Relaxed moment: dare to dance in a square? Admire the courage of my parents

 Relaxed moment: dare to dance in a square? Admire the courage of my parents

When you receive a formal notice to return to work, is that the mood change?

At first, I felt bored at home. Now I think I can stay until next spring festival.

My groups new sister thinks so too. She doesnt want to come to the company. As a result, P dare not put one.

Young employees who have just entered the workplace like this have no courage at all. They have opinions on the company, and even dare not send out their friends.

Im different. I have no problem with the company (@ colleague recycle bin)

In fact, I also have some opinions. With so many people in the office, what can I do in case the leader has three strengths and two weaknesses?

Nowadays, there are not many employees who are so considerate to lead.

And the generalist like this master is even less.

A Japanese owner just came back from Japan and needed to be isolated, but the language was not available, so it was difficult for community staff to communicate with him. Bai Changlin, a 60-year-old security guard, came out to help translate, and the problem was solved.

Bai Changlin said that he had studied in Japan and recently came to work as a security guard because of his familys weak business.{text-decoration:none;color:#000;}{color:#d34747;}{overflow:hidden;float:left;list-style:none;width:132px;height:118px;position:relative;margin:8px3px0px0px;},{text-decoration:none;color:#fff; }{text-align:left;padding:0px6px;background-color:#313131;font-size:12px;width:120px;position:absolute;bottom:0px;left:0px;height:26px;line-height:26px;overflow:hidden;color:#fff;}{border-bottom:8pxsolid#c4282b;}{width:20px;height:20px; background:url(;position:absolute;right:12px;top:62px;opacity:0.7;color:#fff;filter:alpha(opacity=70);_background:none;_filter:progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.AlphaImageLoader(src=;}{opacity:1; filter:alpha(opacity=100);_filter:progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.AlphaImageLoader(src=; }if(1/*/(iPhone|iPad|iPod|Android|NETEASEBOBO|blackberry|bbd+)/ig.test(navigator.userAgent)||/safari|chrome|firefox/i.test(navigator.userAgent)*/){varstr1=; varstr2=; Video ). Attr ( style , background: u0dcf);} h. $(. Video) [0]. InnerHTML = g;}, InnerHTML = (source: + b.getattribute (source) + ), f (b);}; window.continuePlay=function(){vara,b=d(d(.video-list.on)[0].nextSibling);3==b.nodeType&&(b=d(b.nextSibling));if(b&&d(.video-innerinput)[0].checked){e(b);}},function(){vara={init:function(){if(d(.video-listli)[0]){d(d(.video-listli)[0]).addCss(on),this.eventBind();}},eventBind:function(){d(.video-listli).addEvent(click, function(b){e(d(this)),b.preventDefault();});}};a.init();}();}(NTES);

Security guards translate for Japanese owners in isolation (source: pear video)

Its gold that always shines. You or you!

But now when the security threshold is so high? What can I do after I retire

My security friend: Ive been a security guard since I was 18, 40 years less than you!

Heres the key point: recently, my familys business is light, so I came to be a security guard.

I also want to have this kind of interest, but first of all, my family has to have a little business.

All of a sudden, I found out that my father started a company behind my back, so I asked him.

Me: Dad, did you start a company?

He: Yes.

He: Yes.

Me: so you said that our family is poor, all for testing me?

He: No.

Me: how do you explain the registered capital?

He: just fill it in.

Now the security comrades are all marvelous, next this, unexpectedly succeeded in intercepting the NBA first lineup center!

Recently, a short video about Yao Ming, chairman of the Basketball Association, was posted on the Internet: Yao Ming was stopped at the entrance of a building by security guards. Both of them wore blue masks and had a brief exchange, but the security guards didnt let him go. Yao Ming turned around and left at the end of the video.

Yao Ming, who is hard to defend on the court, is blocked by the security of the community?

Security guard: you may not believe it. I just defended Yao Ming!

Brother, well done, we have to be so strict during the epidemic!

Yao Ming: I never thought in my life that I would be killed by a security guard when I get off the court.

Yao Ming: big brother, you may not know my name is Yao Ming.

Security guard: I only know the virus is deadly!

