderly, the small building made it clear when talking about the purpose of the grant, leaving everything else behind in advance.

The voluntary work of the small building, which does not ask for return, has moved thousands of netizens and also affected the heart of a Zhejiang fellow. I was very touched to hear that on the first day of the new year, you have been retrograde for more than 700 kilometers from Zhejiang Province to deliver masks to Wuhan, and you have been insisting on volunteering in Wuhan to deliver materials to patients and their families. Lin Yun, a filmmaker from Huzhou, Zhejiang Province, who is also a post-95 generation, paid homage to the villagers through a voice link.

You are the benchmark of our post-90s and post-95s. I am very proud of you. Fellow townsman, if there is anything in need of help in the front, please tell me and take care of yourself. Ill see you in Huzhou when you come back! Listening to Lin Yuns blessing, the small building smiled shyly.

Hold on, hold on for a while, Wuhan will be in full bloom soon! In the smile, there is firmness.

When you come back from your recovery, spring will bloom

The last protagonist of the live broadcast of the war epidemic story is in huoshenshan hospital, which has been put into use for nearly a month. Different from other serious patients, the girl with big eyes is a mild patient who has applied for admission on her own initiative.

Im a little tired recently. The biggest problem is that I cant sleep well. I dont sleep much. Wu Shangzhe, a Wuhan girl born in 1993, shares her stay in the huoshenshan hospital ward in the live broadcast of the war epidemic story. What affects her sleep time is the reason why she applied for admission.

In February 12th, Wu Shangzhe novel coronavirus pneumonia appeared four families, suspected of symptoms, and was isolated. Among them, the more seriously ill grandmother was admitted to huoshenshan hospital. In order to take care of grandma, she first applied to transfer to Huoshen mountain after staying in the shelter hospital. Grandma has to give at least six injections a day, often until one or two in the morning, so she has to remind the nurse to seal the needle. in the face of netizens friendly early sleep reminder, she is helpless but a little pleased. Sometimes she really cant sleep, grandma doesnt jump like a month ago, but the family says its much better.

Xiao Wu is better known by netizens as a Nian. After living in huoshenshan hospital, a Nian began to share the seemingly mysterious and even terrible life here on the Internet. With images such as Diary of huoshenshan of Wuhan girl, he drew the distance between netizens and first-line patients and reaped strong repercussions.

During the live broadcast, the lively and cheerful a Nian also made full use of the image to disclose the environment of the burning Shenshan ward for the whole network audience. When its time to eat, our food will be delivered through this opening. After the staff closes the other side, they can open the door and take it out. Theres plenty of food here. We didnt finish the lunch. The patient in the same room accidentally fell down, and a Nian said it was nothing because its good to be able to walk here.

Its easy to say that grandma improves her immunity by sleeping, and I improve her immunity by eating. the witticism of a Nian usually works as a screenwriter in Beijing. Wang Meng, the peoples artist, writer and former Minister of culture who learned about the story of ainian, recorded a special speech dedicated to ainian: you are so filial, brave and optimistic, wish your family a safe and healthy recovery. I believe that you have not only good quality, but also enough wisdom to take good care of your grandmother and yourself. After the epidemic is over, we can also learn from each other in literature and exchange experience in reading and writing. The live broadcast of war epidemic story also connected two teachers of her studio, Jia Dongyan and Wu Yao, as well as director and screenwriter Chen Sicheng who continued to pay close attention to a Nian. The Screenwriters party also opened in an instant.

Ananda, are you very good? Weve delayed your homework this time. As a leader teacher of a Nian, Jia Dongyan also has heartache in his teasing. This time I saw the real ainian. She was not charming to save grandma alone. Not everyone could walk into the mountain of Huoshen by their own will. Looking at the lover in the bed, Wu Yao also said that the mask cant block the beauty of a Nian, and her soul is more beautiful..

Listening to a Nians optimistic state of communication, Chen Sicheng unconsciously shed tears. This epidemic has a great impact on our industry, which is why we need more young screenwriters like you to join in the industry, and we look forward to your recovery as soon as possible, and join in a warmer film career with all of us. In the face of excellent ainian, Chen Sicheng even launched a dig the wall war with two other teachers in the live broadcast.

For the positive record of imperfect life, a Nian gains a lot of fans who love her on the Internet. If you are afraid that the one who loves you is worried, then find me, a stranger, to vent, a Zhejiang netizen said to a Nian. A local police netizen in Wuhan is going to send her the baby rice paste she used for grandmas Internet help, and reminds a Nian dont play with cell phones for too long. Jinan a female netizen more directly with the hometown version of sister, come on for a read encouragement.

As a special netizen, Jing Biran, a filmmaker who has worked with a Nian, also left her paper and voice messages at the same time. Sister ainian, everyone is still paying attention to you. Through voice, Jing shared the lines of the movie Shawshank Redemption with a Nian: hope is the best, and the good things will never die. When you come back from your recovery, spring will come.

These sincere blessings and encouragement from friends from all over the world, who have never met before, make a Nian feel peace and warmth all the time, like a family member accompanying me. She tried to keep sunshine on social media because she didnt want to make everyone worry. She couldnt hold back her tears in the live camera.

She, who has changed her microblog name to a Nian is very lucky in 2020, is still the most beautiful.

Since the start of the epidemic prevention and control war, the film channel has launched several special plans, such as how are you in Wuhan, two places book, the most beautiful ordinary, etc., with the responsibility of the national film professional platform in mind, and with the concern of Chinese Filmmakers to observe the ordinary and great hero stories in the front line of the anti epidemic. It is reported that the filmmaker and you together fusion media series live broadcast war epidemic story which has successfully aired three episodes will continue to present moving chapters for filmmakers and audiences in the coming weeks in the form of real-time connection.