Huoshenshan meritorious official was promoted by the hot line, and his wife was unfortunately infected in the front line of the hospital

 Huoshenshan meritorious official was promoted by the hot line, and his wife was unfortunately infected in the front line of the hospital

According to the Yangtze River daily, in order to encourage cadres to take on responsibilities, fight bravely and fight for the country and the people during major events and difficult times, and also to strengthen the construction of enterprise leadership, according to the outstanding achievements and consistent performance of Comrade Cheng Xi in this epidemic prevention and anti epidemic work, and in accordance with the spirit of relevant documents of the Central Committee and the provincial and municipal committees, the Party committee of the municipal SASAC and the Party committee of the Wujian group After careful investigation, Huoxian promoted Comrade Cheng Xi to vice general manager of Wujian group.

According to the report, Cheng Xi is now the deputy general manager of the joint stock company under Wujian group. In late January, Wujian group was ordered to transform some hospitals into isolation wards. Novel coronavirus pneumonia Cheng Xi rushed to the four hospital in Wuhan on January 22nd afternoon to discuss the research and reform plan, organize materials and workers to enter the field, and fight for 36 hours in a row, completing the ward and 15 Floor ward transformation in time, and ensured that the hospital began to treat the new crown lung disease on 24 forenoon.

After the reconstruction of Wuhan No.4 hospital was completed, Cheng Xi took on the responsibilities of the coordinator of the on-site headquarters and the person in charge of the medical technology building of Wujian group huoshenshan hospital project.

On January 23, huoshenshan hospital officially announced its preparation for construction, and a delivery ceremony was held on February 2, lasting for 10 days. In 10 days, a hospital with a total construction area of 33900 square meters and a capacity of 1000 beds was officially completed.

According to the above report of Changjiang Daily, as the general coordinator on site, he (Cheng Xi) walked more than 30000 steps every day, rushed to various units, discussed and determined plans and divided work interfaces, which effectively promoted the smooth progress of the project construction. In the early morning of February 1, the protective doors of three CT rooms were unable to enter due to traffic jams. He directed the traffic on site, guided the vehicle to the nearest place from the construction site, and organized manpower to carry each protective door with a weight of 300 kg. By 3:00 in the morning, all protective doors were in place and immediately put into installation to ensure that the equipment was commissioned on schedule. The medical technology building is the core of huoshenshan hospital, with complex functions and huge earthwork volume. Cheng Xi organized the construction strictly, and only completed it in 9 days, so as to win precious time for the hospital to treat patients as soon as possible.

For Cheng Xis performance, the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of Wuhan city gave full affirmation: as the key training object of the organization, Comrade Cheng Xi had the courage to take responsibility and act in the epidemic of this war; he had the courage to fight ahead and stick to the front line; he left his family behind and cared for everyone; he had no fear of danger, no fear of hardship and fatigue, and had undergone severe tests, which fully demonstrated the political consciousness and moral integrity of a Communist Party member , excellent performance, outstanding performance. Changjiang Daily called him the hero of Huoshen mountain.

In addition, novel coronavirus pneumonia was also reported by Cheng Xi, a doctor of Hankou hospital, in Wuhan radio and TV station.

Huang Heyun, the website of Wuhan radio and television station, reported that Comrade Cheng Xis wife is a doctor of Hankou hospital. She has been fighting in the front line of anti epidemic since mid January, and she did not go home. Unfortunately, she was infected with the new coronavirus at work. From his wifes fever to being hospitalized or even seriously ill, Cheng Xi never mentioned it to his colleagues. He just asked his wifes unit and colleagues to take care of her. He always fought on the construction site of Huoshen mountain. Since the construction of huoshenshan hospital, Comrade Cheng Xi has never returned home. He has been living and eating at the construction site, taking the construction site as his home and working selflessly until the completion of huoshenshan hospital. After the use of the hospital enters the maintenance stage, he lives in the office and commutes between the companys office and huoshenshan hospital every day to deal with various problems in the project in a timely manner, which effectively guarantees the smooth operation of huoshenshan hospital.