The countrys first Apple store will be built next year, and Apple cannot leave India

 The countrys first Apple store will be built next year, and Apple cannot leave India

However, in the face of this may be the only promising fast-growing market in the next five years, apple is clearly unable to give up the Indian market.

In response to a shareholders question on the Indian market at the shareholders meeting on Wednesday local time, cook revealed that Apple will open its first offline Apple store in India in 2021: we dont want others to run this brand for us. Cook said at the shareholders meeting.

As mentioned earlier, Apple products in India mainly rely on the third-party e-commerce platform or offline retailers authorized by apple. Various restrictions of Indian government on foreign-funded enterprises are the main reason for this phenomenon. They only allow enterprises to open single brand retail stores, and at least 30% of the products are produced in India. In view of the majority of Apple products Parts are made in other parts of Asia, and Indias demand is an insurmountable obstacle for apple.

But the Indian government adjusted the policy last year, throwing olive branches at Apple. It is expected that Apple Indias official website will also usher in business before the completion of the first offline retail store of Apple store in India in 2021.

In addition to tapping more potential users, the following official after-sales service will become a powerful tool to maintain existing customers.

Previously, it was reported that Apple had some difficulties in providing after-sales services to its customers in India. According to the report, apple scored lower in terms of customer satisfaction, problem-solving ability and employees sympathy for customers and their problems, and 60% of the respondents said employees in Apples authorized stores were arrogant. Since Apple does not have an apple store in India, consumers have to rely on third-party service providers, which are not directly managed by apple.

Apples authorized service providers in India should follow Apples after-sales policy, but it is reported that some service providers mistakenly pointed out that the equipment was damaged, bypassed the warranty terms and set their own repair pricing. Customers sometimes complain that it takes a long time to replace batteries and other relatively conventional maintenance. In Apple store, it takes less than a day to replace batteries.

Users with over guaranteed devices are more likely to be affected by the network service chain. Apples authorized repairers are free to charge for parts or equipment diagnostics, because they are not subject to Apples pricing policies, the report said. In addition, some service providers in India do not guarantee that the maintenance of over insured equipment will be successful.

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