Vivo Innovation: apex2020 explains the new form of mobile phone

 Vivo Innovation: apex2020 explains the new form of mobile phone

First of all, it is undeniable that mobile phone manufacturers need to upgrade their product form bit by bit to achieve quantitative change and thus qualitative change. In recent years, due to the lack of breakthrough in battery technology, the innovation direction of major manufacturers is mainly focused on the screen. Samsung, Huawei, moto launched folding screen mobile phones, Xiaomi launched the concept of surround screen, and various manufacturers have demonstrated folding screen related technologies. However, vivo did not follow the big army, but explored a new route: 120 u00b0 all in one screen.

On February 28, vivo released a new generation of concept machine apex2020, which integrates multiple cutting-edge technologies such as 6.45-inch 120 u00b0 all-in-one screen, 16 million pixel under screen camera, the third generation screen generation technology, 5-7.5 times continuous optical zoom, micro head camera and so on. It has a breakthrough upgrade in integrated design, screen form and mobile image.

Apex 2020 positive

Apex2020 is not only a technology display machine, but also the definition of future mobile phone by vivo. Different from the change of folding screen, the 120 u00b0 all-in-one screen in APEX2020 originates from the evolution of waterfall screen on the NEX3, which is exactly caused by the corporate culture of vivo: adhere to the consumer driven and design driven products.

Vivo style innovation: consumer and technology oriented breakthrough

After experiencing the decline of global mobile phone market in 2019, the hope of domestic mobile phone manufacturers to turn over the market lies in the outbreak of 5g mobile phones in 2020. However, the sudden outbreak caught the entire mobile phone industry by surprise.

At this time, only exploration and innovation can break the situation.

The latest industry report application observation and trend analysis of smart phone image technology in 2019 predicts that with the arrival of 5g switching tide, the appearance design and image performance of smart phones in 2020 will still be the two main driving forces for industry innovation.

As we all know, vivo has a long-term accumulation in mobile phone appearance design and image. In terms of appearance design, vivos independent R & D accounts for the first and second largest proportion in the industry. With the strongest user perception of the front screen, vivo is the leader of comprehensive screen. In terms of off screen fingerprint, zero boundary comprehensive screen, etc., they are all at the forefront. The first generation of apex released in 2018 made use of the lift camera to obtain 98% of the super high screen share, and for the first time realized the true and comprehensive screen in mobile phone form. Its 1.8mm extremely narrow Chin has not been surpassed up to now; in 2019, apex2019, on the basis of a comprehensive screen, further upgraded the super integrated design, no holes and no physical buttons, pushing the mobile phone form to the peak of minimalism.

Apex2020 side

In terms of image, since 2016, vivo has added camera to the brands sub standard, established a professional camera team, and made full efforts in software and hardware calibration, image processing and other three aspects, and launched the industry-leading superhdr in the first generation of apex. Super HDR is our new breakthrough in the field of mobile photography technology. We hope to push the effect of mobile photography to a new height through this technology. Vivo CEO Hu Baishan once said.

Each generation of apex condenses vivos deep understanding and exploration of future mobile phone, which provides a new thinking direction for the innovation of mobile phone industry. And apex can be so concerned by the industry, which is supported by the unique innovation system and method of vivo behind it, and this innovation system is also the experience summary of technical innovation of vivo over the years.

Innovation system is the innovation system of vivo, which is the organic combination of consumer demand and some technologies that we can develop, optimize and integrate, so as to create some solutions that truly meet consumer demand. Hu Baishan, executive vice president of vivo, once explained the system.

Compared with blind innovation, vivo innovation is more practical and easier to mass production.

On the one hand, the innovation demand comes from the real reflection of consumers; on the other hand, vivo will take the initiative to scan and layout the technology and quickly land the laboratory level technology. In short, vivo effectively uses the above two aspects to promote the development of supply chain in the opposite direction, so as to bring good products with differentiation and acceptance by consumers.

In this regard, Shen Wei, the founder and CEO of vivo, once again emphasized the concept of adhering to consumer driven and design driven products.

Apex 2020: maverick bet on the future

In 2020, various mobile phone manufacturers are accelerating the exploration of future new mobile phone forms, such as the folding screens of Huawei, Samsung and Motorola. Huawei upgraded the first generation of folding screen and released the second generation of folding screen matexs; Samsung explored the second form of folding screen Galaxy zflip, which is similar to Lenovos moterazr form, in addition to the direction of the galaxy fold screen; Xiaomi launched the surround screen mixalpha; vivo explored the 120 u00b0 all-in-one screen based on the waterfall screen.

Since the first generation, apex has been committed to using revolutionary technological breakthroughs to explore the optimal solution of fuselage space utilization. Apex2020 goes a step further in this direction. It uses a 6.45-inch curved screen to wrap the fuselage. The screen bends at an angle of up to 120 degrees. The seam between the screen and the middle frame is also pushed to the back of the fuselage. It will not cut any more hands. It also completely eliminates the left and right black edges and the middle frame of the front view, bringing boundless vision.

Apex 2020 front side

At the same time, in order to better interpret the true comprehensive screen, vivo has configured a hidden front camera for it. The 16 megapixel camera under the screen adopts the technology of diaphragm moving forward lens and four in one super-pixel sensitive chip, so as to ensure that the camera can be placed under the screen and also be clearly imaged.

Apex2020 has launched a camera equipped with periscope continuous optical zoom technology, which is the first real high power continuous optical zoom mobile phone at present. Different from the periscope design, it can keep high resolution and high image quality between 5-7.5 times of high magnification, which is the most commonly used by consumers, on the premise of light and thin handle.

In addition, inspired by the inspiration of vivos own lift camera in mechanical design, apex2020 creatively embeds a micro dome into the mobile phones built-in main camera, and uses stable mechanical structure module to realize optical anti shake in front, back, left and right tilt directions, with the anti shake effect far beyond the conventional optical anti shake.

Apex2020 image module

In addition, the apex 2020 also integrates 60W wireless ultra fast flash charging, the third generation of screen sound technology, human image sound focusing and other black technologies.

With so many cutting-edge new technologies coming together, consumers are more concerned about when these black technologies can be experienced than surprises? Are these black technologies that vivo is betting on the future?

Concepts that cannot be realized are all pseudo concepts

About these questions, apex2018 and apex2019 have given the answers: some new technologies in the apex series have sunk to the X, nex and other series within one year, realizing mass production of technologies, so that consumers can quickly experience the cutting-edge technologies in the apex.

In the early 2018 generation of apex, a set of lift cameras, half screen fingerprint unlocking, 98% of the screen share, has brought unprecedented shock to the entire mobile phone industry, presenting a highly innovative true full screen solution.

These technologies will soon be implemented and upgraded in vivo mass production models vivo nex, vivo x23, etc.

The concept of super unibody is put forward by apex2019. The fuselage is integrally formed by hot bending glass + CNC, the magnetic suction interface replaces the traditional USB interface, and the capacitance key and pressure key replace the entity power / volume key. Later, the nex3 launched by vivo adopted the design of hidden pressure sensitive key + linear motor, which is the design idea obtained from apex 2019.

Finally, exploration, there is no right or wrong, only different preferences. Apex2020 is not necessarily the standard form of mobile phones in the future, but it will certainly bring a wave of new trends in the mobile phone industry in 2020.