The 41 year old expert doctors who rescued the patients for many times confirmed the infection

 The 41 year old expert doctors who rescued the patients for many times confirmed the infection

Tianjin doctors have novel coronavirus pneumonia for many times.

An expert doctor in Tianjin Haihe hospital diagnosed the infection. The novel coronavirus pneumonia reported in Tianjin was 1 cases in February 27, 2020, according to the official website of Tianjin Health Protection Committee, at 0-24 hours in February 27, 2020. As of 24:00 on the 27th, there were 136 confirmed cases in the city.

On February 28, the reporter learned from relevant channels in Tianjin that Yu Hongzhi, deputy director of respiratory and critical care medicine department of Tianjin Haihe hospital, was the 136th patient mentioned above.

According to the public information, Tianjin Haihe hospital is a large-scale three-level A-level general hospital, which mainly treats respiratory diseases and integrates medical treatment, teaching and scientific research, affiliated to Tianjin Health Committee. It is one of the modernized hospitals invested and constructed by the state. Novel coronavirus pneumonia was founded in the period of fighting SARS, and is known as Xiaotangshan of Tianjin. It is also the first new unit for treating new crown pneumonia in this city.

On February 27, Tianjin Daily reported on the soldiers in white who took part in the epidemic prevention war in Haihe hospital, including Yu Hongzhi.

On February 3, he was supposed to rotate from the red zone to rest, but he asked to stay and fight with his new colleagues. As a dry breathing person and as a party member, we have to face up to major epidemic situations. We are confident to win this war.

As the head of the respiratory intensive care unit, Yu Hongzhi often had to fight the virus head-on.

Tianjin Daily reported such a scene: a patient with endotracheal intubation had difficulty breathing, breathing hard, and the suction tube was not smooth. Yu Hongzhi, who has been in the red area of Haihe hospital and has been engaged in the treatment of critical illness for many years, immediately needs to evaluate the airway condition. He put on his protective clothing, respirator and gloves and walked into the patients isolation negative pressure ward. What he has to do is dangerous for doctors in the red zone - give patients a tracheoscopy. The reason why this operation is dangerous is that the tracheoscope should be put into the patients airway, and the breath and droplets exhaled by the patient may rush to the doctors face at any time.

Yu Hongzhi checked the patients condition, adjusted the parameters of the ventilator, gave anesthetics, straightened the patients position, took the mirror from the nurses hand, and carefully put it into the patients tracheal intubation Ten minutes later, after the operation, the airway condition of the patient was clear at a glance, and the blocked secretion was removed successfully. Soon, the patient was breathing smoothly.

In the face of the patient, this operation is like walking on the edge of a cliff, but he did it accurately. After the outbreak, such work has become a common practice for Hong zhilai. In the red area, Yu Hongzhis class is 24 hours. In this day and night, he must tighten his nerves and be ready to treat patients.

According to novel coronavirus reported earlier this evening, Haihe hospital is a designated hospital for treating pneumonia cases of new coronavirus infection in Tianjin. Yu Hongzhi is the first doctor to enter the red area.

Yu Hongzhis hometown is in Ninghe district. He was going back to his hometown to celebrate the new year, but in the face of the epidemic, he and his colleagues went to the front line without hesitation. Yu Hongzhis wife is also a doctor. In these days, when he was free, he and his wife told each other through video, they are all medical students, and they all know what to do. Yu Hongzhis daughter is on the third day of junior high school. He is very concerned about his children, but he cant pay attention to the prevention and control work at all.

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