Chinas war epidemic in the eyes of the world

 Chinas war epidemic in the eyes of the world

The Chinese government has demonstrated a strong and efficient ability to organize and mobilize

Hubei Province is decisively required to implement comprehensive and strict control over the outflow of personnel, dispatch more than 330 medical teams and more than 41600 medical personnel to rush to the forefront of the fight against the epidemic, quickly set up huoshenshan, leishenshan and other centralized hospitals and shelter hospitals, and organize counterpart support from 19 provinces China has completed a seemingly impossible task in a short time.

In the face of the epidemic, I am impressed by the powerful and efficient organization and mobilization ability of the Chinese government, which is the advantage of the Chinese system! Former French Prime Minister Rafael said with emotion.

The Chinese governments ability to mobilize organizations is unprecedented in the history of global health, which is difficult for other countries to achieve. Chinas China novel coronavirus pneumonia is a major factor in the spread of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, mainly in the United States, according to Robert Lawrence Kuhn, chairman of the Kuhn foundation.

Every Chinese has a strong sense of responsibility and dedication

On February 25, at a Geneva press conference, Bruce elwald, the head of the World Health Organizations expert group on China and senior advisor to the director general of who, recalled his trip to China.

The streets of Wuhan are empty, but behind every window there are citizens who cooperate to deal with the epidemic. China has shown amazing collective action and spirit of cooperation. Elwald saw that everyone was mobilized and organized as if they were fighting a war against the virus, and they shared the responsibility to stop the spread of the virus. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is greatly delayed by the tenacity and dedication of the Chinese people.

The Chinese people have experienced a lot of hardships, but they have always gone against the current and become stronger.

I believe that the Chinese people will eventually overcome challenges, just like the difficulties they have faced in history. Iqbo sawey, executive chairman of the independent media group of South Africa, praised the Chinese people for their hard work in fighting the epidemic. In the long history, the Chinese people have experienced many tribulations, but they always go against the current and become stronger. Uruguays face and mask weekly said.

China has made contributions to all mankind

We will quickly share the whole genome sequence of some strains, develop a successful rapid detection kit, and provide assistance to other countries and regions where the epidemic situation has spread. Chinas powerful measures to prevent the spread of the epidemic in the world have given the world a reassurance.

The Chinese people have made great sacrifices to prevent and control the epidemic. In the face of reporters, UN Secretary General Guterres expressed his gratitude to all people living in China at present and those who are unable to live a normal life: they are making contributions to all mankind.. Chinas novel coronavirus pneumonia control measures are encouraging, and the measures have been taken for the world to win time, WHO director general Tan Tak said.

China has launched a new exploration on how to deal with public health events in a globalized world, and history is likely to thank China for that. After an in-depth analysis of Chinas epidemic prevention and control measures, Robert Lawrence Kuhn said.

The epidemic affected people. It was a war without gunpowder.

Human destiny and common, this is a battle between all people and the virus.

In the face of the pandemic test, we will be able to overcome this epidemic!