My 7-day life in the ark of Tazi Lake

 My 7-day life in the ark of Tazi Lake

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Not long ago, I thought I had defeated the virus, but after a few days

PA ~ my face hurts~

My own symptoms have really disappeared. Until today, I have never repeated them, and they have been normal.

When I was still feverish, I reported the situation. On the fifth day after all my symptoms disappeared, the community called to inform me to do nucleic acid test. At that time, I thought it was all right. It doesnt matter whether I do it or not. Since I have been informed, Ill go.

Unexpectedly, the result came out 2 days later, it was positive!

Totally unexpected! As far as I know, nucleic acid detection may be false negative due to reagent quality, sampling location, virus concentration at sampling location, personnel operation and other reasons, but if the result is positive, it is basically certain.

That is to say, at that time, even though my symptoms have disappeared for five days, I still carry the virus, which is still infectious. (you should pay special attention to this point. When the symptoms disappear and you are well, it doesnt mean you can release the isolation.)

I live in a fast hotel, which provides three meals a day and temperature measurement four times a day. There is no other medical service. Individual drugs can be applied for distribution in advance.

The function of the isolation hotel is equivalent to a separate isolation space, so the previous hotel services are not available. The missing daily necessities can be purchased by running errands or sent by family members.

The isolation point of my hotel is managed by six staff of the community health service center in Xincun street. I would like to thank them for doing a lot for the patients in this isolation point.

Enter the shelter

At noon on the 13th, CDC sent a car to pick me up. There were three people in the car, all of whom went to the ark of Tazihu together.

Tazihu square cabin is the riverside square cabin, which is reconstructed by Tazihu gymnasium and can accommodate 1000 people.

After getting off, there was a tent at the door. After coming in, I first registered, filled in the form and sent out a patient manual. The function and function of the shelter hospital are explained in detail in the patient manual, as well as the relevant treatment process.

After I registered, I went in and followed the nurse to my bed. There were electric blanket, pillow, thin quilt and thick quilt on the bed.

Then a nurse came to ask me about my basic situation, symptoms and other diseases, and then measured my temperature and blood oxygen heartbeat.

This is what everyone sends.

Open to see, there are toothbrush toothpaste, water cup, roll paper, paper, soap, wiring board, thermos, charger, eye mask earplug, small table lamp, slippers, towel, basin, a total of more than 10 pieces.

Clean up. When I came, it was noon. The nurse then brought me Chinese food: fried shrimps with scallion, preserved meat and bamboo shoots, braised chicken with lettuce, pea and corn, plus an apple. The food was good.

After I had enough to eat and drink, I began to explore the shelter.

Shelter exploration

Now, please feel the plan of the fangcang town building of Tazihu!

Follow the plan, from the entrance, lets start!

Entering the cabin, the first thing you see is the book corner. There are three book corners in the square cabin of Tazihu, the largest one when entering the door. (plan star)

On the right is a row of air conditioners, all set at 28 u2103. There are many such cupboards in the venue. The weather was fine on the 13th, so it wasnt cold inside. I didnt open the electric blanket when I went to bed at night. I felt a little hot when I covered the thick quilt.

Keep going. There is a temporary medical workstation in front of you. There are separate sickbed areas on the left and right sides.

Further on, near the nurses workstation, on the right is a row of boiling water machines and microwave ovens, as well as sorting bins. (plan ellipsis)

A number of chairs are placed around the periphery of the workstation to give the medical staff a temporary rest.

Come on. Wang Yuanyuan!

Then came to my bed area, which is a large area, some of the roof is glass, you can see the outside sky, feel the vision is very open.

When I came in, the ark of Tazihu had just opened, so there were still many empty beds.

From this area to the right, there is a corridor with beds on both sides. This area is relatively cold.

Go ahead. There is a room with a lot of computers on the left. Catch a little brother who is reading a book. The title of the book is modern etiquette.

The ark of Tazihu is divided into two areas: A and B. the above areas are all area B. passing through this gate is area A.

After entering, there is the nurse station on the left and the boiling water area on the right.

Beds in zone a.

Going out from area a is a simple mobile toilet and washbasin.

The total number of toilets is enough. There is no need to queue up at any time.

The hot water comes out of the wash basin, but it will be a little out of supply during the peak period of washing and rinsing, so you can go to the wrong peak.

