During the epidemic period of the war, the diplomacy of the head of state of China was carried out in this way

 During the epidemic period of the war, the diplomacy of the head of state of China was carried out in this way

In a special period, Chinas diplomacy has been pushed forward in an orderly manner. President Xi Jinping attached great importance to the comprehensive efforts to carry out diplomatic work related to epidemic prevention and control and carry out international cooperation in epidemic prevention and control, and made important instructions several times.

Meeting with foreign people, making phone calls, sending letters During his busy schedule, President Xi Jinping carried out the diplomacy of the head of state and promoted the international community to join hands in fighting the epidemic.

uff081uff09 Meeting guests

In diplomatic activities, face-to-face talks and meetings are a common way.

During the epidemic period of the war, every foreign affairs meeting of the Chinese heads of state was particularly remarkable.

January 28, the fourth day of the first month. President Xi Jinping met with WHO director general Tan Desai in Beijing.

At the critical moment of the outbreak, it is self-evident that the leader of who made a special visit to China.

Peoples life safety and health are always the first priority, and epidemic prevention and control is the most important work at present. During the meeting, President Xi Jinping made clear to Tan Desai.

The visit to Beijing, especially the meeting with President Xi Jinping, let Tan Desai see the firm determination and forceful measures of China to block the epidemic.

Since then, on a number of international occasions, Mr. Tan has repeatedly praised China. He said that Chinas resolute action has effectively curbed the spread of the epidemic and won precious time for the world.

On February 5, Prime Minister Hun Sen of Cambodia visited Beijing. President Xi Jinping met with him at the East Hall of the Great Hall of the people.

A friend in need is a friend indeed. Hun Sens temporary decision to come to China is to show that the Cambodian people stand firmly with the Chinese people when China is in difficulties.

The Chinese nation has come through difficulties and hardships. President Xi Jinping said, China has the confidence, ability and certainty to win the epidemic prevention and control.

On the first day after the Mongolian traditional festival of the white moon, President battulga came to China to express sympathy and support.

Before that, Mongolia has launched a permanent neighborhood, warm heart support campaign in China to raise donations in support of Chinas fight against the epidemic, which has received positive response from all walks of life. During the talks with President Xi Jinping, Bart Tuhr Yanga said he gave 30 thousand sheep to the Chinese side to express the wishes of the people of Mongolia.

After the talks, President Bart Tuhr Yanga presented to President Xi Jinping a certificate giving 30 thousand sheep to the Chinese side.

A close neighbor is better than a distant relative. President Xi Jinping said that pull together in times of trouble, Bart Tuhr Yangas visit is a vivid interpretation of two neighbors in China and Mongolia, who are watching each other and helping each other in the same boat.

uff082uff09 Make a phone call

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was launched in February 23rd, and chairman Xi Jinping mentioned such a group of figures.

Leaders of more than 170 countries and heads of more than 40 international and regional organizations expressed their condolences and support to China by telephone, letter, statement and other means.

Some of these calls were addressed to President Xi Jinping himself.

Since February, President Xi Jinping has made telephone calls with 11 foreign leaders, covering countries throughout Asia, Europe, Africa and the Americas.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia and Xi Jinping, German President Merkel exchanged views on the new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control on January 22nd, when the Chinese president called ma long and German Chancellor, on the eve of the lunar new year.

Know each other far and near, ten thousand miles are still neighbors. The community of human destiny is the key word that President Xi Jinping often talks about on the phone.

High frequency telephone diplomacy has enabled all countries to fully understand the progress of Chinas war epidemic in a timely, comprehensive way.

The Chinese peoples strength, spirit and efficiency in epidemic prevention and control, as well as the image of a responsible country, have been highly praised by the international community.

It is impressive that China has built a special hospital in a very short period of time, which fully demonstrates Chinas excellent organization and response ability. President Trump said that under the leadership of President Xi Jinping, the Chinese people will undoubtedly win the battle against the epidemic.

uff083uff09 Letter to

In February 20th, in reply to Bill Gate, CO chairman of the Gates foundation of the United States, chairman Xi Jinping wrote.

Bill Gate wrote to President Xi Jinping, appreciating the performance of the Chinese government and the Chinese people in fighting the epidemic, and Chinas strong support for Chinas winning the key battle.

In his reply, President Xi Jinping said, I have always said that mankind is a community of destiny. Unity and cooperation are the most powerful weapons in the fight against epidemics that affect the safety and security of all peoples.

Chinas novel coronavirus pneumonia is also expressed by Putin, President of Russia and chairman Kim Jeong-eun of the Korean labor party, to Xi Jinping.

Here, there is a warm heart story.

On the eve of the Spring Festival, 50 grade four students in CASS kad primary school in Utah, USA, wrote Chinese New Year cards to Chairman Xi Jinping in Chinese. In February 15th, President Xi Jinping gave them cordial replying letters.

In China, a novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak was recorded, and the children recorded a song video entitled Wuhan oil, you laugh well to cheer up Chinas fight against the epidemic.

Listen to the sincere childrens voice from thousands of miles awayu2014u2014

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Come on, Wuhan. Its nice to laugh