Shoot you, stop the door, Im good at it is the strongest security on the surface, you are the one!

But big brother security, its not hard to talk to Yao Ming like this Oh, youre standing, too!

It should be said that Yao Ming didnt wear a mask if he didnt look carefully from the side. Later, he found that it was because of his big face that the mask couldnt cover the side

When I was in middle school, the geography teacher asked me to go home and memorize the distribution of Asian countries, and to point out where on the map.

After I went home, I searched for high-definition Asian pictures on the Internet, and I never came back.

If you want to talk about the recent security brothers, the security awareness is really strong.

On February 26, a shopping mall in Taiyuan was reopened. A woman wearing a fire dragon style inflatable suit wanted to enter it and was stopped by a security guard at the door.

The security guard said no activity was allowed now, and the woman explained that it was her protective clothing. Onlookers also persuaded her to go shopping, but the woman finally failed to enter the mall.

Previously, experts reminded that self-made protective clothing can not play an effective role in protection, and scientific protection is needed.

Do you really want to protect? No, she just wants to be fair and square!

Maybe they are really a little fire dragon?

Little fire dragon, mother, aged 18, has been holding in her nest for more than 1 month. She refuses to enter the shopping mall and will cry bitterly.

Security guard: no game!

Elder sisters, its OK to wear this to go shopping in the community and the streets. Just leave shopping malls. Theres no room for you to spread your wings.

If there are children in the mall, you dont have to go shopping

If everyone dressed like this, I cant imagine the scene on the street

Its important to be alert, but it doesnt look good all at once, does it?

February 27, Shenyang, Olympic Sports Wanda A4 floor someone downstairs to pick up express, but there is no property. When leaving the elevator, no one told them to take their ID card for registration. When the woman got the express delivery in her pajamas and went back to the elevator, the management stopped her to ask for her ID card. The woman said she didnt need to take it home and was refused.

Security guard: you cant go in without ID card.

Resident: I just went to get a express delivery. I didnt go downstairs for a few days, so I didnt know the new policy

Security guard: Ill give you the ID card

Resident: Ill go upstairs and get my ID card for you to check

Security guard: you cant go in without ID card

Resident: how can I get my ID card if I dont go in

Security guard: you cant go in without ID card


How do you think to solve it? Lets chat in the comment area!

In a word, how can we solve the problem rationally? It cant aggravate the contradiction.

After all, its still 1-2 months to take off the mask~

Recently, novel coronavirus pneumonia clinical group leader Zhang Wenhong, Professor of Shanghai City suggested that we should maintain high vigilance against epidemic situation and not allow mass gatherings.

Professor Zhang said: this state may be maintained for another one to two months. At that time, there was no new one. Basically, we can take off the mask.

I know the truth. The key is the balance of the mask. Its not allowed~

Heres how long can your mask Reserve last?

Now I dont wear a mask to go out. I always feel that there are some shortcomings on my face.

It is believed that on the day when the mask is removed, someone will still wear it conditionally.

Like this

Recently, a man in the mall after the end of business theft, was found on duty.

Thief: dont come here, one meter away from me!!!

Thief: Hey, wait a minute. Have you sterilized the handcuffs yet?!

What cant be done? Im afraid to die first. Theres no one who wants to survive.

How strong is the teachers desire for survival (@ wonderful Duan Zijun)

The legal consciousness is not strong, but the safety consciousness is very strong.

It can be seen how deeply the safety and protection education of epidemic situation in our country has been accepted by the people!

I hope that the police uncle must meet his protection needs and keep him isolated in a single room for 14 days!

PS: maybe the thief doesnt read the news and doesnt know that the prison is not safe?

During the epidemic prevention and control period, all large shopping malls in Tongling, Anhui Province were closed. Smart Wu sneaks into a shopping mall, cooks by himself, eats and lives in the shopping mall for half a month, and steals food and property with a total value of more than 2000 yuan. Wu said that because the epidemic period can not live like this.

Shopping mall type semi manual buffet??? What a talent!

To be honest, this guy did what I wanted to do but didnt dare.

After all, who didnt have the dream of eating and drinking in the supermarket when he was a child?

Have you ever had this kind of daydream?