The whole ark of Tazi lake has been completed. The only disadvantage is that there is no bathing place. It is inconvenient for people who have not turned negative and need to live here for a long time. I hope it can be improved later.

Shelter life

01. Meals in the shelter

The food in the shelter is good every day.

Breakfast is usually egg milk, lunch and dinner is 3 meat 1 vegetable, plus a bowl of soup or a fruit. If you dont have enough, you can ask the nurse for another one.

02. People staying in the shelter

There was a elder sister in my area who had a high fever for two days before she was transferred to the hospital for treatment by 120; there was a mother-in-law who had chest tightness for two days before she was transferred, so the medical channel in the shelter was very smooth.

All kinds of activities will be carried out spontaneously.

The elder sister who practices dancing every day has a very professional and beautiful movement.

The uncle who writes calligraphy is calm.

Knitting elder sister.

People who read.

Every day, the hall will be broadcast in different periods, broadcast some anti epidemic knowledge publicity and crosstalk skits and other programs. Then I found that as long as the music was played, the uncles and aunts began to swing with the rhythm.

Day by day, on the fourth day, folk artists finally gathered together to form a small dance team. Look, are we still far away from the square party of the victory conference division?

Its out of the sun. Lets go out to get some sun.

In the evening, the lights in the stadium are not off, and there are blinders, so the effect is not significant.

On the evening of the 14th, it was predicted that the weather would cool down and snow tomorrow, and the cotton padded jacket would be distributed to everyone that night.

It wasnt until the next night that I saw the eldest sisters walking around with them that I found out that it was used when I went to the toilet at night. Because the light cant be installed inside the simple toilet, the door will be completely black when its closed.

I didnt quite understand at the beginning. This small lamp is the same as the flashlight on the mobile phone, and it should be kept in my hand all the time. If you have a mobile phone, you can put it in your purse temporarily. Why dont you take your mobile phone to the toilet?

Until I saw a little brothers divine operation, I didnt come to take a quick picture at that time. Let me demonstrate it.

The lamp pole of the desk lamp can be bent, directly hung on the neck, hands free, walking mobile light source has not!

This is the right way to turn on the toilet with a lamp.

The fourth day, to the oxygen machine. In addition, the CT machine is also being debugged.

In the evening, I sent a self-help manual of anti epidemic psychology, great praise! At this time, it is necessary for patients, medical staff and psychological counseling.

In the shelter of Tazihu, Tianjin has the largest number of medical staff, followed by Hebei. The team in Tianjin is basically responsible for area B where I work.

I especially like the Mandarin they bring with them. Its very kind. From these days of getting along and observing, each of them takes the initiative to take care of the patients and consider what to do for the patients. Thank them very much!

When the shift is in progress.

Help the patients.

The soul painting hand from Zhangjiakou medical team, hot and dry noodles, do you see it?

The doctors and nurses who have finished their shift are waiting in line to get out of the isolation area and dispose of their clothes in turn.

Each medical staff uses a pen to write down the name of the area and hospital, doctor or nurse, and their own name on the chest or back of the outer protective clothing.

From my observation, it is found that each of them can complete the whole process, which will take at least 10 minutes, and the whole medical team who has completed the shift will take at least one hour to get out of the isolation area. After chatting with the nurses, I learned that it actually took them two hours to get to the hotel.

After the three meals every day, the cleaning personnel will replace the garbage bags, clean the ground water and clean the ground stains.

Toilet cleaning.

The electrician has just dealt with a circuit fault.

Disinfection of the ward.

On the night I came, I saw a doctor coming with an electric heater, and I followed him.

At first, I thought which patient he was sending it to. It turned out that he was sending it to the doctor in the outdoor tent. It was the place where I checked in and filled in the form when I came in. On such a cold day, the nurses had been sitting outside doing the check-in work.

On the 15th, outside the shelter after snowing in Wuhan.

It should be the staff on duty at the gate of the shelter. They piled a snowman and put it on the protective fence. I dont know how cute it is.

04. Ice breaking trip

At noon on the 17th, under the planning of the Tianjin medical team, in this special period, under the special environment of the shelter, a birthday party was held ceremoniously. The birthday people were the sick friends of the whole cabin for February birthday.

A super size famous cake, and each birthday star will send another 8-inch cake separately.

Here is a video recording of the birthday party.

