Up, down, left and right Ba bye! Qiaoben, the father of soul fighting script, and his long death

 Up, down, left and right Ba bye! Qiaoben, the father of soul fighting script, and his long death

Thank you for the most famous cheating code that Hashimoto has brought to us, one netizen said Another said, thank you for making our childhood wonderful.

According to the public information, kelemes Secret skills first appeared in the shooting game cosmic cruiser in 1986. According to the Washington Post, the game is famous for its high difficulty. Hashimoto and Kuo were responsible for transforming the game from arcade game platform to Nintendo Entertainment system console. At that time, due to the discovery of the difficulty of the game, Hashimoto Hejiu invented this cheating code to help players successfully pass the customs. After the conversion, he forgot to delete this secret code. After that, the secret technique was used in many kolomey games, the most famous of which was contra in 1988.

According to the verge, using this secret technique in the battle of souls can bring 30 lives to players, so it is popular.

Colemans secrets also appear in other Colemans games, including Ninja Turtle III: Manhattan Project in 1991, dance revolution, alloy gear 2: the son of freedom in 2001, and devil City: The Dark Lord in 2010.

The works of other game companies also use KONAMI secret technology to introduce colored eggs for players.

The Washington Post pointed out that the influence of Colemans Secret skills is not only in the field of games, but also in the common skills of finding eggs. In 2012, Disney released the animated movie the invincible king of destruction, which used the secret technology of Cologne to reprogram the game sweet sprint.

According to the verge report in 2017, the Bank of Canada cant resist the temptation of colomates secret technology. According to the report, if colomates secret technology is used on the banks website celebrating the new 10 yuan banknote, the banknote rain will appear on the screen and the National Anthem of Canada will begin to play.

Source: Qiao JunJing, editor in charge of surging news