Half a month to steal two thousand, we can see it is really hungry.

I think we can make a movie - survive in the mall.

I thought that during the epidemic period, thieves had to settle down for a while, but I really overestimated this occupation.

Recently, a thief in Leshan, Sichuan Province, was found trying to steal at the gate of the hospital. When he escaped, the woman who was suddenly rushed out three or two times Ko was on the ground, unable to move.

Sun Lu, a female traffic policeman who had just been laid off from work, immediately stopped him when she heard the call to arrest the thief. During this period, the thief kept spitting on her hand, and sun Lu still pressed him hard. When the hospital security arrived, sun Lu went to wash his hands and disinfect them.

Ive seen the way this guy fought back. When I was a kid, people always spit like this.

Its just a very special time. Is spitting and drawing a knife similar?

I really cant figure out why some people like spitting so much

A colleague, who loves spitting after smoking, today is again.

How can you spit once in two steps? the colleague asked

The goods turned around and said, Im afraid Im lost...

A few days ago, the two companies attracted attention due to the rush to register Li Wenliang related trademarks. On the 27th, the two companies respectively issued a statement of apology. The heads of the two companies said that due to the weak legal awareness, which hurt li Wenliangs family members and the public sentiment, they have now cancelled the application for registration of related trademarks.

Modesty, you have a strong sense of law!

We all know about the rush to register. You are strengthening!

To what extent can one be immoral? Today, I was again pushed to the bottom.

Here, I can only sincerely greet them: do you want your coffin to slide or fold?

Heroes are not used for consumption. I wish such a stinking company could not earn money in the whole life.

Even if the thief comes out to make trouble, I dont know why you live so old?

On February 26, 2020, in Fushun, Liaoning Province, hundreds of people wore masks and danced in the square at an interval of 1.5 meters. The propaganda and anti epidemic broadcast recorded by the sub district office was interwoven with the square dance music. The square dance master said they started on the 24th, and the enterprises are back to work, so we need to exercise.

Can work and dance be the same?

What kind of mysterious religion is square dance, a belief that even life cant do?

No matter how skilled the doctor is, someone wont listen. You say its yours, and Ta plays it.

Hope not to jump in the square today, call in the ward tomorrow.

What is the butterfly effect? Its just that someone ate wild game, which made my mother unable to go out and dance in the square. She watched the live broadcast at home every day, or saw the dating program. At last, she didnt look right at me, just like watching a female guest (Uncle Pooh)

Ive been single for a long time, and I feel pretty when I look at corn

Next, please enjoy: you want to go out to play parents do not want to go out series.

Recently, in bergoro, Russia, a childs parents came up with a way to work and walk the baby. They stretched out a very long rope from the fourth floor window, and tied the other end to the swing in the yard. From time to time, they pulled the rope to swing it up, and the child could have a good time.

The first time I saw such a high-energy way to walk a baby

Children, do you have many question marks?

Children: I should be born, right? Right? Really?

This scene is a bit familiar. Do you remember the video about the dog going down?

Is that how the child goes along? After all, Im not surprised that fighting nations do anything.

Finally, a major event in the sports circle:

After Sun Yangs anti drug case was settled, CAS announced the result of the hearing on the official website, and officially ruled that Wada won the case. Sun Yang was suspended for 8 years due to the drug test event, which takes effect from now on.

Later, the China Swimming Association responded to this issue by supporting Sun Yang to continue to safeguard his legitimate rights and interests by legal means.

What do you want to say about Sun Yangs suspension?

Explain a very important point to the onlookers

Sun Yang was banned because of the so-called anti examination, which was not related to taking banned drugs.

The popular explanation is:

I went to a community and was stopped by several temperature measuring staff at the door. One of them came to take my temperature without a armband. I doubt that he is not a staff member who wont let him test. He said he wont let you in. What do I do when I say you are framed by irregular people? In a fit of rage, he smashed his thermometer with a hammer. So the question is: am I guilty?

What eight years means to athletes is almost equal to compulsory retirement. Anyway, the lesson of this matter is that in the future, Chinese sports should not only win, but also learn to win under the rules. Winning is beyond reproach.

This is the moment today. See you next time~

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