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People are social animals. In addition to their basic living needs, they also have spiritual needs, especially the people and medical workers in Wuhan.

The epidemic situation and the shelter mode are unfamiliar and unknown to doctors and patients.

The ice of distance between people is melting.

After the birthday party, that night, beside the boiled water area.

Because the washbasin is outside and some people wash here in the boiling water area, there is a lot of water on the ground. The nurse dissuades many times, but the effect is not obvious.

That night, an enthusiastic aunt took the radio loudspeaker in the hands of the nurse, dragged a stool to sit down, and a series of magnificent Wuhan dialect blurted out.

The boiling water of Leri drops is from Hu, not from the mouth. When the mouth goes out to clean, pour a drop of water all over diha. Its black. Again, its not necessary to pour water here. Its necessary to wash it outside! (the boiled water here is for drinking, not for brushing. Brush your teeth and brush them outside. Pour the water on the ground everywhere. Its frightening. Again, no splashing here, wash and go outside

Compared with the nurses gentle prompt, aunt is powerful.

Volunteers helped nurses distribute meals to patients in various areas.

The nurse and the elder sister who practiced dancing every day mentioned above taught the volunteers to dance. When the stereo arrived, our square dance was about to start. My mother-in-law in this area were eager to try.

There are a lot of hand sanitizers in the cabin. The nurses teach the volunteer team seven step washing techniques, and then the volunteers teach the people around them.

The shelter is like a temporary community, which allows everyone to participate in daily work and enlivens the atmosphere in the whole cabin, which is of great significance to the psychological adjustment at this moment.

05. Some small talk

I talked to the nurses for a while while while they were sitting and resting.

A nurse from Tianjin Beichen hospital introduced to me that every time they come in, they dont eat, drink or go to the toilet. Although its a six hour shift, it takes a lot of time to get dressed and undressed. Its often two hours after the shift is over before they can go back to the hotel and then eat.

A doctor in a hospital in Tianjin said that they are all doing this kind of rescue for the first time. They are all exploring slowly and perfecting everything here. They asked me to collect the opinions of people around me, what needs to be improved in each process link, and what kind of entertainment we like. She hopes to make it better and better.

By the way, she is the one who plans the birthday party.

But the common reaction of doctors and nurses is that the older people here dont understand very well. (laughter)

Daily process

Every team of medical staff here is arranged every other day. Four shifts a day, six hours a shift, the handover time is 8:00, 14:00, 20:00, 2:00 in turn.

Doctors are very busy during the shift. If you need to find doctors and nurses, try to avoid the shift time.

The time of ward round is 6:00, 9:00, 16:00 and 22:00. (approximate time)

Around 10 oclock, a doctor will come to inspect and ask about the patient.

The above is the routine inspection every day. If there are patients with serious symptoms, such as high fever, the doctors and nurses will often come alone to ask about their physical condition. If they do not get better, they will arrange 120 transfers to the hospital.

The delivery time of the three meals is 7:00, 12:00 and 18:00 respectively. (approximate time)

Below is the daily flow chart, which is more intuitive.

Some broken thoughts

A shelter hospital is not built with several partitions, but with several beds. To make it work is not to collect some patients, but to send some doctors to do it.

In such a short period of time, the temporary hospital, which can accommodate 1000 people, has been running in an orderly manner from its completion to its daily operation, and it is still improving gradually. What is needed is the coordination and support of various human and material resources.

From the beginning, there was no radio, to the meal radio, and then to the normal time, there were occasional songs.

From having only normal meals to increasing the distribution of snacks.

From isolated living function to nucleic acid detection, to CT.

From the beginning, we only eat and sleep every day, to more and more activities.

Its all getting better and better.

Our common enemy is the virus. We are isolated here just to make this epidemic be eliminated faster and let our society resume normal production and operation as soon as possible.

Not everyone wants to be a hero, but we are all part of the fight against the epidemic.

As of the time of sending the document, I only knew that the ward on the second floor of the fangcang of Tazihu was open. From the time when I came in to now, the doctors and nurses in Tianjin who have been in charge of our area have been transferred to the second floor, and everyone is very reluctant.

We all vied to invite doctors and nurses to visit Wuhan after the epidemic.

A mother-in-law said, dont want your money, we have covered all the expenses!

My eyes are wet, too.