Direct tracheotomy and intubation! 70 year old novel coronavirus pneumonia critical patient rescued

 Direct tracheotomy and intubation! 70 year old novel coronavirus pneumonia critical patient rescued

Before the novel coronavirus pneumonia, Jiangsu Province Peoples Hospital and respiratory surgeon, director of the Department of respiratory medicine and critical care medicine, introduced to the modern times, the tracheotomy is not difficult at ordinary times, but the work of medical staff is much more difficult when the new crown pneumonia patients are operated.

Wearing protective clothing, goggles, and heavy positive pressure headgear, these protective equipment are well worn and inconvenient to move, affecting the vision and operation of medical staff. But surgery is imperative. The 70 year old patients vital signs have been turned on red light, whether it is high flow oxygen inhalation or endotracheal intubation can not maintain the ideal oxygen saturation.

After multiple consultation and repeated confirmation, the medical team chose to carry out tracheotomy. Qiao Li, a member of the medical team of Jiangsu aid Hubei Province and chief physician of the emergency medical center of Jiangsu Peoples Hospital, said that the tracheotomy was percutaneous tracheotomy, which requires little trauma and high accuracy.

At the moment when the patients trachea is cut off, a large amount of secretion aerosol will be ejected, which is a great risk for the medical staff. In the teleconsultation center, everyone was staring at the screen nervously.

Jolie led the medical staff around the patients. Although the big white wearing protective clothing looked clumsy, their movements were gentle and rapid. It took only 5 minutes to complete the key process of tracheotomy. At the end of the operation, the obstruction of respiratory tract was obviously improved, and the arterial oxygen saturation increased from 80% to 100% (normal value is 95%), which was basically out of the danger of life.

At the end of the operation, all the medical staff in the consultation room clapped for their colleagues. Its a beautiful operation. Theres hardly any bleeding. According to Qi Xu, Wuhan is the center of war epidemic in China. The most important task of Wuhan is to improve the rescue rate of critical patients. We are trying to treat more severe patients.